I am surprised no one has wrote this yey. Its is all I have wondered about since the change. What would it be like. How would Max react. How would the rest of the Russos react? Please read and review. I know it is a weird idea.

Max hated being Maxine. He hated how the guys looked at him. He hated how Alex and Justin looked at him. Sure his grades had raised and he focused more. But he was not himself. Because of Max's condition they had gotten the competition prolonged. He had already been stuck like this for two years. A few guys had asked out Maxine with no luck.

"Maxine, come say goodbye to your sister. She is leaving for college again."

Max jumped up from the Sports magazine he had been reading. He worked his butt off to remain as manly as he could. His condition had changed everyone in his family. Alex had drowned out her guilt by studying. She even got into to Harvard. She is studying law. Justin had dropped out of school and focused on only Max. Jerry and Teresa had another son. Harper had started to wear normal clothes.

"Bye, Alex."

"Max Justin is going to figure it out."

He just scuffed and hugged his sister. "I will see you for spring break Alex. Ill tell Justin you said hi."

"I love you little brother."

He followed her downstairs and that is where it happened. Something he had been avoiding the last two years. He had avoided looking. She was beautiful. Alex stopped and looked at him when he let out a little sigh. She looked at where his gaze landed. She gasped and then looked sad.

"Max I can leave in two days. My teachers will understand. I think you need me right now."

"What for? I cant act on any thing."

"That is why you need me, Max. It is going to be hard. She is very pretty. And so is Maxine. Make friends with her."

"Hi I am Maxine. I really like your shoes. Where did you get them?"

"My name is Sam. At a second hand store. Do you go to school here?"

"Home schooled actually. I help run the sub shop."

"Well I am new here and hoping for some new friends."

"We can always be friends. Wanna go see a movie with me and some buds. It'll be great."

That night Sam met them at the sub shop. Alex drug Justin away from spells for a little and Zeke came as well.

"You didn't tell me it was a double date. Which one is yours?"

Justin coughed a little and Max just stared. " Uh well neither. They are my friends."

That whole night Max watched Sam flirt with Justin. "So Zeke why don't you ask out Maxine. I have been watching you watch her all night?"

Max hit his head on the table. And Justin about choked.

"You like my cousin?" Justin coughed out.

"Just a little man. I mean she is beautiful."

Max's face got red and she ran out of the theater. He felt so embraced. He sat on the curb and looked at the sky. He missed his life.

"Max are you okay?" He heard Sam ask

"No not really. I am just really lost in life right now."

"Join the club." She said with a laugh.

"What do you mean?"

"Well I met this friend today. She is awesome. But I get this feeling she likes me as more than a friend."

"Sam, there is a lot that I cant explain but I really like you."

She let out a loud laugh. "Max you make a hot girl so I bet you would be a more hot man. Yes I know about you. I came from a family of wizards. Though apparently it skipped me but I still live in the wizard world. I know all about you. I had a crush on you since the first time your face was on Future Wizards. I met Justin in the wizarding world the other day and he told me where to find you. Know I am going to kiss Max not Maxine." she said leaning forward.

Max left her for a second. " I might be stuck like this for a while."

"And I will wait for you, Max." she said giving him a hug.