Max heard a cough behind him. He turned around to see Zeke. Sam just blushed.

"That explains a lot actually."

"Uh, Zeke, this is not what it looks like."

"Really?" he said "Then what is it?"

Justin came into it a few seconds later. "Zeke there is a lot about this."

"Dude, did you know your cousin like girls?"

Justin could not help but laugh. "That is the only sex Max has ever liked. Max has never looked at boys. Havent you noticed?"

"Not really. Speaking of which where has your brother been?"

Sam hit her palm against her face. "Max, I should go. But we should talk about this."

"Zeke, me and my cousin need to go. But I need you to not breath a word of this ever. Please."

"Sure man."

Maxine ran straight to his room when he entered the sub shop. Justin stopped in the diner and looked around. Something was off. No one was in the room, except Harper.

"What is going on?" he asked

"Well I thought you might want a real date after whatever that was."

"Me and you?"

"I just thought…" she looked upset

Justin walked up to her. "It is a good, long overdue idea." He said pulling her in for a kiss.

HE pulled away. "But right now I need to fix this. Max deserves to be happy."

"I know you are going to hate this but until then maybe Max and Sam can still be happy. I mean there is nothing wrong with it. Well not really. She is a girl and he only looks like one."

Justin nodded but still slipped back into his lab.