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Ch 4- High School Memories and the Flirt who won't stop interrupting Part 1

"Well for now…"

"This is your house?" she exclaimed.


"Wait, I thought…People can't see you, right? Not unless they can see through the veil, right?"

"No. They can see me if I want them to."

She looked at him confused, "What about your wings?"

"Oh, they retract."

"…" They stayed in silence the rest if the way to the door, which was not long. Luke reached out to open the door when suddenly the door slammed open.

'Okay…A man/boy/angel/bird-man/whatever! Alright, this is frustrating. He looks kind of like Luke but not as hot,' she thought and then blushed at the last thought. The angel had brown hair and green eyes, he didn't look like needed to work out. He was fit alright…

"Hey! Luke-y boy! Ooohh~ Already got a girl? And it's your first day here too, but then again… You did get your awesome charms and all from me and Gabriel. Although Gabriel wasn't too keen on using seduction to get what you want. He said it was the demons' way of getting things. I taught you everything you know," he bragged. As he continued to brag Luke's eye began to twitch. That just took the hotness level DOWN a few levels.

"What are you doing here Peter? And by the way Gabriel is going to be mad at you again if he hears that. He DID teach me everything you know? You only taught the seduction techniques."

"What chu talkin' 'bout Luke? You know I taught you everything," he winked. "Aw~ Why are you so cold?" Peter continued to ramble till Luke wacked him on the back of his head, hard.

"Oh, Luke, you act like you're not excited to see me-"

"I'm not…I'm ecstatic," he said sarcastically. "Now cut to the chase Pete."

"Oh alright… You suck the fun out of everything. Maybe this is why Gabriel chose you. Tsk. Tsk."

"Shut up Peter…" They continued to argue.

"Uh…Excuse me~ Hello!" They ignored her.

"Hey you guys~ Okay, you know what! Shut up! For the love of god, shut up!"

"Stay out of it," they said in fusion. She rose an eyebrow and looked at them annoyed.

"Fine…I'll be leaving now." Lucas and Peter continued to glare at each other silently. Lucas broke the staring match by calling out to Brooke.

"No wait! Sorry. Stay," he said. Peter also apologized.

"Sorry, we haven't been introduced. I'm Peter Carnegie. It's a pleasure to meet you," he said. Peter reached out grabbing her hand and lifting it to his lips. Lucas fumed at the gesture and pulled her away from Pete.

Brooke smiled, "It's nice to meet you too. How do you know Luke?"

"Er…We went to the-"

"She knows," Luke said sighing.

"Oh thank god! I thought I'd have to lie again, and you know how bad that is."

Lucas nodded, "You could not lie to save your life! Marking of a perfect angel…Anyway, what the heck are you doing here?"

"This again," Peter said exasperated.

"Yes, now tell me 'friend' what are you doing here?"

"Back- up," Peter said simply. Luke's face fell into a blank wall and simply stayed like that for a few minutes. Well what seemed like minutes were only a few seconds. Lucas's eye started to twitch and his face changed from emotion to emotion. He finally let the calm façade slip back on to his face.

"Alright, let's go inside, I'm sure we're all tired of standing. Peter…we're going to have a little chat later." Peter nodded.

Brooke noticed while Peter seemed older and all that… Lucas was the one leading.

"Hey! Are you going to come in or not?" Peter said with an amused smile. "Luke-y boy already went in and started the drinks. Hope you like scotch or fruit punch. Scotch is his favorite besides Bourbon."

"He drinks?"

"What do you think we do when we barely have enough time to deal with our problems? We drink them away. It seems to work for Luke, but not me. I try to distract myself with work and etc."

"Isn't it like bad for him to be drinking right now? Middle of war and all that?"

"Actually Gabriel suggested it for him."

She blinked in surprise at the new information. "Yeah…I know. I was just as surprised as you were when he told me. Apparently, Gabriel uses this method too."


