Chapter 5: New Kit in School

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Jayden sighed deeply at his misfortune and wondered why he couldn't have just died peacefully somewhere on Earth instead of here. The dog collar bugged him a lot. It was annoying and stuck there for the rest of his life.

Sure it was good he was going back to school and he was grateful Evian had given him a chance to make a living in this new world but he didn't felt quite comfortable when the other kits turned their attentions toward him.

Being the new kid...uh kit? school sucked especially if you didn't look like your real self. He was still fourteen but he now sported a camouflage screen disguise that showed him as a snow white Kat...that was a 'K' not a 'C', he'd learned, and bore the new name Jayden Furlong-Clawson.

He hated it but so did his mechanic guardians. They'd said some ugly things when they'd been told they had to use both their last names for their unwanted 'son' to register for school. It had been Dr. Evian's idea. She felt using the two adults names would deflect attention off Jayden when people asked about who the kit's parents were since he obviously wasn't theirs.

It made Jayden uncomfortable knowing he had to called the pair 'Dad' when in public, outside of the garage. He just hoped they weren't drunkards like his real father had been. So far he hadn't seen that kind of behavior yet, but cruel and nasty...oh yes, they were that alright. He could still remember what happened some hours ago

Flashback: 5:59 A.M...

Jayden was abruptly awakened from a sound sleep when someone raised the head of the bed which caused him to slid off to the floor.

He winced from the sudden pain in his side from the hard contact with the floor. He struggled to make sense of what happened as he rubbed his eyes then peered upward. Fear and shock went through him as he saw the big tabby glaring down at him.

"Chance? What are- ?" Jayden attempted to ask but the tabby said nothing as he reached down and grabbed the human by his t-shirt and yanked him into the air then stalked out of the room so fast Jayden had no chance to react before he arrived in the living room and was unceremoniously dumped to the floor again.

"I asked you to wake him, not drag him in then drop him to the floor," a familiar voice snapped angrily making Chance growl in anger.

"I don't give a fuck, he's here like you wanted so give me a good reason why I don't just kill him and put him out of his misery."

"Because you agreed to do this in return for your debt being halved which means he is to be kept alive and healthy," a another familiar voice, much more powerful than the first, reminded the tabby, coldly.

Feral? Evian? Jayden was shocked. Why were they here?

"Yea, we know! So why the hell are you here at six in the damn morning?" Jake demanded, just as furious as Chance. "You checking up on us? Do we have to expect this sort of thing all the time because that wasn't part of the deal, Feral!"

Deciding being on the ground was unproductive and could be dangerous if a fight started, Jayden stood up slowly and a bit groggily, eyeing all the adults with some trepidation. He wanted to know what was up too.

Evian ignored the angry toms to speak to the human. "Good morning Jayden…sorry about the early morning wake up. How are you?" She eyed him in concern, noting he seemed a bit wobbly and wondered if the toms had anything to do with it.

Jayden snapped out of his groggy state and stood straighter. "I'm fine. A bit frazzled from the sudden wake up call is all." Looking over at Feral then back at her, he asked, "What are you two doing here?"

Feral said nothing, just keeping an eye on the two mechanics and letting the doctor explain which she did.

"Feral and I…well, it's mostly me, are here to tell you I've entered you into a public school and will start attending today which is why we needed you up so you wouldn't be late. It was a tough decision, but I finally convinced the rest of the project members that this would be good for you and for our study." She looked very pleased.

Jayden thought he must have heard her wrong. He blinked repeatedly in confusion before saying an inarticulate, 'huh?'

Evian sighed and shook her head but held onto her smile. "I know you probably miss going to school and I felt this would help you understand and integrate into our culture faster as well as show us how you'd behave around our young. It will have the added factors of allowing you to finish your schooling and help you figure out how to live among us ... a win-win situation for all concerned."

"What? You mean you trust me enough to be with your kittens and allow me the freedom to go to school?" He was shocked and not so certain this wasn't some kind of joke.

