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He awoke to singing. It wasn't the loud, obnoxious singing Mary used to do, but the quiet, 'I'm not aware I'm singing' kind. His left ear, muffled yet still producing sound, couldn't quite pick up the lyrics but it sounded like a Journey song. He slowly sat up, for a second not sure where he was, until he spotted his partner sitting at his kitchen table.

Danny had a pile of paperwork in front of him, an iPod sitting next to the stack, a pen cap hanging out of his mouth as his hand moved across the page in his messy scrawl. Headphones covered his ears, his lips moving with each lyric, his head bobbing in time with the music. Steve studied him for a moment, never really understanding how the Jersey native could get anything done with music blaring in his ears. He was the same way at HPD, some band or another blasting from his computer's speakers as he finished his reports.

Sitting up he could just make out the lyrics. It was a Journey song, one Steve didn't know the title to, but heard once. In fact, he was pretty sure it was in Danny's office. He listened to Danny sing the lyrics for a second, "'…You're tearing me apart. Every, everyday. You're tearing me apart. Oh, what can I say? You're tearing me apart… It won't be long….'" Williams cut off, glancing up to see McGarrett staring at him. "Holy crap! Make a noise next time." As the pen cap fell from his lips, Danny tore the headphones off his ears, throwing them next to the iPod, switching the device off.

"Sorry," Steve replied smiling. "It was such a star worthy performance, I didn't want to interrupt."

Ears burning, Danny glared at him and snapped, "Shut up."

McGarrett's grin widened as he continued, "No, I'm serious. The all boys' choir would kill to have you. I mean, you do meet their height requirement." A pen cap struck him in the forehead. "That was uncalled for."

"No it wasn't," Danny answered simply as he stood up.

"What were you doing, anyway?" Steve questioned swinging his legs off the couch. Or trying to, his hip had stiffened during his slumber and it was being difficult. He could hardly maneuver on it without wincing in some pain.

"Paperwork. You know, shooting perps requires some paperwork. It's procedure. Something you rarely do," Danny commented walking toward a cabinet. He grabbed a glass from inside, turning the faucet on to fill it with water

"I do paperwork," Steve argued trying to stretch his leg out in front of him, hoping to help his hip, but to barely any avail.

"If signing Steve McGarrett across the bottom constitutes as paperwork, then you do it all the time," Danny retorted popping open an orange bottle. He shook out a couple white tablets into his left hand, grabbed the water, and carried both over to Steve. "Take these, don't argue, and you can have lunch… dinner… food."

"You're so bossy," McGarrett grumbled letting Williams dump the pills into his hand. He popped them into his mouth, realizing they were a little too big to dry swallow, and took a sip of the water for help. "Wait, what did you mean by that 'lunch…dinner…food' crap?" he asked when the pills cleared his throat.

"It's a quarter to four," Danny replied heading back to his fridge.

"In the morning?" Steve asked hopefully.

"No, the afternoon," Williams replied taking out a Tupperware container. He checked the contents before carrying it over to Steve. "You've been asleep for almost twenty-four hours." He handed the container to McGarrett. "It was the quietest twenty-four hours I've had since meeting you."

"Ha ha," Steve retorted opening the container. Inside was leftover spaghetti that looked vaguely like Kono's recipe. She had made it once, a few weeks back. It wasn't the greatest tasting meal on the planet, but McGarrett was hungry and could probably eat just about anything so he opted to shovel it in his mouth when Danny offered him a fork. "So," he started around a mouth full, "you talked to Kono?"

"She was at the hospital when I went to visit Chin. He's awake, by the way," Danny responded sitting next to Steve.

"What, no drink?"

"Do I look like your damn servant? Get up and get it yourself." Williams snapped leaning back into the couch.

Steve chuckled once, took another bite, and said, "So, Chin's awake?"

"That's what I said," Williams replied grabbing the remote off his coffee table and flipping the television on. Steve mulled that over as he continued to eat, not sure what he should do with the information. Chin being awake meant the experienced cop was probably going to be okay, it also meant he was slowly going to piece together what had happened. How would Kelly feel about McGarrett when he realized what had happened to him was Steve's fault?

"He doesn't blame you, you know," Danny said flipping through the channels, not looking at Steve.


"Chin. He realizes you weren't one-hundred percent Super SEAL at the time of the explosion. He's not holding it against you." The Jersey native settled on as basketball game, watching the players run back and forth across the court.

