Ok, so this may be a bit of an old and well use plot device, but I went with it anyways. Why? Because that's what I wanted to write. Anyway, This story is almost completely written and as it's the first I'm actually posting, we'll see how well I can figure out how the whole posting issue goes. I say that because I'm definitely not the most technically capable individual roaming the planet.

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"Oi, Baa-chan, what's going on? Is it a mission?" Naruto could barely conceal his excitement at the prospect of being sent out on another mission - hopefully a B-class or higher. Kami knew he could use the money as well as the distraction. But as his eager blue eyes continued staring down at the busty blonde in front of him, Naruto's excitement began fading, because the look on Tsunade's face wasn't anything he'd seen before. Normally, by now, the Hokage would be yelling at him to sit down and shut the hell up. At the very least, she'd have scolded him for calling her 'Baa-chan'.

Scrunching up his face, Naruto shifted on his feet. "Baa-chan?"

"Naruto, would you like to sit down?"

Damn, now he knew something was wrong. The old hag was never this nice. Giving his biggest grin, Naruto squashed the unease settling into his gut. "Oh, come on. It can't be that bad." And, he truly believed that. After all, the Akatsuki were all but destroyed, the village was safe, and the teme was back where he belonged. As long as those three things were still correct, whatever Tsunade had to say really couldn't be that dire.

"So, you don't want to sit?"

Naruto huffed. "No, I've always done better on my feet."

Tsunade shrugged, still staring down at the official request form in her hands, although, she supposed calling it a request was being kind. Really, it was nothing short of an order. She'd been staring at it all night, but not even the tick of the clock changed what it said. Nor did it change the unmistakable handwriting inked on the page. Sighing, Tsunade wondered if she'd still have an office left ten minutes from now. "Naruto, I've had a request."

Rubbing the end of his nose, Naruto questioned, "A request? For what?"

Tsunade placed her chin in her hand. "It's an official request made by a member of one of the Leaf Village's oldest and most treasured clans. By law, it is not something I can dismiss nor deny. And it is not something you can refuse."

Naruto rubbed the back of his head, his blue eyes confused. He couldn't imagine what any of this could have to do with him. As far as he was concerned, he hadn't had any direct interaction with anyone that important in months. Well, excluding the teme. I mean, he might be the last of the Uchihas, but that clan name was about as old and weighty as it got. But if Sasuke wanted something, he'd have asked, not sent an official request, thus bringing him back to his original state of confusion. "So what does that have to do with me?"

Tsunade reached for her glass of sake, only to find it empty. Cursing under her breath, she lamented the fact that what she was about to say would need to be done without the benefit of liquid courage. "Naruto, the request is one of marriage."

"Marriage? To who?"

"Uchiha Sasuke."

"Sasuke? Who wants to marry that teme?"

Tsunade couldn't stop the palm of her hand as it flew up, smacking against her forehead. Kami, Naruto really could be an idiot. "Brat, it's not a request for Sasuke's hand in marriage, but yours."


A low growl emanated from deep in Tsunade's chest. "Moron - the request came from Sasuke, he's asking permission to marry you."

Slowly, comprehension began dawning. First the color drained from Naruto's face - his jaw gaping open like a fish. But as the wheels of his rusty brain began turning, he came to the only conclusion his past experiences with the bastard could lead him to and with this thought, color began returning to his cheeks at lightening speed. Soon, a violent red chakra was taking over the room.

"That bastard - "

"Naruto . . . "

"What the fuck kind of joke is this? His games have gone to far - "

"Naruto, I think he's ser -

The growl coming from Naruto put Tsunade's earlier one to shame. "He's not getting away with this. I'll make him pay for making fun of me . . . "

Tsunade stood from behind her desk, this was exactly what she'd been afraid would happen. Naruto was beyond listening to reason. She could tell him all she wanted that she didn't think this was a joke - far from it. Uchiha Sasuke had been completely serious last night when he'd officially filed his 'request'. And, as she'd already stated, since the request came from one of the their most valued clans' she could not refuse, nor deny it, and neither could the brat.

"Naruto, calm down!"

"Like hell! Where the fuck is he?"


"Never mind. I'll find him." And with that, Naruto rushed from her office, leaving the doors hanging precariously from their twisted hinges.