This time Feral spoke up. "No, we don't exactly trust you nor do half the councilors at city hall or the other scientists on the project. However, when I said I would be sending along an undercover officer to keep watch on you, they reluctantly agreed. The officer has orders to kill if you harm any kitten or try to you have to be on your best behavior," he said, brutally blunt. "You understand?"

Inside Jayden groaned. It's not a joke then but it's not freedom of movement either. What a shitty situation. Wasn't the collar enough? Apparently not. He nodded at Feral reluctantly. What else could he do anyway? He was at their mercy.

But there were still problems with what they were asking of him. He looked over at Dr. Evian. "How am I supposed to stay out of trouble if the teachers know who and what I am? Then the students will know and pick on me so how am I supposed to obey your rules? And how are they not going to know I'm being followed around by a guard? They can't possibly ignore that. I think you ask too much."

Feral answered, "The officers will be changed regularly and dressed as just another teacher but they will be armed. They will be pretending to be just an observer in the class but their sole purpose is to watch you. Only you will know why they are there and you'll tell no one else about them nor look at them."

"And no one else will know anything about what you really are except the principal and the guard. If you act like a normal teen then I think you shouldn't have any problems."

"There is still one, I may be ahead or behind depending on where your schools are compared to mine before I left and let's not forget how far behind I'll be since your school year began. How do we deal with that?" Jayden asked, reasonably. It was a legitimate concern.

"Our tests indicate you are somewhere at the same level as kittens your age. But if that is too much of a problem for you to overcome then perhaps you would prefer to be home schooled by Jake here?" Dr. Evian suggested, indicating the glowering red tom.

Jayden was very careful not to show what he thought about a 'grease monkey' being his teacher besides the fact the tom was extremely hostile toward him already but he couldn't halt the incredulous comment. "Him?"

Jake tensed up and bristled, fighting the urge to rip the kit's face off. "Are you implying that I'm an idiot" he demanded coldly, giving the human a death look.

"'s just hard to believe you could help teach me when you don't like me in the first place and you're busy in the garage and salvage yard is all," Jayden said hurriedly.

Jake growled, but relaxed a bit thinking the kit wasn't trying to insult him after all. Jayden sighed mentally in relief when the tom backed off.

"So, does that mean you'll go to school then?" Dr. Evian asked.

Jayden realized he wasn't being given much of a choice here. Glancing cautiously over at the sulking Jake, he shuddered. Well, bad could going to school be compared to having to take lessons from sourpuss there?

"Yes ma'am," he finally said, heavily.

"Good. Then we need to get moving. First we need to have Furlong and Clawson complete adoption papers before we take you down to the school and get you signed in and set up with your class schedule," she went on briskly, pulling papers from her briefcase and setting them onto the coffee table.

"Say what?" Chance barked, furious. "No way are Jake and I letting that weakling carry out names nor call him 'son'!" Jake returned to his side and looked just as angry as his partner.

"These are fake adoption sheets…we need to hide Jayden's true identity as much as we can and adoption is the only way to do that," Dr. Evian said firmly.

"And you have no choice in the matter so stop yelling and sit down," Feral stepped in, flatly ordering them to comply.

They didn't move for several moment then gave each other glowering looks before sitting down at the couch and beginning to study the ream of papers they had to complete. Grumbling the whole time, it took them a surprisingly short time to complete the forms and hand them back to the doctor.

While they were doing that, Feral ordered Jayden to go get dressed for school. Sighing, the human did as commanded, getting down nearly the same time as the toms with their paperwork.

So, an hour later, Jayden sat in the backseat of Feral sedan, his backpack by his side, as Feral and Dr. Evian sat up front on the drive to the local school. It turned out to be only a mile from the garage.

It was rather nice and clean and surprisingly, looked very similar to the schools of his lost home. They walked through the main doors and headed for the principal's office. The slightly chubby, gray tom, who was going bald, didn't seemed happy about Jayden in his school but the boy got the impression the tom hadn't been given a choice. He felt for the tom. It seemed no one was going to be happy about this deal especially about the guard, who had been waiting for them when they arrived.

