Naruto: Between Two Worlds

Plot: A seven year-old Uzumaki Naruto is kidnapped by Sinister; an experience that intertwines his life with that of the X-men who save him and connects the hidden world of the Shinobi to the volatile world of mutants and superhumans. Mokuton! Naruto

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The child was sitting in the corner of his cell; he didn't know how long he had been there. There were no windows in the building; the electrical lighting was kept to a minimum. The boy suspected it was because the monster liked the dark. The monster stood in front of his cell looking at him with cold, blood red eyes. He was speaking to someone in the shadows. The child couldn't understand what they were saying but he was certain they we're talking about him. The monster turned around, his long black cape fluttered behind him.

"The child did indeed possess the mutation you described in a dormant state. It never would have awakened if not for my experimentations." The vampiric-looking scientist handed the shadowy figure a vial, "The sample as promised." The figure in the shadows took it and then spoke his tone was low and calculating,

"Thank you Sinister, by all accounts your reputation is well earned. I have samples of the First's DNA but degraded materiel is rather hard to work with" The maniacal mutant nodded sympathetically; "If he now has the first's ability he could be more useful to my plans then I thought. I will have one of my subordinates' take the child tomorrow. The Third is sending out ANBU units to reclaim him." Sinister raised an ebony eyebrow,

"From my scans of the boy's memories I did not think he would be missed." His voice held a touch of humor to it, while the other person present became very silent. It would appear his co-conspirator was concerned about something, "Perhaps their interest isn't the boy himself but what lies within that spurs him into action. I confess I'm more than a little interested myself. It's not the first time I've encountered such an entity, but I've never felt such… pure malice in all my life." Sinister made no attempt to contain the awe in his voice. The demeanor of his ally seemed to darken,

"You are prying into affairs that do not concern you." The tone was polite enough that most people would've missed the edge it held, "I was hoping this would be the beginning of profitable partnership and I am far from unreasonable but if you refuse to hand him over the consequences would be…very unpleasant." Sinister bristled at the threat but savored the thought of having more test subjects to work with. The brat alone had yielded a treasure trove of genetic information, almost worth the trouble of keeping him locked up. The little brat bit and scratched like an animal and tried to make a run for it at every opportunity. None the less there was still so much he could learn from the boy.

"Allow me at least another day to extract more genetic material before handing him over to your men. Is there time for that?" The figure remained silent for a moment,

"Very well, remember I do not handle betrayal well." He warned Sinister who simply nodded indulgently. He was the man who had betrayed Apocalypse and lived, ninja simply didn't compare. The two walked off leaving the boy alone in his cell. Once they were out of sight the tears began flowing down his dirty face, one question burned in the child's mind over and over again:

"(Why?)" His voice cracked, why did the bad people take from his home? Why did the monster with the cape hurt him? Why hadn't anyone come to save him? He sobbed when he realized he knew the answer that one at least: no one cared. Once a boy had gone missing in the forest and everyone in village pitched in to look until the boy was found. But nobody would care that he was gone, a lot of the people would probably be happy, "If anyone else had been taken by monsters they would save them." He thought bitterly as more sobs escaped. The boy looked up at the ceiling with his cobalt blue eyes.

He didn't know what to do, no one had ever taught him how to pray and he couldn't wish on stars if he couldn't see them so all he could do was cry, "(Please)," he sobbed quietly, "(somebody he-elp meee)!" from there the words became more incoherent. He didn't want to be in the dark, cold cell any more, he didn't want people to hurt him anymore, and he didn't want to be alone any more. The boy hugged his knees and cried himself to sleep.

The Next Day…

The lab had been thoroughly trashed in the battle, a short, feral looking man in a yellow and blue sleeveless uniform surveyed the scene, "So any idea why Sinister set up shop in the Land o' the Rising Sun?" Wolverine asked while inspecting a fried motherboard. The Marauders, a group of mutant thugs in Sinister's service had been more interested in trashing the lab and high-tailing it out of there with their boss.

