The Happy Kind of Mystified

A HariPo drabble

by mew-tsubaki

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Roger Davies thought he had it good when Fleur Delacour asked him to be her escort to the Yule Ball. When he walked into the beautifully decorated Great Hall, he wasn't paying attention to the numerous trees or the gently falling (and stopping halfway before it hit the ground) snow. He had eyes only for Fleur.

So they twirledtwirledtwirled and she, the champion, smiledsmiledsmiled and the evening looked brightbrightbright and Roger couldn't have been happier. He had the envy of the whole school and he had the prettiest witch alive on his arm and her eyes on himhimhim.

Fleur paused them halfway through the night to "powder her nose" or something like that. Roger sat down and grinnedgrinnedgrinned to himself…and slowly felt his grin fadefadefade. Wait…why? Wasn't he supposed to be enjoying his time here at the ball? This was one of those rare times when the school had real free time and damn it all, he was here with Fleur Delacour, a Veela!

Roger blinked. Of course…

"Would you like to dance?"

He looked up into plain brown eyes and found himself face-to-face with Ginny Weasley. He knew who she was; even if it weren't for the frecklesfrecklesfreckles (Fleur didn't have those), he would've still known it was her. She was the girl in the Chamber of Secrets two years agoagoago (didn't that mean it was in the past?)…

"I asked if you wanted to dance," Ginny stated. She almost looked impatient!

Roger was nice enough to humor his underclassman and share a number with her—it's not as though it'd cross his mind that Ginny felt one-upped by the mere presence of Fleur Delacour and she felt determined to look just as good and man-ensnaring-capable as a Veela—oh, right. A Veela. Roger frowned.

Ginny stared up at him as they toretoretore up the dance floor. She gave him a cheeky pout. "Aren't you enjoying your time, Roger? It's Christmastime, after all!"

The Ravenclaw looked down at her and couldn't help but smilesmilesmile back. She was right. It was better to feel a little funny with someone who was normal than feel a little funnyfunnyfunny (why was that, anyway…?) with a part-Veela… Roger hadn't wanted to leaveleaveleave Fleur's side, but Ginny's hand—he didn't want to let it gogogo at all.

"Happy Christmas, Roger."

"Happy Christmas, Ginny." And he did his best to steal the rest of Ginny's dances for the rest of the night (who was that Neville kid anyway?) because he wanted to look into those "plain" brownbrownbrown eyes more and more and more. She was a Weasley, not a Veela. She had charmscharmscharms of her own.

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Ooh… Potential, no? Even though this was just a completely random drabble, I like it… Comparing Ginny to Fleur adds a touch of strength, I feel. Ah, so much conveyed in simple smiles. ;) Besides—their couple name is an ACTUAL WORD! Ginger! XD So automatically that wins me over. Oh, yeah. B3

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