Chapter 1: It's Not a Kat!

AN: I've had a lot of ideas of late but this one struck me out of the blue. I've never read a Human/Dark Swat Kat crossover. I began to wonder what if a human came to that horrible world.


Human world, year 2005

A young teenager wanders the dark street. The few passers by eyed him cautiously but generally ignored him just as he ignored them in return. His appearance, he was certain, was the cause of the looks at all.

He looked like he'd been in a fight; dirt covered him, his t-shirt had holes in it and his blue jeans were torn and not as a fashion statement, his lip was split and leaking a little blood from the punch his drunken father had bestowed upon him and he carried a bulging backpack. He looked like all the runaways seen on these back streets.

Some of the looks held pity while others eyed him suspiciously. After all, ones like him were known to rob others. That might be true later once he was on the street a while but right this moment, his thoughts were only on getting as far away as he could.


Sometime earlier...

"You piece of shit…..without me you're nothing but a dead fucker," the intoxicated man slurred when the teenager exploded in anger after hearing him speak trash about his mother. He'd said she was a stupid bitch that was only good at sucking his cock.

That comment had sent the teen over the edge. He'd yelled, fists clenched, "she did everything in this house while you just sit on your fat ass, drinking. I don't need you. Living off the street would be better than living with a fucking alcoholic. Without you I'd have a fucking asshole! You've ruined my life." He might be much smaller than the man and had scrawny arms compared to the grown man's muscles, but he refused to back down.

The man barely reacted to the teen's rant. "I don't give a crap about your life…..hell I never did," he laughed.

That made the kid see red, without regard for what might happen to him he blasted off again, "if mom was here, she would of kicked your ass out of the house….why she even married you, I don't know but I know you're useless without her to cook and clean up after you. You can't even keep the house clean. Look at it...trash, bottles, dirty dishes, clothes, crap everywhere... looks like a worthless idiot!"

The man's eyes glowed with fury upon hearing the word 'idiot'. "Better watch that mouth before I break every single bone in your body," he warned getting ponderously to his feet and closing in on the teen.

The teen was too inflamed to stop now, "Fuck you…'s your fault my mom is dead and it's your stupid, fucking, alcoholic fault that killed her...I wish you were dead!"

He never saw the man's arm swing up until it hit his face, sending him into a nearby wall with a hard thud. He couldn't recover quickly enough when the man used on hand to grasp the kid's throat and held him pinned to the wall.

Shoving his face into the teen's so the kid could smell the alcohol fumes coming at him, the man whispered hoarsely, "What was that? You wanted me dead?…listen and listen well kid. Before you were even born your mother was a whore that fucked any guy for money. Then I met her, I had my time with her and accidentally made you. I could have walked out of the mess but I stayed. I had a steady life and you know what? I gave it up for her and you. So you ruined my life…my own flesh and blood. I gave you everything you little pissant."

The teen struggled to breath around the strangulating hold. His vision was fading to dark around the edges but in his mind he heard the man's words and was forced to think. He'd always thought of his mother as a strong woman and never could understand why she stayed with this man all this time.

Was the fucker telling the truth...had he stayed because he'd wanted to and felt responsible for him? He realized, his mother had never told him a thing about her past, why she'd never married, why she stayed here...too many questions and no one to answer them but this drunken pig. Was he lying? The teen didn't know and no longer cared.

The man...his father...smirked as he saw the teen begin to realize things might not be like he'd thought. Seeing that, he released the kid to slide down the wall to the floor.

Snorting derisively, the man said, "stupid kid" then left the living room for the kitchen to get more beer.

The teen rubbed his sore throat and tried to get his breath back. A swirl of emotions vied for attention in his head and it was just all too much for him to handle anymore. When he could rise to his feet, he staggered to his bedroom and packed his back with everything that mattered to him and left the rest. His father never said anything as the door opened and shut.

His body and throat hurt but he didn't stop until he was some distance from the only place he'd known as home when his mother was alive which had become his own private hell when she died. He was never going back.


He plodded along, never looking up, until he was too tired to continue. He looked up at last and noted it was very late. It was dark, no moon shone to light his way except for the street lights.

