So sorry it took so long to update. I had internet problems. Everything is ok now though. Here is the third and last chapter of Edd and Marie!



I all but ran to class. Marie and I just made out in a janitor's closet! How embarrassing. What if we had been caught? My reputation would have been ruined, I could have never looked at the janitor again and mother and father would have grounded me until I died and would have taken away my books! My life would have been over.

But, even so, kissing Marie had been amazing. I had loved it. I wasn't thinking when I did it, though. If I had been thinking, I would have kindly explained to her it was not proper and that the janitor would not enjoy to teenagers kissing in his private closet. I know I for one would not like people kissing in my bedroom. She did give me a jawbreaker though…which was sweet of her. She also liked my hair.

"Hey sock head!" Eddy's loud rude voice rang through the hall.

I stopped my jog and turned around trying to pretend like nothing had happened as I watched Ed and Eddy walk up to me. "Well, hello Eddy."

"Where were you last class, huh? I didn't have anyone to help me when Mrs. Cap called on me, that stupid teacher."

Oh dear. "Eddy, please tell me you didn't call her stupid to her face!" I pretended to be worried. Eddie looked me up and down and then glared.

"What are you hiding? Where were you?" He suspects something.

"DOUBLE D IS HIDING SOMETHING, EDDIE!" Ed yelled, causing everyone to look at us. My face turned pink.

"Would you two, please, keep it quite? I-I was just in the library is all." Beads of sweat were forming on my forehead under my hat.

"Ed." Eddy snapped his fingers and Ed grabbed me and threw me on the ground, took off his shoe and held the horrible thing to my nose, I tried to get away but Ed was freakishly strong.

Ed's shoe smelled so bad, my eyes started to water. "Okay! I will tell you, just make Ed stop!" I almost screamed for mercy.

"Ok Ed." Ed took his shoe away from me, put it up to his nose and inhaled deep. Disgusting. Simply disgusting.

"Well sock head, spill it!"

"W-Well I…um, spent the class period with Marie. We kissed among other things…" I trailed off.

Ed and Eddy were quite for a minute then Eddy exploded. "You did what? You kissed a Kanker? A Kanker!"

"Marie is not just "a kanker", as you put it. She can be very loving when she feels like it." Not that I know. "She-"

"You like her, don't you! You like Marie Kanker!" Eddie raged. That was the least of my worries since everyone in the halls were, including Marie, had come around to watch us. My face turned red with with embarrassment.

"W-Well, I think I do." I said not wanting to lie in front of Marie and hurt her feelings. "But, we are late, and I don't want to miss another class. Goodbye." I tried to walk away but Ed grabbed me and threw me at Marie. Why must I be thrown again like a beanbag? I landed right at Marie's feet. "Hello Marie." Ed was behind me in a flashed and held Marie and me together as he hugged us.

"Hurray for the happy couple!" Which made people snickered. Kevin and Sarah straight out laughed.

"Ew, Ed you really need some deodorant." Marie choked out. Ed's stink affects even a Kanker. I heard Lee Kanker say "You go Marie! Kiss your man!"

Marie started to kiss me when all the teachers came out wondering where their students were. Everyone broke apart and started walking to their class. Marie waved at me as she left for class. I waved back as Eddy grabbed my hat and tugged me to class mumbling "Come on, sock head."


The End.