Standing a couple of feet away was a man who wore a dark blue body suite and a silver visor. He glanced at Wolverine and replied "Who knows how that lunatic thinks." Cyclops then touched the red and gold emblem on his uniform, "Hey Gambit did you find anything?" The X-Men leader asked through the comlink,

"Some more lab equipment and some blood samples from da looks of it." The Cajun cardshark answered, his tone was lacking its usual devil may care tone. Not surprising given Gambit's past with Sinister, he knew better than anyone how he "acquired" samples like that, "Rogue's checking out the lower level."

"All by herself?" Scott snapped, "You two were ordered to stick together!"

"My lady knows how to handle herself jus' fine." He said with pride, Cyclops rolled his eyes,

"Just keep an ear open for her Gumbo." Wolverine interjected,

Rogue walked down the dimly lit corridor having to make sure not to trip over the rubble, apparently the battle had taken a toll on the structural integrity of the building. She was a tall woman with curly mane of auburn hair with snow white bangs. She wore a brown jacket over her yellow and green uniform. At the end of the corridor was a single holding cell, from the looks of it the ceiling in the cell had collapsed. Rogue's emerald eyes widened when she heard someone whimpering in pain, it sounded for all the world like a… "Oh Lord please no," She hit the com button on her belt, "Rogue to X-Men, I think I found a prisoner."

"Alright we're on our way." Cyclops replied while Rogue literally flew down the rest corridor stopping just in front of the cell. What she saw was a heartbreaking sight that confirmed her worst: a frightened child with his right leg trapped under some rubble,

"Oh God he's only a little boy." From his pale complexion and emaciated figure he had been in Sinister's clutches for some time. His sapphire eyes looked at her in fear and his blonde hair was dirty and matted. The boy's clothes nothing more than rags; she see could numerous bruises on the boy's arms. Anger boiled up inside of her, if Sinister were here right now she'd beat the monster till he was a stain on the ground. She quickly shook her head, helping the child came first.

The boy's sapphire eyes widened as the flying woman ripped the door off its hinges. He tried to move but his leg was still stuck. She needed to keep him calm before she tried to move the rubble, "It's gonna be okay little guy." She said putting as much warmth and assurance as possible in her voice in case he didn't understand her. She knelt beside reached out with a gloved hand to comfort him but stopped when the boy flinched in fear, "I'm not gonna hurt you." She kept her tone soothing and got down her knees, "I'm Rogue, what's your name handsome?" She said sweetly, the child's expression went from fear to confusion and then asked something in Japanese, "Ah crud he doesn't understand English." She pointed at herself, "Rogue." The boy seemed to understand,

"N-Naruto." He said smiling brightly; Rogue smiled back and placed a hand on his shoulder. Naruto's smile got brighter and his eyes seemed to moisten.

"It'll be fine Naruto." Even if he couldn't understand her words she was hoping he'd understand the emotions behind them. Rogue than got up and turned her attention to the rubble. The boy's eyes widened as Rogue lifted the piece of concrete like it was made of Styrofoam. The leg was bloody, bruised, and certainly broken.

Naruto turned green, actually seeing his leg in that shape made it hurt worse. The boy started crying and clutched the leg which only exasperated to problem. The X-Woman knelt down beside him gently stroked his cheek,

"We're gonna get you some help Naruto." Rogue said warmly and wrapped her brown jacket around him, "The prisoner's hurt; I'm bringing him up now." She trying to keep the emotion out of her voice; she didn't want to tear up in front of the boy. In these situations it was important for the rescuer to stay calm,

"Understood, is something wrong Rogue?" He must've heard something in her tone,

"He's only a child." She said quietly and then carefully picked him up. He winced in pain but still managed to smile as he rested his head against her chest. Someone had come to rescue him; Naruto couldn't believe someone cared enough to help him.

The X-Men had known to expect a hurt child when Rogue met them at the top of the stairs, she carried him in her arms wrapped in her jacket. But the sight of the pale child invoked a mixture of horror and pity, "Dammit Sinister is there anyone you won't hurt!" Cyclops shouted causing Naruto to flinch and cling to his rescuer tighter,

"You're scarin' the poor boy!" Rogue snapped at the X-Men leader, "Naruto he's not mad at you." She told the boy and hugged him careful to avoid any skin contact. Rogue then looked up at Logan, "I think his legs broken. Oh just to let ya' know he only speaks Japanese." Wolverine nodded, despite his feral appearance the man was something of a polyglot.

