This story is all fake, hehehe, you could tell already by the title. There was really no category for it so I had to put in this with Mario. Enjoy.

The Haunted House

The real estate agent looked ghastly pale. That should've been the 1st clue. But the old house was selling at such a cheep price, I couldn't refuse. I had heard the rumors it was haunted, but hey, I didn't believe in ghosts. But just to be sure I thought I should spend a night in the house to see if the rumors were true. I packed my equipment in a box and headed for the house. If there was really was a ghost in the house, I was going it. As I arrived at the house, a storm was brewing outside.

A cold shiver shot down my back and I could feel myself sweating, but I kept going. As I opened the door, the smell of dead bodies came to greet me. It was a good thing I had a strong stomach, but something wasn't right. I walked 3 or 4 steps before heard a baby cry. I don't know why, but I ran toward the nursery. A noise made me stop in my tracks, voices, 2 male voices. I made myself run, I didn't want to know if they were friends or foes. Sure enough, there was a baby in a crib that was much too big for the baby. Her little blue eyes locked on mine, so I picked her up and held her. She cooed softly in my arms, that I didn't know that some one was behind me.

"HOW DARE YOU TOUCH MY BABY!" A female ghost bellowed. I turned slowly, her body was decaying and her hair was falling out of her skull.

"At least I had a strong stomach." I murmured to myself. The baby picked up a rattle and threw it at her mom. The mom stumbled and fell; I didn't wait to see if she was fallowing me as I ran out of the nursery and toward the front door. As soon as I grabbed the doorknob, I heard a male voice cry out in a frantic tone,

"Open the door!" I spun my head and saw 2 men in overalls.

"I-I can't. It's-it's locked." I stuttered.

"Move." Called the man in red, as they ducked down. I didn't have to, because I was holding the baby. The baby cooed and threw another rattle.

"OW!" The 3 of us turned and saw the mom. She was rubbing her head with 1 hand and with the other she grabbed my neck.

"Ohhh…" I groaned in horror as the odor reached my nose.

"Take this!" The taller man in green told the mom, pulling a vacuum nozzle from his back and pushed a button. I felt a strong air current pull on me.

"NO! NOT THE PUTTERGUST 3,000!" She screamed as her grip weakened from around my neck. I fell and watched as she fell into the vacuum, her hand reaching for him.

"Bye-bye." He said waving. "Th-thanks." I told them, shivering. "But are you 2 ghosts?" "No, we're human. You human?" They asked me. I nodded. There was a pause. "So… what are you doing here?" The man in red asked me. "I came to see if there were ghosts. What about you 2?" I asked them. "Well, I had to get my brother and…" The man in green started, "Oh, I'm Mario, and this is my brother, Luigi." Mario said. Nice to meet you both, I'm Anna." I told them, curtsying.

Something caught my eye, I tried to look but the light was so bright on my eyes that I had to shield them in order to see. A key was reflecting light from the chandelier on the ceiling, which had just turned on.

"Let's get out of here." Luigi said in a shaky voice as he picked up the key, put it in the lock and dashed out the door. Mario and I gave each other confused looks and flowed him, talking about the strange things that had happened to us.

Of course I'm writing this in heaven because I fell down the stairs, broke my neck and died.

That's my 1st story that I made in a single day. Hope you liked it, please comment on it.