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Now, to end the story . . .

Naruto and Sasuke had been existing off the good graces of one irritated Kazekage for well over three weeks before word finally arrived from Konoha in the form of a scroll delivered by one pink haired shinobi. And thus, Gaara had yet another semi-permanent mouth to feed.

Never one to sit still for long, Naruto was once again pacing Gaara's office, both Sasuke and Sakura sharing irritated glances at their nervous blond. "Nay, Sakura-chan, why do we have to wait three whole days before leaving? Can't we just head back home now?"

Rolling her eyes, Sakura dropped her face into her hands. "For fuck's sake, Naruto, how many times do I have to tell you - No! Under no circumstances are you and Sasuke to leave Suna until the given time frame."

"And," Gaara mumbled, "I'll be going with you."

Throwing his hands up in the air, Naruto whined, "But, that's just stupid. Even if she's expecting trouble, the teme and I can more than handle it. Plus, we've got you and Gaara to boot."

Finally having enough, Sasuke waited until Naruto's pacing brought him within reaching distance before leaning forward and snagging his lover by the waist, pulling him down hard onto his lap while long, pale arms restrained Naruto's struggling body.

"Teme! What the hell?"

"Calm down. Your constant pacing is driving me crazy. Doesn't your body every stay still?"

"You didn't complain about how my body was moving last night," Naruto grinned broadly.

"Ahhhhhhh! Could you two be any more obvious," Sakura yelled.

"Or gross," Gaara quietly added.

"Oh, come on. All of you already know the teme likes pounding my ass. It's not like we're real quiet about it."

"Not like you're quiet about it you mean," Sasuke smirked.

Staring down into Sasuke's mischievous black eyes, Naruto rolled his blue ones. "Again, not like you complained about that either."

Sasuke's smirk only broadened. "Why would I? It's the one time your loudness actually has purpose." Leaning in, Sasuke's lips ghosted across a tanned earlobe. "How else will everybody know who you belong to."

"Oh, mother fucker. I am so gonna kill you now!" Giving a harsh, indignant push, Naruto didn't expect Sasuke to actually let his hold go as he struggled for release. Only when he felt the floor meet his abused butt did Naruto fully understand what had happened.

"Asshole! What was that for?" Pulling himself up and off the floor, Naruto glared down at Sasuke, completely ignoring the other occupants of the room as he shouted, "So, it's not enough that you have your abnormally large cock shoved up my ass every night . . . but now, you have to drop me on it too!"

Behind him, Naruto barely heard Gaara's head hit the desk as a shriek erupted through the room. "Perverts! Kami, my ears are bleeding from all this shit," Sakura wailed.

Giving a wickedly broad, un-Uchiha like grin, Sasuke quickly pounced on Naruto, wrapping his arms around his blond's shoulders and chest. "What the - " Naruto stuttered.

"Don't worry Sakura. I'll keep Naru-chan more than busy over the next three days." And with that, Sasuke transported both himself and a still gaping Naruto out of the Kazekage's office and into a more private location. Somewhere they could be heard, and not seen. And oh, how Sasuke planned on making the object of his affection scream.

With only a hazy puff of smoke left where her two perverted friends once stood, Sakura fell heavily back into her chair, on her face a look of utter exhaustion.

"Now that they are gone, perhaps you will tell me the real reason why your Hokage has made the Sand Village suffer through three weeks of heavy panting, not to mention, tacking on three more days. Is she really expecting trouble?"

Worrying her bottom lip, Sakura intently stared down at her own hands before heaving a deep sigh. "Before I answer, did Sasuke tell you what happened with councilman Nagata Kinjin?"

Gaara's eyes narrowed into slits, his mouth a thin line as he replied, "He did."

Sakura blew out a breath. "Ok. I just wanted to know where I needed to start." Rubbing her tired eyes, Sakura gave a weak smile. "First off - no, Lady Tsunade does not expect any trouble while we travel to Konoha. As to why she waited three weeks to send me . . . well, it seems that even with Kinjin's 'assistance', it was more than a little difficult to convince the council Naruto and Sasuke should be allowed to marry."

