A drabble betwen Zen and Me ...

This started out as a very funny AutoCorrect tweet from me to Suzie55... Zen and me just took it to stoopid-ville (as we are prone to do!)

Mwahhh Luv ya Zen!

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Robrator : Dear Autocorrect : Changing 'Fuckhawt' to 'Cyclists' in a tweet regarding a story? Not cool and tre embarassing...My cool factor just went down a gazillion points.

Zen : Bwahahahaha! Oops... mine changes Esme to semen O.o

RR :*snort* - Carlisle wishes...

Z : XD
Z : And Edward Jizzes. LMFAO

RR : *cackles*

Z : Alice drinks Snapple. -I'm on a roll-
Z : Jazz dances on a pole. Emmett calls him a hO

RR :I am LMAO ...

Z : Rose stares in the mirror while Bella *Pukes in her mouth*

RR : you know this would make a funnyass drabble...

Z : Bwahaha! What shall we call it?
When auto correct intervenes Robrator and Zen plot revenge


Z : Bella Smellz.

TBC...or Not...

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