A/N #1: Hello everyone!

As you all know, our beloved show has come to an end. ;( So in honor of all the memories, I present you with one final chapter! Since it's the thirteenth chapter, I have given you thirteen obsessions instead of ten. (I'm not superstitious, so let's just assume nothing bad will come out of this chapter. After all, what could be worse than the ending of Merlin?)

Remember to stay tuned for the ficlet at the end. ;)

PART 13:

You know you're obsessed with Merlin when...

You mean to type "author" but instead you type "Arthur".

You know enough of the spells and their meanings that you tell people you speak some Old English.

Someone asks how on earth you knew something, and your explanation is "sense of smell."

Christmas Eve of 2012 will forever be remembered as your saddest holiday.

You laughed, cried, screamed with delight (or a combination of all three) when Colin won the Best Actor NTA.

You tear up at any real life moments that somehow manage to remind you of Merlin.

"In sibbe gerest" has such a deep and powerful meaning that you have decided to say that instead of "rest in peace".

You didn't know what new show to start after the Merlin finale.

You have re-watched all of your favorite episodes five times since the finale.

You have re-watched all five series since the finale.

You were extremely disappointed that Prince William and Kate did not name their son Arthur. However, you were amused that George was their choice. What a well-mannered boy the new prince will be!

You wonder where Bradley James is now.

You no longer look at a spoon as a non-threatening object.

A/N #2: An alternate scene combined with a hint of role reversal to two of my favorite bromance episodes: 4x06 - A Servant of Two Masters and 5x13 - Diamond of the Day, Part Two.

Cue the ficlet!

Merlin cried out in pain as Arthur lowered him to the ground.

The king drew his sword and ran a short distance from Merlin, hoping to draw the mercenaries away from the injured servant. Fortunately, there were only a handful of mercenaries, and Arthur dispatched them easily.

Not sparing a moment to wipe the blood from his sword, Arthur quickly walked back to where he had left his friend. But within the short amount of time they had been separated, the younger man's condition had worsened.

"Come on, Merlin," Arthur said as he knelt down and moved to pick Merlin up. "In a couple of hours we'll be back in Camelot and you'll be busy polishing my armor."

Despite Arthur's attempt at banter, he received none in return. Instead he met Merlin's fever-lit eyes as the younger man feebly grabbed Arthur's forearm.

"Arthur, please..." he whimpered, tears rebelliously appearing in the corners of his eyes. "Just..." Merlin didn't need to finish his sentence. The pain and tiredness in his expression prompted Arthur to do something he had never done before.

The king held his servant.

A/N #3: In the words of King Arthur Pendragon:

"I want to say something I've never said to you before... thank you."

Thank you so much lovely followers and reviewers! I have enjoyed our journey together! :')