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I walked down the hallway to class. While, everyone was standing around talking and would be more then likely late for class, I would not. The school system gives us time to go from class, to the bathroom and our locker and then to class, its not a time to stand around talking to friends. It is because they do that, that they are late and don't have what they need and then they expect the teachers to understand. Shameful and rude.

I hurried down the hall as fast as I could with out running, since there was no running in the hall, I go to my class, and walked in smiling. "Good morning, Mrs. John." I greeted and took off my messenger bag and took a sit in the front of the classroom.

Mrs. John glanced at me and made a growl sound. She wasn't known for being a nice teacher but I was still nice to her.

I looked down at my red shirt. The way I had dressed had changed over the years, now in high school, I wear a plain red shirt, a pair of black jeans and a pair of red or black converse. It was plain and simple. I also wear my hat. I love my hat.

I got my pencil, my notebook and my text ready for the lesson. When I had everything perfect, I heard a giggle from behind me. My eyes widen and I turned around in my seat to see Marie Kanker. "Oh, no." I whispered and quickly turned back around. Marie wouldn't do anything to me when the teacher was in the room…

Who was I kidding? Of course she would! Mrs. John didn't care about what her students did, she slept though most of the class all the time.

I heard light foot steps coming toward me and I swallowed hard, when I felt a hand on my shoulder. The hand slowly moved until it was at the place my shirt ended and my skin was bare. Then the hand was replaced my nail, lightly pressed to my skin and traveled up my neck. I couldn't stop the shiver that ran through me.

"Hey sweetheart! You like how that feels?" A giggled sounding Marie asked. Her nails moved to the back of my neck and she began to move them so they tickled the soft sensitive skin there. I gasped and shot out of my chair and looked down at her, scared and nervous. Even if she was only 5'6' and I was 6 feet tall, she was still as wild as she always was.

She was wearing a black tank top, a pair of Tripp black and grey stud chain pants (I know what they are so clearly because our class took a field trip to the mall and she was trying to get them from a top shelf at Hot Topic, she was jumping up and down trying to get them. I saw her jumping up and down trying to get the wild looking pants and I helped her get them), and a pair of black skull earrings, a black sweat band on her wrist and black converse. Her long dark blue hair (over the years her hair had darkened, to deep dark, almost black color. She had also grew it out.) was in a stylish messy way, that fit her perfectly. Be that as it may, she was still unpredictable.

"H-hello Marie. Y-you look very n-nice today…" I wish that would had come out stronger but it came out as a scared whisper. School would be more bearable if Marie was calmer.

She grinned a terrifying smile and said "Sweetheart, you look sweaty. Are you ok? Maybe you need a hug or a kiss, maybe even both…" She forced me back in my seat and pushed off my books and pencils and sat on the top of my desk. I started to tremble. I looked down at the mess on the floor, all my things on the ground. I was forced to look at her when she grabbed my chin then she attacked my lips with hers, and she held me to her. A deep blush of embarrassment came across my cheeks.

When she finally let me go, I tired to get up and run away but she wrapped her legs around me. "M-Marie, I advise you not to do this at school. It is against the rules!" I gasped out.

She giggled and looked at the clock. "Well, sugar, I got to get it class, I'm already 15 minutes late, see ya later." She got up and waved bye to me and walked out.

15 minutes late? I looked around the class. It was full, everyone was here and everyone was looking at me. Oh, dear…since Mrs. John was asleep, I picked up my stuff from off the ground and put my head down on my desk.

Marie was a hand full, she embarrasses me, kisses me without my consult. But, even though she is unpredictable and she intimidates me, maybe I like it. As strange as that is. I have thought about my feelings and they are interesting in their own way. I kind of look forward to seeing Marie Kanker again.


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