For a while they sat in silence, just watching the game, Steve finishing the spaghetti. When the game ended, the pain pills having fully kicked in, McGarrett stood up. He took his dirty dishes to Danny's sink, deposited them, and turned toward the door. "So, thanks for letting me stay."

"You didn't give me much choice," Danny responded standing and crossing his arms. "I mean, your Sasquatch sized body passed out on my couch."

"Regardless, thank you."

"Take your pills," Williams said nodding toward the orange bottle still sitting on the counter. McGarrett nodded, pocketing them. "And go see Chin. Don't sit and brood and ignore him. It didn't work with me, and I can guarantee it's not gonna work with him. I mean, Kono already threatened to drag you to the hospital by your hair if you didn't show up." Steve smiled, shaking his head. "I'm serious. You said she could break teeth, I'm sure she could drag you down to see Chin. Especially at this point."

"I'll be sure to tell her how much faith you have in her," Steve replied heading toward the door. "See ya, Danny." He opened the door, stepped out, and closed it on Danny's, "Bye, Batman."

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Twenty-five minutes later, Steve stood outside Chin's room. He had gone home, showered, changed, and spent ten minutes debating whether or not he should go see Kelly. It had been an intense debate, one that had both Danny's and Kono's voices yelling at him in his head, telling him to get off his butt and see the older man. He finally relented, but had yet to go inside.

A part of him didn't want to go inside, despite what Danny had said he still couldn't shake the feeling that Chin was going to blame him. And he had every right to; this had been Steve's fault. But another part of McGarrett, a much stronger part, told him to open the door. He was a SEAL, damn it, he had done harder things then talk to someone. Giving up was not an option, going home made him a quitter. And he was anything but a quitter.

He took a breath, grabbed the knob, and opened the door. He found Chin, sitting up in bed, watching television, the volume turned down low, and Kono crashed out on the tiny couch shoved in the corner. When McGarrett shut the door, Kelly turned to look at him, a small smile spreading across his face.

"Been wondering when you were going to visit," he said turning the television off and setting the remote on his bed. "Heard you were sawing logs, and that your snoring could wake the dead."

"Danny and his sense of humor," Steve mumbled lowering himself into a chair. Despite the pain pills in his system, his hip was beginning to bother him again. "So, how're you doing?"

"Me? Other than the pounding headache, the screwed up knee, the fact that I can't move my arm without hurting my shoulder, and the sore ribs I am a-okay," Chin replied trying and failing to hide a wince when he moved too quickly. "How's about you?"

"Well, I'm a lot better than you seem," McGarrett replied quietly finding his hands to be mighty interesting.

"Steve, do we have to have the blame talk, again? Because I'm not Danny, I can't rant. I'd much rather just tell you I don't blame you and have you believe me."

"Yeah, Danny told me you said that."

"Well, I don't. You see, every cop has those days. Where they're tired, want to go home, and just don't think things through. I do, Danny does, and your dad did." The mention of his dad had Steve looking up to meet Chin's dark eyes. "I remember once, Jack almost got me shot because he had miscalculated where the gunman was. And all because he was too preoccupied with getting the case done. You see, you are not alone."

Steve was quiet for a second, glancing at Kono, and then said, "How long has she been here?"

"All night. She did go home for an hour or two around eleven this morning, left me with Danny," Chin replied following McGarrett's gaze. "I… I just didn't want to be alone." The words were said so uncertain, as if Chin himself didn't know where they came from. Steve met his eyes and said, "Well, we can send her home and I can stick around."

"I like that idea," Kelly replied nodding once, a small smile on his face.

"Good, because it's either sit here or help Danny with paperwork."

"Oh, what's wrong with paperwork?"

"It's fine if… you know…"

"You're not used to getting shot at on a daily basis?" Chin was dead on, but Steve refused to admit it.

"No, it's just… Danny is so much better at it than me. So, so much better."

"I dare you to tell him that," Kelly replied with a bigger smile. "I mean, the rant alone would be worth it. His hands would probably knock out a nurse or two, his mouth would come up with so many swear words Kono would blush. It would make my year."

"You have a sick mind, Kelly," Steve said grinning, shaking his head. Chin chuckled but didn't respond. Steve leaned back in his chair, feeling loads better. The case had been closed, his team was all in one piece, and Five-0 would live to fight another day. And at the end of the day, that was all that really mattered…


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