He craved her. Her touch, her scent, her taste. He needed the satisfaction of this dream girl wanting him, and he needed her, and oh, stars, he needed her now.

He'd been watching her ever since she fell onto the floor of the Usual Spot, her violet eyes wide with confusion and surprise. He watched as she steadied herself, standing up and introducing herself, and his eyes drank in her figure, every curve sending a tingle down his spine. He watched as she told her tale, as she laughed at some of Pence's jokes, as Olette whispered in her ear and her eyes, oh, her eyes shone like diamonds, and he could have sworn he had died because she had to be an angel.

She had tears in her eyes, but she was still breathtaking. So he craved her.

He begged his mouth to form the words, the words he so desperately wanted to say to her. Follow me, Kairi. Stay with me, Kairi. I'd never leave you, Kairi. I know it sounds crazy, but I love you, Kairi.

He would take her away where they could be alone and show her how much she meant to him. He closed his eyes, and they were there. They were there in his room.

He lay down next to her on his bed, his hand grazing hers, coaxing it to open up and grab hold of his. He turned and kissed her cheek, leaving a trail from her cheek down her neck and back up to her lips. He kissed her softly at first, until her mouth opened up ever so slightly, the tiniest of moans escaping from it. His tongue wriggled its way inside, and she pulled him on top of her, her hands fumbling to pull his shirt off. He unzipped her dress slowly, carefully, because he needed this moment to be special, and she lay there in all her angelic glory, her auburn hair splayed across his pillowcase and her brilliant smile lighting up the world. She wore white cotton underwear. He leaned in for another kiss but as he bent down, he watched the smile fall from her face, and he watched her finger move up to his lips.

"Hayner, I can't."

And he was back. Even in his dreams, she would never, ever be his. He wasn't her destiny.

She looked at him with those sad eyes, and his mind formed the words he wanted to say, but his mouth spit out what he didn't.

"You'll find him, I promise. Sora's your destiny."

And still, he craved her.

author's note: whuttttt is this? i have no idea. whatever. replaying kh2 gave me inspiration.

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