"Don't… Just…It's a regular thing, okay? Just get used to it. You'll see him charm his way into getting someone to get him a drink. His way of dealing with stress is not exactly what humans call healthy, but it happens all the time in the human realm. Your traditions/ bad habits have rubbed off on some of the angels who visited this place."

"Hey! I did nothing!"

"I know…. Anyway, let's go find Luke."

"No need. I'm right here," Lucas said appearing out of no where. In his hands were a bottle of Bourbon and a shot glass.

"Want some?" he asked.

"Are you stupid?" Brooke reprimanded. "I'm too young to drink! I'm only 17."

"Yeah, and I'm over three thousand years old… Right well, Peter, you want some?" He asked dryly. He rolled his eyes and sighed.

"Nah…I'm good. Drinking is your thing, and mine is drowning myself in work. You're an alcoholic. Like that dude in Vampire Diaries, who was it? Oh right! Damon Salvatore, except for the fact you haven't gotten your heart broken. And~ you don't have a brother and you're not a vampire. You're an angel."

"You watch that show?" Brooke exclaimed.

"Yeah…I saw this episode where they killed Elijah, why can't he just stay dead! I mean god!"

"I know what you mean," Brooke nodded her head.

"I have no clue what you're talking about so I'm going to head out to the terrace. Feel free to join me," Luke said as he walked outside, to do some brooding probably.

"Hah ha hah~ Now that he is finally gone I can tell you about our first mission in which we had to attend a high school. Good gracious, it was terrible. The moment we walked into the school some slag came up to Luke and practically offered her body to him. If he was a teenage human boy and had no morals or anything…he'd probably take her up on the offer. She looked like a hooker or some desperate girl looking to get laid. Sorry, but it's true. I had my own fair share of fans doing that, but this was hilarious." At this part Peter smiled.

"Brooke, you're in for the story of your life. High school is worse than cleaning toilets, but it provides a whole lot of entertainment."

"That's the same thing Luke said!"

"Well it's true. Even I, Peter Carnegie, had to go through that torture too."

"Now you just sound like some royal who was put in public school for the first time."

"Well I practically was! I mean…I am an angel, hello~"

"Quit it with the angel thing. It doesn't answer every question, you know?"

"You sure?"

"Yes… Now get on with the story."

"Fine…It started on a bright sunny day in the year of-"

"Shut up! Just get to the point."

"You're not very patient, are you?"

"No…. Just ask Luke."

"I will…later."

"Get on with it…"

"Fine, for real this time."

"Okay…" But before he could continue Lucas walked back in.

"What are you doing back inside?" Peter asked with an eyebrow raised. 'Does everyone have to interrupt me, and just as I was about to start too!' Inside his inner self was yelling, scratching at the walls, wishing to be let out so he could express what he really felt.

"I heard you retelling history again…"

"History? What history? I was just going to tell her about our wonderful time in hell."

"Pete. You know better than to lie to me, plus you are the WORST liar in the world."


"Get started already!" Brooke interrupted them.

"Fine," Luke said. "I'll tell it so you don't add some of those insane ideas of yours."

Peter rolled his eyes, "It's nice to see how much faith you have in me."

"I do…I just don't trust you when it comes to embarrassing me."

"Are we going to start any time soon, or am I going to have to die first to finally hear it?"

"Sorry," they apologized, again…

"So I was training with Gabriel by the lake, right? Then all of a sudden he tells me…"

Flash back –Luke's POV

"Lucas, you are going to go on a mission. You leave tonight. The mission starts tomorrow. Go get packed."

"Wait…Where am I going?"

"The human realm, you are going to attend high school to fit in. Your mission is to get some practice fitting in the human realm. You're going to need this experience one day when you go on a mission which is imperative that you go. Peter will join you on this mission and Raine will help you with fitting in. See her before you leave."

