You know you're obsessed with Merlin when...

A/N #1: I confess... I am guilty of all of these things. If I think of any more things to add later on, I'll post another chapter.

Disclaimer: I own nothing. *sigh*

You know you're obsessed with Merlin when...

You stop at an unlocked door, make sure no one is looking and mutter Tospringe before opening the now "unlocked" door.

You tell your computer to learn the spelling whenever you type in a spell that it doesn't recognize as a word.

You drop something, and you instantly throw your hand out thinking it will automatically stop in mid air. (To your disappointment, however, this doesn't work.)

You give evil smirks when someone you don't like isn't looking.

You refer to someone as a "prat," and the person you're talking to gives you a funny look. (If you live in America.)

You have memorized everything Merlin says in dragon speech because you think it's the hottest thing ever.

You wish you had magic so that whenever you forget something after you've already sat down you could just use your magic to summon the object to you.

You wish you had Merlin's magic so you could speed read.

You pretend to hear Mordred talking to you in your head whenever you walk out into a crowded area.

You find yourself talking in an English or Irish accent. (If you aren't British.)

You accidentally use one of these accents in class.

You watch other movies/shows Colin Morgan or Bradley James are in just because they are in them.

You've yelled "Awooga!" on a roller coaster ride.

You understand what I meant by #13.

You see objects flying in the air (birds, planes, kites, plastic bags, etc.) and pretend to be controlling their movements with your outstretched arm.

You've written one of these "You know you're obsessed with Merlin when..." quizzes before.

You have or have had a Merlin-related wallpaper.

What little French you know you learned from Bradley James.

You want to take the Medieval history class at your university so that you can show everyone just how much you know about the Arthurian legends.

You wish your school/university had archery or fencing.

You talk about the show so much that whenever you have a conversation with your family/best friend/roommate you have to begin any Merlin-related topic with, "I know you don't care, but..."

You yell Astrice! at something after you've thrown it across the room to give the impression that you used magic to throw it.

You watched every new episode the moment it aired. (If, like me, you don't live in Britain, you searched high and low and managed to find a website that uploaded the entire episode the same night.)

You've had a dream and some of the Merlin characters/cast were in it.

You bought "You're the Voice" and listen to it all the time.

Every time you hear someone say, "Shh!" you think, "...keep the magic secret."

You want to name your next pet after a Merlin character.

Someone is having a serious talk with you about their life, and in response you sigh and say, "Destinies... are troublesome things."

You constantly check to see if the "Merlin's Keep" website has been updated.

You named your laptop a Merlin-related name. (My mac's name is Arthur. ;))

So... how many are you guilty of? ;)

A/N #2: To all of my loyal Lord of the Rings readers, I am SO incredibly sorry that I haven't updated in so long. It's been years, literally. And I have no excuse. I'm hopefully going to re-watch the series soon, so maybe I'll pick up on my enthusiasm again...