"Were there no supporters?"

Shaking her head, Sakura answered, "With or without Kinjin, the Hyuugas, Inuzukas and Aburames agreed to the union. The rest of the council were a little more difficult to persuade."

"And now? Where do things stand?"

At this, Sakura gave a true but tired smile. "Well, I think you've had enough dealings with Lady Tsunade to know how persistent she can be. Although she'd never admit it, I think she pulled out all her favors and used anything and everything within her power to blackmail the resisting council members into supporting the marriage. And, after over two weeks of negotiations, the final vote came down in support."

Gaara's eyes looked puzzled. "It was my understanding that, strictly speaking, Sasuke and Naruto don't need the council's permission to marry."

Sakura nodded. "Yes, that's true."

"Then why would your Hokage use up so many resources for something like this?"

"It's true, they could have gotten married anyway, but if the council had condemned the union, both Naruto and Sasuke would have been shunned by the village. Of course, their friends wouldn't have participated in something like that, but we only make up a very small fraction of the Leaf Village. And, although it probably wouldn't have bothered Sasuke to much, Lady Tsunade just couldn't stand the thought of giving the villager's more ammunition to throw at Naruto. He's been treated so badly already."

Looking up, Sakura found it remarkable how similarly empty both Sasuke and Gaara's eyes could be. And, just like with Sasuke, Sakura found herself wondering exactly what the Kazekage was thinking.

Finally, after what seemed like a small eternity, Gaara nodded his head as if he'd just come to some ground breaking decision. "If your council ever tries to remove Tsunade from her position, they will find a strong enemy in Suna."

Sakura supposed she should have taken the Kazekage's threat as a personal affront to her home. In reality, she agreed with him whole heartedly. Not only that, but his reaction warmed her heart. Gaara was both a loyal and powerful friend to have on their side. She was, however, surprised Gaara was being so supportive. After all, his opinion of Uchiha Sasuke was well known.

"I wonder if you might answer a question for me."

Gaara's silent nod was all the prompting Sakura got, but it was all she needed. "I'm just surprised is all."

"Surprised? About what?"

"You seem to be handling Naruto's and Sasuke's engagement well. I'd have thought you'd be chomping at the bit to disembowel him for invoking his clan rights to take whomever he wanted as a bride. In this case, that person being Naruto."

A harsh grunt echoed from behind the Kazekage's desk. "I would like nothing better. In truth, I was very disappointed Sasuke gave me your Hokages scroll prior to Naruto's upon their arrival. If I'd received Naruto's first, I would not have hesitated releasing hell upon the Uchiha."

Sakura blanched slightly at the fire burning in Gaara's dark, emerald eyes - a shiver running down her spine at the tortuous thoughts that were no doubt running through the bloody redheads mind.

"Uh . . . Kazekage-sama . . . "

Shaking his head as if to dispel the image of Sasuke's mangled corpse hanging within the crushing weight of his sand, Gaara's eyes began losing some of their earlier malignancy. "No matter how much I hate Uchiha, Naruto loves him. And, in the end, that is all that matters." But, as Gaara finished that sentence, his eyes began to deepen once again. "Make no mistake. If Uchiha hurts him, there won't be a village left standing between Suna and his corpse."

And, on that frightening note, Sakura decided it was past time for her to take her leave. Giving an overstated yawn, Sakura stood, her voice slightly strained as she said, "It's been a long journey and I wouldn't mind resting a little."

Standing, Gaara nodded. "Of course. Temari is outside and can show you to your room."

Blanching, Sakura asked, "Uh . . . just to make sure . . . my rooms not, well, you know . . . it's not anywhere around Naruto and Sasuke's, is it?"

Giving a rare smirk, Gaara could only answer, "No, that wing has already been emptied of all other people."

Sakura placed a hand to her chest, shoulders slumping in relief. "Thank Kami-sama. Otherwise I'd never get any rest."

Walking from behind his desk, Gaara came to stand in front of his guest. "If I might ask one or two more questions before you leave."

"Of course."