He was a tall, lean, tom with brown fur and tabby markings, dressed in a simple suit of dark brown. Geez, he would blend into the background easy which, of course, was the idea, Jayden realized. The suit coat obviously hid his weapon and his cold yellow-green eyes stared at him watchfully from his position near the window where he stood waiting, already on duty despite his boss' presence.

It took another hour to get him signed in, all the forms filled out, and being handed an information package about the school rules, calendar, and other useful stuff, then given his schedule.

Finished, Feral and Evian parted from him with Evian giving him a quick 'good luck on his first day', before leaving him in the paws of an office worker who escorted Jayden and his shadow down a hall toward his first class.

Their escort halted at a doorway and stepped inside with them following closely. The guard went to the rear of the classroom immediately though never taking his eyes off Jaden while the boy and the escort met with the teacher of his first class.

The teacher was a rather nervous individual, short in stature, barely a couple inches taller than Jayden, and having white and black patterned fur. He looked confused a moment but recovered quickly when the escort told him this was his new student.

"Oh, yes, I was told to expect you," he said in a mild tenor voice. He went over to his computer and called up a screen. "You're Jayden Furlong-Clawson, right?"

"Yes, sir."

The tom gave him a small smile, pleased at his manners, a refreshing change from most of his students. "Well, the first two rows of seats are already taken so pick one in the third row you like. Do you have your books yet?"

"No sir, they said each class would supply me one."

"Oh, right. Just a moment." He went over to a cupboard and pulled out a textbook, went back to his computer, entered a number from the book flyleaf to his screen then handed it to Jayden. "There you go. Don't lose that. It's yours to the end of the school year."

Jayden nodded as he took his book then headed to the back of the room followed by his shadow The escort left without a word and Jayden looked around before settling on a seat near the window, his guard moving to sit just behind him, nearly breathing down his neck.

Trying his best to ignore him, Jayden pulled out his schedule which he'd only had a moment to glance at, to give it a closer look.

First - Science/ Room 215/ Mr. Lindorfur
Second - Media Arts and Tech/ Room 303/ Mrs. Tabalong
Third - Geometry/ Room 252/ Mrs. Harper
Fourth - Government/ Room 125/ Mr. Birlong
Fifth - Life Fitness/ Boy's locker room/ Mr. Strongler
Sixth - Language/ Room 165/ Mr. Rentnor

Well it wasn't too bad and was very similar to what he'd been taking. He rather liked the fact he got an art class, it would give him a break from all the other harder classes.

Noises from the front of the room drew his attention toward the doorway to the classroom. In poured a crowd of noisy kittens. It still looked odd to him to see all these walkin, talkin cats of all colors and talking just like any teen anywhere on his own world except they had fur, ears on top of their heads, and tails.

They eyed him curiously which was the same as his home too. Everyone eyeballs the new guy but they also looked confused about the adult sitting there too. On that, he couldn't enlighten them.

So far so good, however, he had no idea how this school was laid out. He pulled out a map from the school's information packet. After studying it while he waited for class to begin, he figured out where most of his classes were.

Fortunately, this school wasn't too large, about four floors and an athletic field behind it with gym separated out into the field rather than attached to the school proper. Shouldn't be too difficult to find his way around.

It appeared his camouflage was holding as not one of the students did more than give him casual, curious looks. However, the hard part was avoiding having anyone touch him. Perhaps he'd have to pretend he had a phobia of being touched...he'd be considered a little odd but not so much to be ostracized too badly.

He hated the thought of starting off with his classmates as odd, but there just wasn't a choice as touching him would reveal he wasn't what he looked like. No one noticed his collar really, much to his relief, as apparently the fashion rage was leaning toward a variety of dog collar necklaces on both fems and toms around him...his was just more elaborate.

As he settled into his seat and tried to relax, he hoped he could make a friend or two or at least someone who had his next class that could guide him there quicker than floundering around searching himself. He knew he couldn't ask his shadow. He searched the sea of faces for some friendly faces to make contact with and sighed. This was going to be a long day.

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