A/N: This is the Kiss/Glee song "Beth", but since Clare's name isn't Beth, I changed it. I changed a few other lyrics to accomodate the story. Please be nice, it's my first TTW fic, and it popped into my head when I heard the song. Kind of an alternate ending to the book. Book based, entirely. Lyrics are in italics. I own nothing.

Clare, I hear you calling, but I can't come home right now.

It hurt Henry every time he had to leave Clare. He wished he could freeze the world around them. He wished that stress wouldn't pull him away from his beloved wife.

Me and the boys are playing and we just can't find the sound.

He, Dr. Kendrick, and Gomez had somehow all ended up together that tonight, and they were tracking the sound in Henry's ears before he would disappear.

Just a few more hours and I'll be right home to you...

He tried to concentrate on anything that would bring him home to Clare.

I think I hear them calling...

Another place was tugging at him; another time; another person, who he didn't want to see.

Oh Clare, what can I do? Clare, what can I do?

He didn't know how to fix what was wrong with him. He wished with all his heart that somehow, he could. Maybe God could. He didn't know Who else could handle something so big.

You say you feel so empty...that our house just ain't our home.

Clare had every right to feel very abandoned. He abandoned her almost weekly, if not daily. He asked God to help him stick to one time and place. He begged God. If God had created him, surely He could fix his displacement.

I'm always somewhere else...and you're always there alone.

Things always changed between Henry's visits. Curtains, beds, rooms, furniture, cookware. He wished he could have helped Clare choose the furnishings for their home. The burden of having to decorate and gamble that Henry would like what she chose was too much to ask of Clare constantly.

Just a few more hours...and I'll be right home to you.

Suddenly, he felt focused. He looked to Dr. Kendrick. If Henry focused intently on something strong enough to pull him home, maybe it would keep him there. He just had to remain focused.

I think I hear you calling...

Henry heard something. It was Clare, begging God to bring Henry home. He tried to focus, but something was blocking him.

Oh Clare, what can I do? Clare, what can I do?

Clare, I know you're lonely, but I know you'll be alright...

He knew that God was helping him home. He flashed into their living room.

Cause me and the boys will be playing all night...

Gomez and Dr. Kendrick were in the house. They had discovered when he was going, and met him there on the earthly side. Each had a handwritten note in his hand, with the address of the house and the date written on it. They were now going to work on how to keep Henry in the here and now.

All night...

Meanwhile, Henry laid down by his wife's sleeping form. He slid his arm over her, and she woke. He kissed her, and felt permanence for the first time. He left his arm around her, and they fell asleep, knowing that they would have forever to talk. Somehow, both knew that Henry wouldn't be going anywhere.