"Nagata Kinjin, what has become of him?"

"Do you mean, is he still a councilman?'

Gaara nodded.

"Yes. The truth scroll Lady Tsunade has on Kinjin is more than enough to get him to agree to anything she might wish for a very long time. And, when he has outlived his usefulness, I would imagine Kinjin will find himself at the tender mercy of Ibiki." Then, thinking more on it, she added, "Or, the not so tender mercy of Sasuke." Then shrugging, she continued, "I guess it depends on how much information she thinks Kinjin might still be in possession of. I think we both know that if Sasuke gets ahold of him, there won't be much left."

"In regards to Nagata Kinjin, for once, I believe Uchiha and I are of the same agreement."

Smiling Sakura asked, "Was there anything else?"

"Hai. When exactly is the wedding taking place?"

Sakura's face split into a wide and blissfully happy grin. "Why, as a matter of fact, there is going to be a small gathering of Naruto's friends along with the council exactly five days from now."

A smirk graced Gaara's face. "Assuming two days traveling time?"

Sakura shrugged. "I nice leisurely pace should just about get them to Hokage Tower on time."

Time skip . . .

Sasuke was bored. No, bored wasn't even a strong enough word for how he felt. In truth, he was lonely and Uchiha's just didn't do lonely. Sitting down on the large bed he'd been sharing with his husband, Naruto, for a little over a year, Sasuke found himself staring at the strange menagerie of photos littering their bedside table. Of course, there was the worn and battered picture they'd all taken as young genin soon after the formation of team seven. But, along with those photos, Naruto had added others. Most of which were mysteriously taken in the year since they'd married. Sasuke still wondered how and when most of them had been shot. Just as mysterious was the fact that in well over half, he was smiling.

As his black eyes scanned the collage of colors, they finally settled on a picture far in the back. A picture Naruto had finally convinced Sasuke to see the light of day once again. Picking it up, pale hands ghosted across four equally pale faces. To be sure, it had been one hell of a fight when Sasuke'd come home to find the thing not only sitting out, but framed as well. But Naruto held firm, demanding they were now a part of his family as well and as such, he wanted to see them. Looking down at the picture, Sasuke could only let out a deep sigh. Although the dobe had been right, he'd never say it. The fact that the photo of his family, Itachi included, was still sitting there for all the world to see said more regarding his acceptance than any words ever could.

Giving the faces on the picture a final light touch, Sasuke meticulously placed it back into its original position, moving his dark gaze to something happier - the day he and Naruto married. In the end, the ceremony had been rather small. Only their closest friends, or, more like Naruto's closest friends, were in attendance - all crammed into the tiny space of Tsunade's office within Hokage Tower. For Sasuke, the day would always be remembered as the beginning of the happiest days of his life. And, as usual, as he continued staring down at the paper in his hands, the myriad of faces began fading into the background, leaving behind beautifully flushed tan skin, impossibly blue eyes, and a mop of sunlit hair. It seemed as if all the minutia of life evaporated to focus in on that one singular person whom had saved his life in more ways than even he could comprehend. Indeed, perhaps the best thing he'd ever done was submit his official request to marry one Uzumaki Naruto.

Thinking of Naruto brought an evil smirk to Sasuke's face. Earlier in the day, he'd had the distinct pleasure of seeing councilman Kinjin. Oh yes, Kinjin was still a member of the council, but only as long as Tsunade felt his presence there was actually of some use. As soon as the day came when the cons outweighed the pros of him being on the council was a day Sasuke was truly looking forward to. Unknown to his blond dobe, Tsunade had promised the Uchiha first pass at Kinjins interrogation. Of course, Ibiki would get what was left of the man, but Sasuke doubted that would be much. At least, nothing coherent. Oh . . . the plans he had for that man . . . and, Kinjin knew what fate awaited him, Sasuke made sure of that. Every time his ebony eyes found the councilman's anxious brown ones, Sasuke let the Sharingan flare for a brief second - a prelude for what was to come. And, as the months wore on, Kinjin's physical condition had begun to deteriorate. His thin body twitched constantly with anxiety while the dark circles under his eyes bore testament to countless sleepless hours. Idly, Sasuke wondered how intact Kinjin's mind would be by the time he was allowed full access to it. Shrugging his shoulders, he decided this type of slow torture was actually better than his original plan of sending a chidori straight through the hated mans chest. Unlike Naruto, Kinjin wouldn't survive such an attack.