Staring at his feet, he wondered what he should do now. He had no where to go, no friends, no other relatives to offer him shelter. He couldn't and wouldn't go back to that drunken idiot. For perhaps the nth time he desperately wished his mother was still alive.

She always looked out for him and defended him against his usually drunken father even though it would draw his attention to her. He hated the beatings both against his mother and himself. It made him feel dirty and useless.

Until a little while ago, he never understood why his mother always put up with that guy or why she never responded to his abusive behavior. When he was old enough, he had swore he would kill the man but his mother always begged him not to but he never understood why.

She had been killed in a car crash because the fucker had lost control when drunk. He'd only been twelve at the time. The last two years were absolutely hell and no one outside his home cared enough to find out why he had so many bruises and why his school work was suffering. Now fourteen, he would have to make his own way because he would never allow that asshole to lay a fist on him again.

He touched the parting gift he'd gotten from his father. "Fuck" he winced, it still hurt quite a lot and he had no way to clean it up.

Lowering his hand, he looked around again. Wonderful, he'd wandered into the worst part of the area where gang symbols adorned the sides of buildings and fences, the buildings themselves were ruined hulks that wouldn't even keep the rain out and where drug addicts.

The perfect place to win the 'Most Dangerous City on the Planet Award'.

Sighing with annoyance at his stupidity at being here at night, he decided he needed to get away from here as fast as he could despite how tired he was or how hungry. Staying here would get him killed, though the thought did sound like the perfect solution to his present pain.

Turning away, he walked north, hoping he'd find a safe and warm place to rest for the night, that's if no one turned him into the cops first.


Megakat City, the Dark SWAT Kat's Universe

On another world, a wizard named the Pastmaster, was attempting some new spells from his spell book. Unlike the Pastmaster from good SWAT Kats universe, this one only wanted to help it.

He hadn't been perfect, just as the other Pastmaster had been thwarted from his dreams of marrying the Queen, so had he and had gone on a rampage, but unlike the evil one, the good one had learned this wasn't the way to get what he wanted.

When the Queen developed a dangerous disease, he stopped his evil rampage and quickly turned his attentions to curing her. Unfortunately, all his efforts didn't save her but it did give her more time. In gratitude and love, she accepted him as her consort. He was deliriously happy and sad as he knew he would lose her soon enough.

As he continued his efforts to try and cure her, he would find her crying at odd times. When he asked why, she said she was distressed to see her once happy and peaceful land taken over by evil and her people acted like cruel savages. It broke her heart and made her unhappy.

The Pastmaster felt guilty for his own part in the evil times and it broke his heart to hear her weep so. When death finally took her from him, her last words were, "please help those souls which darkness hath tainted….change them back toward the light of goodness."

"I promise," he whispered, tears in his eyes then she departed this world.

From that time until the present, he tried to fulfill that his promise. He searched through the pages of this most recent book he'd found. So far nothing looked like it would help but he didn't stop reading.

After more than an hour or so of reading, he grew disgusted and threw the book away from him. It landed on the floor some distance away with a thud.

"Cursed book…I'll not find my answers with those useless spells," he muttered, bitterly. After pacing the floor a bit, he sighed and went back to pick up the book, pausing when he noted the page it was open to. This was something he'd either missed or hadn't gotten to yet.

Studying it, he read, "one whose soul is possessed by darkness shall find peace with one whose soul is light, the reverse is true of one whose soul is light and is overcome by a dark soul."

The spell was both a summoning and a charm. The spell would locate a soul that was needed to change either a light to dark or a dark to light, whichever was required by the caster. This was exactly what the Pastmaster had been hoping to find. He summoned his special watch and opened a gate to the future.

He didn't step through but watched as if it were a TV screen. Lifting his watch, he pointed it at the hole and intoned, "find those whose hearts are the most tainted with darkness."

As he watched, the images honed in on a couple toms. By their garb, he determined they were mechanics for those strange horseless carriages from that world.

Frowning in confusion, he muttered, "this can't be right...those two couldn't possibly be the most tainted souls watch must be..." he halted when he saw the pair head for a hole in the floor at the back of their garage. Once they reached the bottom of the shaft they'd climbed down to, he saw a familiar craft just past them. "What? The SWAT Kats?" He would never have guessed the two worst omegas besides Dark Kat were posing as simple mechanics.

