On the lost moon of Plun-Darr…

The wild life – or what amounted for wild life on the chaotic miniature planet – scurried for cover as lightning and thunder burst around the crimson pyramid of death. The sarcophagus lid slid open, and an ancient mummy stepped out looking fully rejuvenated….as rejuvenated as an eons old mummy might look. His evil aura resonated off of the walls of the tomb, making the trapped spirits in the chamber wail and churn around the four obelisks. Mumm-Ra raised his boney hand to the side of the cauldron before he said to himself, intoxicated by his new found power,

"It is time to summon the good doctor."

Mumm-Ra raised his hands, causing the cauldron to burst to life; his eyes gleamed with avarice as he spoke his incantation while channeling the power he was taking from the way ward souls of the dead into the cauldron.

"The powers of darkness and evil that exist in my blighted and rotting soul and in this accursed place. I Mumm-Ra, the Ever Living, use your power to call across time, space, and dimensions to summon the one called Antoine Sevarius to me."

As Mumm-Ra finished his last word, the cauldron exploding to life with black flames erupting from it. As the flames died down, a man lay unconscious in the bone dry cauldron. Mumm-Ra laughed slightly at the man who started to stir his eyes opened, a look of fear came across Sevarius' only encouraged Mumm-Ra to more fear into this pitiful little human. In his coldest voice possible Mumm-Ra spoke.

"Good evening (more sinister?), Dr. Sevarius. I have a job for you, my good doctor. One I think you will find most interesting…suited to your…unique talents. I want you to design for me creatures that can defeat a plague to my existence…they call themselves Thundercats."

Mumm-Ra saw what he need to know; he had Sevarius as a lackey the moment the gleam of avarice appeared in the human's eyes. The need and want to defeat this challenge put before his intelligence. Sevarius stood up and brushed himself off before looking the Mummy in the eyes with a self-serving smug smirk on his face.

"Tell me more."

Mumm-Ra motion to Dr. Sevarius to get out of the Sevarius got out, it refilled itself with a dark, murky fluid. The ancient being of evil pointed to the liquid. As Sevarius looked towards it, a series of images appeared in the pooling liquid. Mumm-Ra smiled slightly as he saw the avarice inside Sevarius grow. Mumm-Ra stopped the images, and the two locked gazes once more before Mumm-Ra spoke.

"I'll provide you with everything you need from this dimension and yours."

These words made the mad scientist perform a double take for a brief moment, but the offer intrigued him too much. Sevarius looked around before speaking to the mummy-like creature before him.

"I'll need a laboratory of some kind built to my specifications. And I'll need some raw material from here and from my home dimension…namely creatures called gargoyles."

Mumm-Ra smiled.

"I think I can arrange all of that."

The chamber crackled with Mumm-Ra's dark energy, dancing madly across the walls and around Dr. Sevarius. Mumm-Ra mind linked with Sevarius and began to construct a lab inside of the pyramid that would fulfill his needs and the job he had ahead of him. Mumm-Ra looked at the scientist and raised a boney hand, causing torches to suddenly burst into life down a far corridor.

"You should find everything you need. We will gather the raw materials you will need after you familiarize yourself with your laboratory, doctor."

Sevarius knew better then to argue, having dealt with homicidal mad men in his past. He nodded to the mummy then made his way to his new lab.

Beta Reader: Wings of Avalon