Naruto . . . Sasuke sighed into the empty room. Today was their first year anniversary. Tsunade sent the dobe on a mission over three weeks ago with the promise that he'd be back in plenty of time to celebrate, but, of course, there'd been complications. Sasuke was nearly beside himself for three days until word finally came that the team was tired, but well. No casualties. However, they were still several days travel away from Konoha and Naruto wasn't expected back for another forty-eight hours. Those three days of unknown had been hell for the last Uchiha. But in that time he'd also come to a very definite conclusion. One of his wedding vows to his husband was that he, Uchiha Sasuke, would never again leave his most precious blond dobe. And so, if Naruto was bound for the grave, then so was Sasuke. Sasuke didn't even consider it a sacrifice on his part, in fact, Naruto would probably consider it more of a selfish act than anything else. But that didn't matter, Sasuke acknowledged years ago that living in a world without Naruto was simply unacceptable. And, little had happened since that explosive revelation to change his mind. In fact, all activities since then only served to solidify his stance on the matter.

But, Naruto was well. Maybe he wasn't here, in Konoha, with Sasuke, but he'd be back soon enough and that perfectly tanned ass would be his once again. Flopping back on the bed, Sasuke spread his arms wide, his right hand unintentionally sliding beneath the pillow Naruto used. Furrowing his brow, Sasuke's pale fingers curled around a particular piece of offensive cloth. With a jerk of his hand, he brought the annoying thing out, holding it above his head while his dark eyes narrowed - Naruto's ridiculous sleeping cap. Groaning, Sasuke remembered the fight they'd had when the blond thought it necessary not only to move the thing over from his apartment, but to wear it as well.

Sitting up, Sasuke stared down at the worn fabric in his hand - turning it around with a quizzical look in his eye while wondering what in the hell Naruto saw in this thing. "Kami, it's so stupid looking," Sasuke stated to the empty air. "I mean, what the fuck is it supposed to be anyway?" Gripping the cloth in one hand, Sasuke began poking at it's odd eyes. "Is it a hippo? Maybe a bear or dog?" Without much thought to what he was doing, Sasuke turned the whole thing inside out before finally placing it back in the correct configuration. Then, pulling the two sides apart he mumbled, "Kind of looks like a mouth." Smirking, he added, "It's just about as big and wide as the dobes mouth." Suddenly, Sasuke found his lips very dry, his heart speeding up as a wicked thought assaulted his brain.

Quickly, Sasuke pushed himself further up on the bed, intentionally picking Naruto's pillow to lean back against as he made himself comfortable. As soon as this was done, Sasuke made quick work of his pants and boxers. Looking down, a small frown furrowed his porcelain skin. Since he and Naruto had started having sex, it seemed as if his cock was always at least half hard - as if expecting to be buried in his husbands warm heat at any second. As a matter of fact, the only time this particular part of his anatomy ever seemed at peace were the first few minutes after cuming inside his blond dobe. Mouth or ass, it didn't really matter to Sasuke's cock. Both were equally worthy of blowing his load.

Reaching towards the night stand, Sasuke grabbed the lube, but, upon second thought decided he didn't want it. No, he wanted to feel every fiber of every strand of cloth on Naruto's nightcap as he fucked that gaping mouth-like opening. Opening his fingers, Sasuke let the lube fall from his grasp onto the silky bed sheets. Then, without thinking twice, he grabbed the base of his cock, setting the nightcap over its head while tightening his grip. At the same time, Sasuke activated his Sharingan, bringing up an exact memory of one of the most erotic images he'd ever seen - Naruto sucking him off. Arching up, a loud moan of, "Oh, shit - " echoed through the empty Uchiha house. Only, it was not as empty as Sasuke thought as he began moving his shaft in and out of the unbelievably soft fabric of Naruto's beloved possession.

