Mother Knows Best

A HariPo freeverse piece

by mew-tsubaki

Note: The Harry Potter characters belong to J.K. Rowling, not me. This pairing was discovered by my buddy, Morghen, so please give her a little mention if you write them! Thanks! It is one of many of Mew and Mor's Weird Pairings, most of which you may find in Mor's and my forum, "Mew and Mor's Weird Pairings Fan Stories," found here (Just take out the spaces!): http : / forum. fanfiction. net/ forum /Mew_and_Mors_Weird_Pairings_Fan_Stories /76194 / Read, review, and enjoy! And check out and join the forum FUN! *Note: For Morghen, who wanted the sequel. ;)


Father warned me about her

No, not

R o s e





He said that she loves a


home, does

anything&&e v e r y t h i n g

to keep it that way

Grandmother says it

·makes her a *true*Malfoy*·

And here I thought my

sweet Rose-wine

was Malfoy material


I was the one who found her

my Rose,

in a world of

t – h – o – r – n – s

When all I could hear

was a day of



Rose-wine was there

to comfort me

She, my drug to inebriate me

enough to forget

the world

(the p.u.r.e.b.l.o.o.d. world)

[m y w o r l d]

& when years passed by &

she was still by my s i d e

I knew she'd a.l.w.a.y.s. have to be in my

L i F e


Mother had little interest in her

so I wishedwishedwished

that I'd get the seal · of · approval

(I have it—the r~i~n~g)


Mother w a s interested

&& so was my redheaded witch

Astoria had come to

l.E.a.R.n. Rose better than

anyone else had b e f o r e

So now I |sit| here,

with Father's warning swimming in my head…

Someone else is enjoying Rose-wine now

& Grandmother Cissy's words couldn't hurt more:

Astoria Greengrass is a T R U E M · a · l · f · o · y


Oooh…dark. Since I wrote the first Astorrose, I wanted to do one from Scor's pov… Poor Scor. He should go get a boyfriend now. Say, Lorcan, Lysander, or Freddie? ;3

Thanks for reading and please review!

-mew-tsubaki ;D