Hey guys, long time no see... Or is it short time no see? Oh well.

Anyway, this is the sequel to Confined. I'm not sure how sequelly (yes, I know it's not a word) it'll be until I get further into the story, but I will try mentioning Confined a few times. So, I recommend you read that one before this one. But if you don't want to then I'll sum it up: "Danny got buried alive, he's dealing with some issues, and he's in therapy." That's about it.

Um... I'm iffy about this story. While reading it I wasn't sure if I described McGarrett accurately, and I would love to know if I screwed up. Plus, I rewrote it so many times and this was not my first idea. So, it's up to you, my readers, whether or not I should continue or go back to the drawing boards.

So, I should probably go. I own nothing, see ya in the next chapter, and I will try to get in as much whump as possible as this story goes on.


5-0 5-0 5-0

It was his first good dream in weeks (his therapist Nikolas 'Norman' Bates-he begrudgingly admitted-had a huge hand in this breakthrough, along with a few others), when pounding woke him.

Groaning, Danny rolled out of bed, taking a second to untangle his legs from his blankets. He left them on the floor, in heap, as he stumbled out of his room. In his living room/kitchen/dining room the pounding got louder, the small lights-plugged in his wall-snapping off when he turned the main lights on. Of course it was coming from his door, and as much as he hoped it wasn't Steve a part of him knew it had to be McGarrett. It was three-thirty in the morning, it wouldn't be anybody sane.

He managed to get tripped up by one of his shoes, grabbing his couch to keep from falling. Swearing, he continued forward, pulling the door open. "Steve, why am I not surprise?" he asked finding his partner on the other side.

Steve had been running on coffee and fumes for the better part of a week, ever since they had gotten their new case. Four government owned buildings had been blown up, each bomb made by crude materials that could be found in any hardware store, every building empty. Five-0 suspected a group of young, anti-government activists, but couldn't quite find a lead as to who these people might be. Jameson had wanted this case wrapped up as soon as possible, and Steve took her command seriously, a little too serious if anybody asked Danny. The SEAL had dark circles under his eyes, his face was pale and drawn, and he looked ten years older than he was. He looked like hell, and didn't exactly smell any better.

"We've got a lead," Steve said pushing past Danny, stalking across the room. "Get dressed, we've gotta go."

"Who gets a lead at three-thirty in the morning?" Danny asked closing the door.

"A few minutes from now," McGarrett started pretending Williams didn't say anything, "these bastards are going to be meeting up, and we need to be there. So, get dressed." he gestured toward Danny's room. "And don't worry about getting all professional either, it'll take too long."

Williams rolled his eyes, grumbling under his breath as he headed toward his bedroom. He closed the door, moving toward his closet. As he collected what he was going to wear, he called through the door, "Are we taking backup?"

"Chin and Kono are meeting us there," Steve yelled back.

"Of course they are," Danny muttered throwing on a pair of jeans and a Jets sweatshirt. A part of him wanted to just take the time to put on the slacks, the dress shirt, the tie, but he wanted these bastard caught as much as McGarrett did. So, he opted for casual.

"Hurry up," Steve called banging on the door.

"Keep it up and I'm putting on a tie," Danny snapped collecting a pair of socks and shoes. He opened the door, looking up at his partner, "Let's go."

As Steve drove, Danny pulled his shoes on. He was doing up the laces when he curiously asked, "So, where did this lead come from?"

"Anonymous call," Steve replied flicking the sirens on to run a red light.

"You do know that's abusing the badge," Williams pointed out, but McGarrett pretended to not hear him. Danny rolled his eyes, but let it go. He looked out the window and said, "And this person called you personally?"

"No, he called HPD. I happened to answer."

"Did you even go home?" McGarrett had taken to camping out in his office, Danny, Chin, and Kono finding him on numerous occasions, head resting in his arms, his computer flashing one sight or another.

"Yeah," Steve lied horribly.

"Really? Because I left at one-thirty and you were still on your computer. And I'm sure the call had to come in at a quarter to three, maybe earlier. Which means you either went home for a half-hour or you were still working. And I'm leaning more towards the latter.

"Just curious, have you ever heard of taking a break?" Steve didn't respond, causing Danny to shake his head.

They stopped in front of an old, dilapidated, gray shack. Chin was leaning against his bike, talking to Kono who sat on the hood of her Cruze. Both stopped mid-conversation, watching as Steve and Danny joined them.

"Okay, here's the plan," McGarrett said quickly. "We are going in that house," he pointed three places down to an even older, more dilapidated shack. "We..."

"According to your anonymous caller?" Danny interrupted curiously, gesturing toward his partner.