Downstairs . . .

Dropping his dirty sandals on the floor inside the Uchiha front door, Naruto let out a deep sigh. Home, he was finally home. And not only that, he'd made it with a few hours left to spare. Knowing his anniversary was today, Naruto had pushed his team beyond pain in order to make it home in time. Currently, Hinata was meeting with Baa-chan for debriefing. No one had wanted him to stay and they'd all agreed he be sent home to deal with one brooding Uchiha. Although it was disappointing they hadn't been able to spend the whole day together, Naruto knew this had been the very best he could do and was silently congratulating himself on the fact that he'd made it at all. Still, he was both dirty and hungry and hoped Sasuke would be content with him taking a shower, eating, and doing some cuddling before a well deserved trip to dream land.

Walking up the long flight of stairs to his and Sasuke's bedroom, Naruto began hearing the distinct sounds of moans and groans along with a few incoherent lust filled words. Slowing his pace, Naruto's blue eyes scrunched down in confusion. What in the hell was Sasuke doing in there anyway?

Pushing the door of their bedroom wide, Naruto's mouth dropped open, his blue eyes large and wide as they zeroed in on what exactly his husband was up to. For a split second, Naruto's libido jumped through the roof at the site Sasuke presented. Pale ivory skin stretched across dark blue sheets. His red, lidded, eyes spinning with black tomes - back arched and thrusting into . . .

"Teme! What the fuck do you think you're doing!" Naruto screeched.

For a moment, Sasuke felt disoriented. In his mind, he was seeing Naruto, clear as day, his lips stretched wide while going down on his aching cock. But, if that was the case, his blond dobe shouldn't be talking, let along screaming. Not when he had something that large down his throat. Deactivating the Sharingan, Sasuke allowed his eyes to ease back into black pools of ink. But what was actually happening was not nearly as interesting as what had been playing out in his mind moments ago. "Dobe, you really know how to ruin a good moment," Sasuke stated, his voice holding only a slight breathy tone.

"What? 'A good moment?' Is that what you're currently having with my nightcap?"

"Hn. It was what I was having."

Stomping forward, Naruto threw out an accusing finger. "Asshole! I wear that on my head and now you've made it completely disgusting!"

Sasuke merely shrugged his shoulders. "Your head, my head, what's the difference."

Naruto's mouth dropped once again. "'Your head?' Teme that is hardly the same area of the body."

Smiling evilly, Sasuke leaned further back into Naruto's pillow, giving his shaft a good jerk while saying, "Aren't you happy?"

"Happy?" Naruto asked, genuinely confused.

"Yeah, happy. I finally see the value of this thing. Although, I think it makes a better cock-warmer than nightcap."

"Better cock-warmer . . . Gah! You total and complete bastard. That is not what it is for!"

"Hmmm . . . maybe you're right. Got something better in mind to use?"

At this, Naruto's heart jumped, along with his own dick. It wasn't just the words themselves, but more like the look on Sasuke's face as he'd said them. The completely uncontrolled lust and desire. A look no one else on the planet ever got to see, because Naruto knew for a fact that, for whatever reason, only he could ever make the ice prince Uchiha feel this way. Well, maybe him and now his nightcap. "Teme . . ." Naruto's voice huskier than he'd meant it to be.

Sitting up and away from the pillow, Sasuke slowly pulled the cloth from his throbbing erection, a bead of pre-cum stretching taught before finally breaking. Staring at his husband, Sasuke was more than pleased when Naruto's eyes followed the action, his pink tongue coming out to lick parched lips. With his legs slightly parted, the swollen and needy head of his cock stood proud and wanting. "Dobe, my cock's getting cold."

"Jackass," Naruto mumbled while pulling off his vest and fishnet shirt. "You do realize you're washing my hat, right."

Sasuke practically purred. "I don't know, I like the idea of you sleeping under a coating of my cum."

Naruto felt a blush reach all the way to his now naked toes. "Pervert."

