A/N: In this story, Data and Tasha are married, and Data has finally achieved his dream of becoming completely human. They are the parents of a human daughter, Lal, and Tasha is also the mother of an adult daughter, Sela.

"Did you feel that?" Tasha asked her three-year-old daughter. Lal nodded, her blue eyes dancing with excitement and her medium-brown pigtails bouncing, as she touched her mother's swollen abdomen.

"That was your baby brother kicking his foot," Tasha told her.

Lal's eyes grew large. "Did it hurt you, Mommy?"

"Oh, no, not at all."

"When will he get born so I can play with him?"

"Very soon now. My body will give me a signal when it's time for him to be born. Then your daddy and I will go to visit Dr. Pulanski in sickbay and she will help the new baby to come out of me, and then you can see him."

Lal looked confused. Dr. Pulanski and sickbay were for when you were sick.

"Don't worry, sweetie. Everything's going to be just fine. I'll only be there for a couple of days, and Trina will be here to take care of you while I'm there."

"How does the baby get out?"

"Mommies have a special opening in their bodies that the baby comes out through. It's close to where your pee-pee comes out."

"Does it hurt when the baby comes out?"

"Getting the baby to come out is hard work, but once it's out, you're so happy to see it that you forget all about how hard it was."

Lal looked thoughtful. "Will I have a baby growing inside me too when I'm a grown-up, Mommy?"

Tasha laughed. "You probably will some day, Lal, after you grow up and get married."

Lal heard footsteps outside the door and instantly jumped up from the sofa and ran to it. "Daddy!"

Data opened the door and scooped his daughter up into his arms. She laughed and hugged his neck, and he kissed her forehead. "How's my princess doing?"

"Daddy, Mommy let me feel the baby kick."

"Wow, that was pretty special, wasn't it?"


Tasha rose to greet her husband, and he hugged and kissed her. "Are you all right, hon?" he asked gently.

Tasha nodded. "Just a little tired, is all." She rested her head on his shoulder.

"Aww." He kissed her again and rubbed her back. "What smells so good?"

"Mommy made spaghetti!" Lal exclaimed.

"Mm, my favorite." Data took Tasha's hand and they walked into the kitchen together.

"Someone is definitely eager to be a big sister," Data chuckled later that night when he and Tasha were alone.

"She's such a compassionate and caring child," Tasha commented. "I hope she stays that way."

"I'm sure she will. She has a lot of her mother in her."

"She has a lot of you in her too, Data. I can see it all the time."

Data grinned. "What can I say?"

Tasha put her hand on her back and grimaced.

"Back been bothering you again, hon?"

Tasha nodded. "All day long."

"Looks like it's time for another massage, then."

Tasha lay on her side on the bed, and Data began to gently knead her shoulders. He always started there and worked his way down.

"Ahh, that feels heavenly," Tasha sighed.

A few nights later she felt it, and a flutter of excitement went through her.

"It's time," she told Data.

"Are you sure?"

"I've been through this twice before," she reminded him.

"Better call Trina then. Are you sure you have everything packed and ready?"

"It has been for days."

Tasha quickly called her friend Trina to come and stay with Lal, and she and Data headed for sickbay.

Tasha labored through the rest of that night and the next morning. Data was right beside her the whole time, holding her hand, stroking her forehead, and feeding her ice chips.

It was sometime around noon when the contractions intensified, and Tasha knew that the birth was eminent. Data spoke gently to her, helping her to relax and concentrate on her breathing, as she felt her child begin to emerge from her body. Several more pushes and their son was there, red and wrinkled and squalling.

Data cut his umbilical cord and gently placed him on his mother's chest.

"Hello there, little one," Tasha said, gently stroking his fine, soft skin.

Data stood beside her, beaming. "I know someone who's very eager to meet you," he told his new son.

"Better go call her," Tasha chuckled.

"In a minute," Data promised. He wanted to just stay there and watch Tasha and their son for a little while longer.

Later that afternoon, Trina brought Lal to visit. The little girl's eyes grew wide with wonder when she saw her mother holding her new baby brother. Tasha felt a gentle tugging at her heart as she realized how much she had missed Lal, even though it had been less than a day since the last time she had seen her.

Lal addressed her father first.

"Hi, Daddy!" Lal ran to Data, and he hugged her.

"Come meet your new baby brother, Lal," Data said. "His name is Jedediah, but we're going to call him 'Jed' for short. That means 'beloved', just like your name does."

Lal walked to the bedside of her mother, who looked pale and tired but happy. She looked into baby Jed's tiny face and held her finger up to him. "Hi, Jed," she said. He turned his blue eyes to look at her and grabbed her finger with his tiny fist.

"Look, Mommy, he likes me!"

"Of course he does, sweetie. You're his big sister."

Lal turned to grin at Data, who grinned back at her.

Data left that night to stay with Lal.

"I'll see you two in the morning," he said as he gently kissed the top of little Jed's head and then kissed Tasha's lips.

"Goodbye," Tasha said, clinging to him as if reluctant to let go, although she knew Lal needed him at home.

"I love you." He gave Tasha a squeeze, and she knew that he was reluctant to leave her as well.

"Not as much as I love you." She smiled, and Data shook his head and laughed.

The next morning, Data and Lal arrived after breakfast.

"Hi, honey. Did you have a good night?" Tasha asked Lal.

Lal nodded. "Daddy read me a bedtime story."

"That's nice. He's a good story teller, isn't he?"

Lal nodded.

Dr. Pulanski gave them some instructional booklets, and then the family headed home together.

Almost as soon as they were inside their quarters, Jed began to fuss. Tasha sat on the sofa and opened her shirt.

Lal watched Tasha nurse the baby. "This is how he eats," Tasha explained to her. "My body makes milk for him to drink and this is how he gets it out."

"Did I drink milk like that too when I was a baby?"

"You did indeed, Lal."

Soon Jed needed a diaper change.

"What's that thing on him?" Lal wanted to know.

"That's what he pee-pees with. The way little boys pee-pee is a little bit different from the way little girls pee-pee."

Lal looked down at her own body and then back at her baby brother's.

Soon it was time for Jed to settle down for a nap. Lal yawned.

"Somebody else sounds pretty sleepy, too," Tasha said with a smile.

Lal was soon settled down for her own nap. Data and Tasha stood with their arms around each other watching their children sleep.

"Why don't you take a nap too? You look like you could use one," Data told his wife.

"Sounds like a great idea to me." Gently she kissed one child on the cheek and then the other before doing as her husband had suggested. Data sat on the bed beside her and gently rubbed her back until she was asleep.