I never wanted to get involved with an angel, never mind falling in love, but life is funny that way. My life changed entirely one surprisingly sunny day. My name…is Brooke.

This morning the sun was shining, the birds were chirping, and mom was downstairs making breakfast. Inside the room laid a black haired girl asleep in her bed. Beep! Beep! Beep, went off the alarm once more before a hand swat it and it fell from the nightstand. Thump. The figure on the bed rolled over onto her back and slowly rose from the comfortable bed and groaned. She pushed herself off the bed and walked as though she had just awoken from a thousand year slumber. Slow and heavy were her steps. Brooke, in her trance, did not notice the figure standing outside her door and suddenly stopped dead in her tracks. She had finally noticed the handsome figure leaning on her door.

He had messy brown hair, as though he just got out of bed, and crystal blue eyes, so much brighter then her eyes. He wore a blue t- shirt, regular blue jeans, and a black leather jacket. He also wore converse. She suddenly noticed his lean figure and hard packed muscles and blushed. He smirked at her and got off the door.

"Who are you," she demanded as she successfully pushed down her blush. The guy didn't answer, but moved towards her smirking.

"Oh how I'd love to wipe that smirk off his face!" she thought angrily, "Who does he think he is? I don't know him but I can tell he's a cocky, arrogant-"

She was cut off when she noticed how close he was standing and the blush she tried so hard to push down reappeared. She took a step back and tried to put some distance between them.

"Hello Brooke," he spoke.

Brooke couldn't help but think how his voice sounded like deep velvet, smooth and silky. His smirk slowly dissolved into a confident smile, and as if he knew what she was thinking he chuckled softly. His eyes trailed over her in a lazy manner as he spoke.

"I'm Lucas, and I'm also your guardian."

'Guardian? Oh god, must be one of those dreams again, or some idiot playing a prank on me.'

"What? Guardian? My mom is perfectly alive and standing! This isn't working so you can just tell your friends that the joke's over."

"No. Not that kind of guardian," he said amused, "I meant guardian angel, and this is serious. It's not a prank."

"I don't need one! Why are you still even here?" she asked.

"Your dad's time is near. Since I'm in charge of your safety, I'm also in charge of your family's safety."

"Well I don't need one so you can go back to the looney bin where you belong, cause I don't believe you one bit," Brooke shouted at him with her expressive blue eyes suddenly turning into crystal glaciers.

Lucas looked at her suddenly annoyed, "Well believe it, sweetheart, cause it's happening soon."

"Shut up! I don't want to hear this!" She couldn't believe this, and she didn't want to believe it. It must have been a prank!

"This is taking it too far! You're prophesizing my father's death? That's plain stupid!" she shouted hysterically.

He took a few steps toward her, and she backed up till she had her back to the wall. He had her cornered, and he knew this. Her heart started to beat rapidly in fear and she swore he could probably hear it.

"I'm not joking Brooke," he spoke- his voice completely serious. Not amused or joking any longer. This was serious.

"You expect me to believe this? Are you out of your mind," she demanded.

"No, I'm not crazy, and yes I do expect you to believe this. Who do you think saved you from that car accident last week! I was there. I'm always there! You just could never see me."

"Then why can I see you now," she whispered.

"You've finally noticed my presence. You're one of the humans who can see angels, and through the veil. This makes you very valuable to heaven and hell. Who knows…"Lucas trailed on.

"I don't need you! Go away! I don't want to hear this. Please, just leave. I'm begging you," she pleaded.

"I can't do that Brooke," his voice quiet and soothing.

Lucas moved closer to her and raised his arms to trap her in his embrace. She was standing against the wall with his hands on her shoulders. She felt her knees buckle forward and collapsed on him. Brooke sobbed silently and felt Lucas pull her into his arms. It was comforting. She knew she shouldn't of had felt this for someone she didn't even know, but he made her feel safe and loved. Lucas gently ran his hand through her hair and rubbed her scalp. Brooke moved closer to him and wrapper her arms around him.

"Your life is far too important for anyone to take. Hell will take you and turn you into a killing machine, but Heaven is no better. They want you to be safe but at the same time they want you to be their weapon to fight Hell. I may be one of them, but it does not mean that I agree with what they say. Even if we gain control of your abilities and hone them into perfection; it doesn't mean we will win."

"Wait, what does that mean? Are you in the middle of war or something?"

"Not yet, but there have been some close calls. We stumbled across a body a few months ago. The demons of Hell have a special scent. They usually smell of death and mint. We only found traces of their scent, but enough to prove that it was them. The humans were under our protection. We were suppose to collect their soul once they passed, but Hell beat us there. They have done some terrible crimes, but we give them second chances. Hell immediately sentences them to the 7th layer of Hell. That's where sinners go if we don't get there in time. We decided we would give them a second chance but the demons got there first."

"There are 7 layers all together for Hell. The 1st layer is where the King of Hell and his servants resides. The 2nd layer is where those who have committed murders. The 3rd layer is for those who have committed crimes just as bad as the 2nd layer, but have not killed. The 4th layer is for those who have committed themselves to serving Satan. The 5th layer is not a punishment but more of a school. The 5th layer is for demons that are created by Satan himself. They are born from the fires. They were created between the layers to make sure that those who commit crime in Hell shall be punished. The 6th and 7th layers are for just minor things. The 6th and 7th level are only sentenced to hell for a few years, and then they are free to go to Heaven. They just had to serve their time for the crimes they have committed.

But the thing is... The demons crossed a border. They trespassed on to our land. They went onto Holy land and defiled it. They killed three humans there. That is sign of war. We have been prepared but not enough. We thought it would have been a few more years, but then you came along. Apparently, both sides are watching you. I just acted sooner than the others. We have to prepare you."

"Okay... So say that they had beat you to me, what would happen?"

"You know the saying hell on earth?" She nodded.

"That is literally what it would be besides the part that humans would be kept around. The demons would just kill you off or keep you around for 'entertainment.' The same goes for Heaven. They want to overthrow Heaven and will do anything to do it. If we lose... They'll kill us to make sure there would not be any rebellions."

"Are you serious!" Brooke asked shocked.

"Yes," he said gravely.

"You're not going to let that happen are you? I- I..."

"No... We're doing our best right now, but for how much longer is the question. They want war and chaos, while we want peace and tranquility."

Alright," she conceded, "But wait. What about my father?"

"He is to be collected for heaven. It was suppose to happen a few years ago, but the fact that you could see through the veil meant you needed protection. We kept him alive to protect you, but this was suppose to happen years ago. I'm sorry," he said.

"Is- is there any way to stop it? Tell me," she begged.

"We cannot interfer, his death was to be years ago. We cannot stop it this time."

"Leave…Leave me alone. I-I need to wrap my head around this and prepare myself."

"No amount of preparation can help you with his death. You should not blame yourself. It still would've happened weather or not you could see through the veil."

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