"I believe we established that fact a long time ago."

Completely agreeing and having no immediate comeback, Naruto continued removing his clothing, his eyes never leaving the dark orbs of his lovers as he lowered black pants down well muscled thighs. "Like the show teme?"

Leaning back, hands behind his head, all Sasuke responded with was a quiet, "Hn."

"I'll take that as a yes," Naruto whispered while crawling across the bed, only stopping when his lips hovered above Sasuke's. Nipping at the lips below him, Naruto asked, "Now, what are we going to do about your cold cock?"

Reaching a hand to the side, Sasuke found the lube he'd dropped earlier, and, with a smirk on his face, he answered, "It's nothing your ass can't fix."

By now, Naruto's mouth was traveling down a perfectly pale neck - sucking and licking the tender flesh Sasuke readily exposed. "Hmm . . . do you want to, or shall I?"

Sasuke's breath caught as Naruto's fingers ghosted over one of his nipples, making his erection all the more painfully full. Groaning, he knew he wouldn't last long at this rate. In the end, his eager state made the decision. "You do it."

Naruto smiled against Sasuke's neck. He knew the teme liked prepping him and him wanting Naruto to do it meant one of two things. One, he was feeling extra special perverted and wanted a show. Or, two, he was to impatient and wanted to fuck his ass as soon as possible. They'd long ago figured out that Naruto prepped himself quicker than Sasuke could. Probably because Naruto wasn't worried about being gentle with himself, not in the way Sasuke was at least.

With a last nip at Sasuke's neck, Naruto said, "You got it bastard," immediately grabbing the lube and shoving two fingers up his ass, all the while pretending it was Sasuke's fingers, not his own. "Oh - Kami, Sas . . . I can't wait until it's your fucking cock."

Sasuke was nearly beside himself. He loved it when Naruto talked dirty to him. "Naru - "

With his eyes closed, Sasuke missed the wide grin splitting Naruto's face. The mission had prevented him from getting Sasuke an anniversary present, it looked like he was just going to have to improvise. Moaning louder than necessary, Naruto started working on his 'present'. "How bad do you want it, Sas? How bad do want to be buried deep inside, making me scream your name."

"Shit - "

Pushing another finger in, Naruto continued, "Do you know how many times I jerked myself off these past three weeks imagining I was riding your cock. I'd shove my fingers in as deep as they'd go while my hand fisted my dick. Kami, how I wished my hand had been your face."

Throwing his eyes open wide, Sasuke practically growled, "Shut up and get on my cock."

"Are you sure you're rea . . . dy . . . " Naruto let out a guttural moan as Sasuke's patience was finally pushed to the breaking point - his hands coming up, pulling Naruto's fingers out and slamming the blond down hard over his throbbing cock.

"Fuck, you are always so hot and tight."

Moaning, Naruto rolled his hips. "I'll thank Kyuubi for you next time we talk."

"Shit. Fucking ride me, Naru. I wanna see your dick bobbing up and down, smacking your seal."

In Naruto's opinion, this was one of Sasuke's more . . . unique kinks. When the blond was aroused, the seal practically glowed and Sasuke found the sight so fucking arousing. Add Naruto's wide cock pounding against it and Sasuke could barely stop himself from cuming.

Bracing both hands against Sasuke's thighs, Naruto leaned back as he moved up and down, allowing Sasuke an unobstructed view of both the seal and how his own dick moved in and out of Naruto's tan ass.

But Naruto's previous mission had more than already tired the blond out and soon he found his seemingly boundless energy wavering. "Teme, a little help."

Leaning up, Sasuke needed no further prompting and simply grabbed his lovers hips, helping to lift Naruto up and letting his own weight push him back down - Sasuke's cock burying deeper than ever as Naruto let out a wanton moan of pleasure - his prostate lovingly abused. "Oh, fuck Sas. Um . . . I'm not gonna last . . . "

"Nn . . . not yet," Sasuke panted. "Scream it."