"Of course," I muttered. Raine was the head of disguise and intelligence. Not fun…Raine has brown hair and brown eyes. Raine looked very average, which makes her great. She can hide herself in plain sight. Even with the light pouring off her in the human realm, she could hide herself. She takes everything too seriously, especially when it comes to disguises. Someone who blew their disguise got an earful from her when they got back. I am not going to ruin this mission, my first mission. This is the first time I will ever go the human dimension, I've been to many dimensions counting the ones with beasts, demons, and etc. You get my drift. But I've never been to the human realm.

I walked over to Raine's office and knocked on the dark wooden door. She answered me not a minute later.

"Come in," she called behind the door. I walked in, observing the office. It was a mess. Papers were everywhere and scattered across the room were heaps of empty ramen cups.


"Uh huh," she murmured, clearly distracted by the computer screen in front of her.

Whatever that was bothering her better not distract her from making my disguise.

"Raine? What are you doing?"

"Huh?" She looked up at him with wide eyes. "Oh right! Your disguise…."

"Yeah," I drawled, "My disguise. Now can we get on with it, please?"

Raine pursed her lips, scrunched up her forehead, and scowled at him darkly.

"I don't think I'm going to like having you come visit me every time for a mission," she muttered darkly. "What was Gabriel thinking?"

"I believe he was thinking that I should be preparing for my mission. I leave tonight, so would you please get started already?"

'I'd like to leave before I die…if it's even possible,' I said in a whisper.

"I heard that Lucas," she glared at me. I bowed my head in shame and my cheeks burned a fiery red.

"Get over here so we can get started."

"Alright," I said, still embarrassed. She looked at him head to toe and nodded every once and a while. She checked for my measurements and kept muttering to herself quietly. Finally, she walked in the room that was attached to her office and came back out holding different colored clothing. I sighed quietly to myself, trying not to draw her attention, but sadly failed.

"Is there something wrong, Lucas?"

"Uh…No, I'm just worried about the mission I guess."

"There's nothing to worry about," she said calmly. "Everything is like where we are now. It's just much dirtier and ruder. You already know things about the human realm because the music, movies, and all that are from there. We make sure to stay updated on everything. The people are much…more complicated. You will see why later."

"Thank you," I said sincerely for the first time since I've met her.

"You're very welcome. Now come try these clothes on and see what you like," she ordered. I quickly obeyed, not wanting another lecture about respecting your elders. I tried on all sorts of clothes and found things that I liked. Raine told me that I should have been a demon instead because of the way I dress and with my attitude.

"Yet, here I am."

I started to pack.

"Yes…and such a shame too," she sighed dejectedly. I placed all the clothes we picked out into a few suit cases and looked up at her with an eyebrow raised.

"Is that supposed to insult me?"

"Yes," she said as she handed me credit cards, keys, and a few other things.

"Thanks Raine. I'll see you when I get back."

"Let's hope not," she muttered, "For both of our sakes." I laughed and walked out the door in high spirits. Heading over to the administrations office to get Peter, I kept whistling some tune that kept playing in my head.

"Wow, what happened to YOU?" Those were the first words Peter said when he saw me.

"Raine," was all I said.

"Ah… It's time to go? Or are you suppose to drag me over there for a costume too?"

"SHUT. UP. PETER." That is when Peter should've stopped if he knew what was good for him. But he didn't.

"You looked pretty decked up, are you going to seduce some girls or something? Like the demons? Like Judas is now?" He hit a sore spot. He knew that Peter was joking, but it still hit a sore spot. Judas who was once an angel had left to join Lucifer, the Leader of the Rebellion and King of Hell. Judas was now a demon. An enemy to all angels, the name he picked for himself should have sent a warning sign to them. He meant nothing to me now."


"Woah, so what happened to Judas? What made him join the other side?"

"That's a story for another time…" They both said in fusion.

"Alright-y…. Continue."

"Sure…Just let me get another glass…"

"Luke…You're an alcoholic! Stop drinking!"

"No…. I'm going to need this if you want me to finish this tale."

"Fine," Brooke said, regretting it already.

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