Shaking his head, he said worriedly, "these two are devils….if that soul of light comes to them, it might be slaughtered. However, ….they are suitable for what I had in mind. If the light soul succeeds, then it might help the city in the end after all. It's worth the risk...really it can't make things worse."

Decision made, he read through the page thoroughly then prepared to begin the spell casting. At the end of the spell there was a warning.

"If the one you seek is from another dimension….the spell will allow its passage but will take the caster in its place." He shivered. So to do this could kill him but he sighed and decided to do it anyway. "My bride's last wish will be fulfilled either way." With that, he began reading the spell aloud.


He patted the pocket where his wallet was at. It contained the hundred dollar bill he stolen from his father. It would provide him with meals but very little else for at least a week, if he was frugal. But shelter was a real problem besides food and he had not enough for that and eat too. He wondered what he as going to do now.

As he continued on his way, his mind went back to the many morals his mother was always filling his ears with. One in particular, she had told him when he was just six.

"Remember son…..things happen for a reason," she had said.

He smiled at the memory. His mother was so beautiful which was hard for him to believe she had been a whore. She did have one vice he knew for certain about and that was smoking whenever she thought he wasn't around.

Once, because he was curious, he snitched one but before he could figure out how you lit it she was on him immediately. That was one of the rare occasions when she yelled at him angrily, saying, "...don't be stupid...or...what were you thinking?"

"Yeah mom….I was stupid," he chuckled when remembering that particular day. Then the moment passed and sadness returned. He stared up at the dark sky and murmured, "I miss you mom." A single tear ran down his cheek. He missed her so much...she was the whole world to him.

Brushing off the tear, he returned to walking, needing to find a place to sleep or hide before a patrolling cop found him. He'd barely managed to take one step when his legs suddenly felt wobbly. He blinked wondering what was going on and looked down to see something shocking. His legs were stuck in a dark hole and it seemed he was sinking into it fast like quick sand. He gasped trying to pull his legs free but it did nothing and he was rapidly sinking downwards.

Terrified, he screamed, "HELP…HELP...HELP... ANYONE HELP ME!"

But no one heard his pleas as he began to totally disappear. He continued to try and kick free and scrabble his nails on the pavement to keep him from going downward but nothing helped. With his own screams in his ears, his body vanished into the hole and the last thing he heard was his mother saying, "Remember son….things happen for a reason."


The spell book burst into flames the moment the spell was completed. He'd already let it go and watched as it turned to ash on the floor. As the wind blew its pieces away, he realized a sacrifice had been made.

As his body began to vanish, the Pastmaster sighed and murmured with no regret, "so, I guess the soul of light did come from another time has finally come….I hope this light soul succeeds. He slowly vanished from existence with his part of the promise fulfilled.

It was mid day in Megakat City, an ordinary day with everyone basically going about their everyday business. But into this mundane day, something fell from the sky and crashed in the middle of a busy intersection causing cars to crash and people to scream as a whole opened up in the ground.

Then all was quiet except for people's excited voices and horns honking. Of course, the first thing on everyone's mind, was this an omega attack but when nothing else happened many cautiously approached the mini-crater in the street.

What they saw was an undamaged body laying there. At first it was thought it was a poor Kat who had suffered some kind of catastrophe, like falling from a plane or pushed from one or even fell from the top of one of the tall buildings around them but when one brave tom decided to get a closer look, his fur stood on end and he jumped back.

"Crud, that's no Kat!" He said, excitedly.

Another, much braver tom knelt down and moved the hand that covered the creature's face. It looked like a kitten but was different in many ways.

"What the hell are you?" the tom asked aloud, not really expecting a response until the creature's eyes suddenly opened and he jerked back in surprise.

The creature's eye's didn't open very far so they couldn't see what his eyes looked like and it seemed dazed and confused. It's lips began to move and it asked, "what happened," before blacking out.

The tom was surprised, "It speaks our language?" He said aloud. It was rather cool that he got to meet a real live alien and make contact. His musings were rudely interrupted by the familiar sounds of enforcer sirens heading this way.