Naruto had played this game often enough that he didn't need to ask what his lover wanted. And, since it was their anniversary, combined with the fact that Naruto was just to damn exhausted to argue, he did as asked. "Sasuke! Fuck me! Uchiha! Fuck my a-ass hard!"

"Fuck yeah," Sasuke groaned, barely containing his load. Shit, but he wasn't going to last long either. "Fist yourself."

Soon, shaky, tanned fingers wrapped themselves around Naruto's bobbing cock and within three erratic strokes, Naruto exploded, white cum shooting up only to run down and in between his fingers. "Sas - "

"Naru-to -" Arching his back, Sasuke came hard, his balls smacking against Naruto's tanned ass one last time before constricting and delivering their white, sticky cream.

Shaking, Naruto leaned back heavily against Sasuke's thighs before pushing himself up one final time, Sasuke's temporarily deflated cock sliding out of his abused hole. Soon, Naruto lay down none to gracefully as he collapsed on the bed beside his husband.

Sasuke felt Naruto's weight hit the bed, but was disappointed when he didn't feel its accompanying warmth. It was a situation in desperate need of rectification. Reaching over, he grabbed Naruto's arm and hauled the smaller man over, effectively creating an Uzumaki blanket. "Hn, that's better."

Shifting, Naruto made himself comfortable, nuzzling his blond head under Sasuke's chin as his hand lazy traced small circles over Sasuke's shoulder. Soon, Naruto felt his husband's hand carding through his dirty blond hair. "Missed you," Sasuke mumbled.

"Missed you to, teme."

"Were you hurt on the mission?"

"Nah. Well, not to badly anyway," Naruto answered. "Nothing Kyuubi couldn't handle."

Sasuke's hand stopped moving, his voice low and angry. "Naruto - "

"Don't get all pissy. It couldn't be helped."

"Dobe, we've had this discussion before - "

"Yeah, I know. But I'm not about to let someone else on my team get hurt just because I'm trying to be more careful for you. I could never live with myself."

Sighing deeply, Sasuke knew he was fighting a losing battle. Naruto's desire to protect those around him was one of his most noble features. Unfortunately, it also scared the hell out of one Uchiha. And, this was one fear which could not be conquered. Instantly he made a mental note to speak with Tsunade in the morning. This idea of Naruto going out on missions without him was becoming increasingly difficult to accept.

"I know. Let's talk about it later. For now, just sleep."

Yawning, Naruto wiggled his face deeper into Sasuke's neck, loving the scent. It smelled like home. "-Kay."

Silence hung in the air before a small grumble echoed from Naruto's still empty stomach. "Hey, dobe, didn't you eat anything?"

"Nah, was in to big of a hurry."

"Hurry to get home?"

"Um-hm," Naruto mumbled before letting out another yawn.

"Do you want me to fix you something now?"

A small smile flitted across Naruto's face. Although Sasuke was more considerate than he'd once been, such an offer was rare. To bad he was to tired to take the asshole up on it. "To tired."

"Ok. How about we go out tomorrow. You know, a belated anniversary dinner."

"-Kay. Where?"

Sasuke smirked. "It's been awhile since we've gone to Shugita's."

Silently, Naruto rolled his eyes. Ever since their marriage, Sasuke loved dragging the blond to that Kami forsaken restaurant. He just loved tormenting the owner and they'd had more than their fair share of free food.

"Teme, I think you've punished that man enough."

Bending his head down, Sasuke pressed his lips to Naruto's forehead while whispering. "No such thing as to much punishment. At least, not for that man."

Naruto's only response was a grunt. Sasuke was, after all, an avenger at heart. And, it seemed as if Naruto had unwittingly filled yet another void in the last surviving Uchiha.

Ta-Da! That's the end. Before anyone asks, I have absolutely no idea where the thought came from regarding Naruto's nightcap. All I can tell you is that, last night, as I lay in bed wondering exactly how to finish the story, I started thinking about Naruto having to move in with Sasuke, along with all his possessions - which, got me to thinking, "What exactly does Naruto own?" The first thing I thought of was that odd nightcap and swiftly following that thought came another, "God, Sasuke is gonna hate that thing".

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