"(Alright kid your safe now, we're the good guys.)" Logan told the boy who still looked at him warily, "(We're get you out of here but we gotta take a look at that leg of yours first.)" The boy winced at the mention of his wounded leg and asked:

"(Will it hurt?)" Logan sighed, no point in sugar-coating it,

"(Probably, but it'll hurt a lot worse down the road if it we don't.)" Naruto seemed thoughtful for a moment and then looked up at the green-eyed southern belle.

"(Can you hold my hand Rogue-chan?)" He asked her softly,


"The kid wants to know if you'll hold his hand while patch his leg up." Logan grumbled,

"Sure thing sugar." She said looking down at him with a smile,

"(Yeah she'll do it.)" He said as Gambit handed him the first aid kit, "(What?)" Logan asked when he noticed the kid glaring at him,

"(It sounds a lot nicer coming from her, you make it sound grumpy.)" Naruto said as he was sat down on the ground.

"Boo hoo" Logan taunted, the boy stuck his tongue out the Canadian to everyone's surprise. Wolverine couldn't help but smirk, "The kid's got spunk, that'll go a long way to helping him recover from this." The boy's leg was broken and had to be reset, Naruto put on a fairly brave face but Rogue noticed he was squeezing her hand fairly hard throughout the process,

"We'll need to get him back to the institute to give him better treatment and to find out why that bastard wanted him in the first place. Let's move out." Cyclops ordered.

Though the sunlight hurt his eyes Naruto couldn't help but stare out the window the jet in wonder as the ground got further and further away. Tears of joy stung his eyes, he was free at last, no more dungeons full of mean people that hurt him, no more villagers giving him cold looks, "Are you okay Naruto?" He turned and saw Rogue regard him with a look of concern. Naruto just smiled at her then his stomach gave an audible growl. She pointed at the pocket of her jacket which the boy had wrapped around him like a blanket. Naruto's eyes widened when he found a king sized candy bar. He opened it and to Rogue's surprise offered her half of it, "It's for you little guy, I'm fine." Naruto looked confused for a moment before wolfing down the whole thing in three bites.

Konohagakure, Somewhere in Japan one week later…

Sarutobi Hiruzen's face was ashen as he read the report, "A genetics lab?" The mask ANBU operative nodded grimly, "Was it-?"

"We don't believe it was Orochimaru, the technology was far to advanced and there are no signs of Jutsu being used." The ANBU explained, "It appears a third party attacked the lab, they may have the boy now. We're still sorting through all the details but it appears they took off in an aircraft."

"Very well send the information to SHIELD and see if they can provide us with any leads." Sarutobi didn't trust the western intelligence agency but at this point saw little other choice. His own influence was virtually nonexistence outside of Asia.

"Yes Hokage-sama." The ninja bowed before teleporting out of the room in a swirl of burning leaves.

"Naruto I hope you're alright." The old man said quietly, "It's simply not fair." first a lifetime of being feared and maligned by the village that should've regarded him as a hero to now… Sarutobi shuddered as the memories of his fallen apprentice's twisted experiments surfaced. Anger rapidly overpowered despair as a new thought occurred to him. While finding the boy was a top priority finding the wretch responsible for his kidnapping was a close second. He called for his assistant,

"Yes Hokage-sama?"

"Tell Uchiha Itachi I have an important mission for him." The Hokage said in a voice like cold steel, the assistant gulped and left immediately.

AN: Well first off folks, this isn't one of those stories where Naruto achieves godlike power or becomes a half demon or builds a harem of twenty women. Nothing personal against those stories, it's a matter of opinion on rather or not they're good or bad, as a rule of thumb I'm just not a fan. Also the Hidden Villages are scattered throughout Asia instead of existing in another world or on a lost continent. I know it changes things but give it a chance folks