"Yes," Steve replied throwing him a look. He clearly wanted Danny to shush and listen to him. "Anyway, Danny and I will go in the front. While you two," he pointed at Chin and Kono, "go in through the back."

"Are you sure this caller was legit?" Williams silently congratulated himself when Steve gave him his patented 'constipated' face. He hadn't seen the face in a while.

"Danny, worse case it's a prank we waste, maybe, fifteen minutes of our lives. Best case, we wrap this thing up tonight."

"No. No, no, no, no. Worst case, this is a trap," Danny started stepping toward his partner, "and we end up in an ambush."

"Hey, if you don't want to go..."

"Hey, I never said I didn't want to go. I just want to make sure you thought of every possible outcome. I really don't feel like getting shot tonight."

"Why so optimistic, Danny," Kono asked sarcastically.

"Can we just get this done?" Steve snapped. He got very testy when he didn't get much sleep. Danny almost asked if McGarrett needed an IV with caffeine in it, but thought better of it. It would be like poking a bear who knew karate.

Not long after the team was vested up, weapons locked and loaded, and ready to go. As Five-0 started forward, Danny couldn't help sending up a silent prayer. Just in case this turned out to be a trap...

5-0 5-0 5-0

Steve briefly met Danny's eyes, uncertainty still etched in them, but the shorter blond still nodded once. McGarrett turned, kicking the door in. Wood splintered, the door collided with the wall with a satisfying thud and he ran inside, his partner close behind him.

The place, unsurprisingly, was empty. Danny didn't say anything, but his gesture around the one-roomed shack said it all: it had been a prank call. Oh, when Steve found the little shit who called him...

"Are we early?" Chin asked straight-faced, he and Kono joining them.

"No, I think..." McGarrett caught a flash of red, under a broken chair. He moved toward it, his eyes widening when he realized what it was. There was no time to disarm it, they had to get out now.

"Go," he commanded shoving Danny and Kono ahead of him, ushering them toward the door.

"What are..." Williams trailed off, noticing the flashing red, too. He grabbed Kono's hand, pulling her out the door despite the fact that she fought him.

"Chin c'mon," Steve exclaimed ignoring the fact that the older man hesitated at the sight. He grabbed the seasoned cop's arm, yanking him toward the door. Chin stumbled over his own feet, nearly tripping over the threshold, right behind Steve. Both men were barely off the front porch when a blast hit them from behind, knocking them off their feet...

5-0 5-0 5-0

Kono awoke coughing, each cough chest deep and leaving her hurting. She sat up, her head pounding in time with her heart, looking around. Her memories were scattered, she couldn't quite remember how she had ended up on the ground. Then her eyes landed on the glowing, orange flames and it came back to her.

"Chin!" she called scrambling to her feet. "Danny! Steve!" she looked around, panic nearly over-whelming her, hoping to find one of her teammates, if not all of them.

"Kono," a familiar voice called, coming from her left. She whirled around, almost fell, but managed to keep her footing as she stumbled toward the voice.

"Danny," she whispered kneeling next to him. The right side of his head was covered in blood, coming from a gash deep in his hairline. More crimson dripped from his arm, his shirt slowly turning red. He was covered in dirt and soot, his usual blond hair much, much darker.

"Hey," Kono said gently, "are you okay?"

"Yeah," Danny replied pushing himself up. He visibly paled when he was upright, almost toppling over again. Kono managed to grab his shoulder, keeping him from landing on the ground. Williams looked around, eyes landing on the slowly burning shack. "Where's Steve and Chin?"

"I don't know," Kono replied worry pulsing through her veins. She glanced back at flames, pieces of scattered shack littering the yard. A few neighbors stood on their porches, phones to their ears.

"We've gotta call this in," Danny said trying to stand. He made it about three inches before he fell back to the ground.

"I don't think that's a problem," Kalakaua said looking around again.


"Because the neighbors..." she trailed off, a staggering silhouette catching her attention. "Oh, my God." she jumped to her feet, ignoring the wave of dizziness that rolled through her, and ran forward.

He was holding his right arm against his stomach, his left pressed tightly against his freely bleeding side, crimson soaking his shirt. More blood fell from his left ear and from his nose. He was dirty and sooty, limping heavily on his left leg. It was a wonder he was still standing.

"Steve," Kono exclaimed when her boss took one final step before collapsing in a heap. She dropped down next to him, feeling around for a pulse. She found a sluggish one, relieved he hadn't keeled over in death. Her relief was short lived as she realized her cousin was still missing. Sirens wailing in the background, Kono couldn't help thinking, Chin where are you?