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I am attempting another! Different to the last obviously, hope you like. Eventual slash.

Chapter 1

Harry was wandering the neighbourhood as he did every evening, silently berating himself for Sirius' death when the sound of a cut off scream had him bolting towards a nearby alley, wand in hand. He froze momentarily when he saw what appeared to be a mob torturing someone or something. He looked at his wand and then shoved it back in his pocket, running for Mrs. Finch's yard and then half climbing her fence to release the gate latch, consequently releasing her two rather vicious and territorial dogs. He didn't know what breed they were and frankly he didn't want to! They were a million times worse than Ripper but for now they suited his purposes nicely as they went straight for the group, scattering them and continuing to chase them. As soon as they were gone Harry dropped back to the ground and ran for the victim. He knelt nearby, not wanting to crowd them, and called out as gently as he could.

"They're gone now, it's okay." A raised arm was lowered as he spoke and he found himself staring into blue eyes.

Asher cowered against the wall, arm raised to shield his face as the people shoved crosses at him. He could hear them talking about burning him with them and of using holy water on him and he was petrified. He should never have left his hotel, especially without feeding first and now he was too weak to fly away. He distantly heard the sound of growling and was wondering if some local weres had decided to intervene when everything went quiet and then a soft voice was telling him they were gone. He slowly lowered his arm to find himself staring into emerald eyes. He blinked and looked his apparent saviour over, not wanting to accidentally ensnare the mortal, especially once he realised it was no more than a teenager.

"Sir? Are you alright?"

"Oui." Asher finally answered but then he staggered as he got up. He found his saviour at his side, wrapping an arm around his waist to steady him.

"Better get you out of here before they manage to lose Mrs. Finch's dogs and come back for you. Are you staying nearby?"

"Not too far. Thank you for your help, not many would help one such as I."

"Did you try to attack any of them?"

"Non." Asher protested and the teen grinned at him.

"Then they had no right to do that. Self-defence is one thing, that was a mob!" The teenager snapped and Asher found himself smiling slightly.

"Forgive me for being rude, I am Asher."

"Well you were just attacked by a mob so I don't think wanting to make sure they're gone is considered rude. Harry Potter, nice to meet you." The teen said and it was only centuries of practise that kept Asher's face blank. Harry Potter? It couldn't be, could it? He snuck a look at the child's head and sure enough there was a very unique and well known scar there. This could go badly, he knew how bad relations were between the Council and Ministry, if he was found so close to their precious Saviour...He looked down again and saw green eyes go wide.
"You know..." Harry trailed off and Asher nodded.

"Oui. Most Master vampires try to stay informed of what is happening among wizards for our security. The so-called Lord Voldemort incident was something the Council itself was debating; you killed him before any decision was made." Asher told him and Harry shook his head.

"I didn't kill him, it was Mum that protected me from him and...he's not dead. He's back, has been for over a year except the stupid Minister didn't want to believe but he has to now, too many people saw him at the Ministry." Harry said, free hand clenching into a fist.

"The Council was unaware of this, I will warn them when I return."

"Why?" Harry asked, looking up at him and Asher smiled at the teenager, careful to keep his scars hidden.

"Because he swayed too many young vampires to his cause during the last war and the Council did not like that."

"That makes sense." Harry said after thinking it over and Asher nodded. He raised an eyebrow when Harry stopped walking, the teen chewing at his lip.

"Is something wrong?"

"I'm not meant to leave the wards, they end here...but you need help." The last was a whisper as Harry tried to decide what to do, leaving the wards and getting them attacked would surely injure Asher further, perhaps even get him killed but he didn't think the vampire would make it back unaided.
"You need blood, right?" Harry asked and Asher nodded. Harry took a deep breath and then rolled up his sleeve, baring his wrist, before holding it out to Asher whose eyes widened. Was Harry offering what he thought he was? The Harry pulled out his wand but kept it down by his side.

"You do not know me, why would you offer this?" Asher asked in shock.

"It's the easiest way to get you home safely without me leaving the wards. Just a bite though, no vampire powers or anything, I know that means it'll hurt more but I'd rather that than anyone near my mind ever again. Plus if you try anything I can just hex you. Underage or not the Ministry won't do anything to someone defending themself from a vampire." Harry told him and Asher was impressed.

"Agreed." He said and gently took the wizards hand, raising Harry's arm up while lowering his head to it. He bit down as gently as he could but he still felt Harry wince and try not to pull away. He took several deep swallows of the rich blood, shocked by the power in the teenagers' blood but at least that meant he didn't need as much as he would from a normal human, Harry's blood was giving him a greater buzz than even a shifters would. He let go of Harry's wrist once sure the wound had sealed and then smiled at the wizard. Harry smiled back and then stepped back, watching Asher closely to see if the vampire was okay after feeding.
"Merci mon ami. That was a great gift to give to a stranger young one." Asher thanked him and Harry smiled slightly.

"So you'll be okay to make it back?"

"Oui. Thank you."

"No problem, have a better night." Harry said and then he ducked down an alley and was gone. Asher smiled and headed back to his hotel. He was staying in Surrey because he hadn't wanted to deal with the Master of London and Surrey was close enough for his business.

He was very surprised the next night to be called down to reception but then he was too angry to be surprised. Harry smiled at him, despite his split lip and the darkening bruises that littered his body.

"Hey." Harry croaked out and Asher reached out to cup his face, tilting it to see the damage.

"Who did this to you?" The vampire demanded and Harry's gaze flickered to the receptionist before he looked back at Asher who nodded.
"Send up medical supplies immediately." He ordered before leading Harry up to his room. He sat the teenager down on the couch and then went to the bathroom for towels and water. He opened the door at the hesitant knock and accepted the offered kit before closing and locking the door. He set the supplies down and began to tend to Harry's injuries.

"I can do it." Harry told him but Asher shook his head.

"You helped me, now it's my turn mon ami." The vampire told him and he smiled as Harry relaxed back into the couch. Asher gently cleaned what injuries he could see, happy that none of them were bad enough to need stiches or a hospital.
"Who did this to you petit sorcier?" Asher asked softly and Harry slowly looked at him.

"Why do you care? You don't know me." Harry said and Asher reached out to gently push his glasses back up onto his nose fully.

"Why did you help me?" Asher asked and Harry swallowed.

"Because it was the right thing to do." The wizard answered softly and Asher smiled at him, careful not to flash his fangs.

"You helped a vampire when most would have left me and then you gave me blood so I could get away safely. Is this because you helped me?" Asher pushed and Harry nodded.

"My cousin was part of the crowd, I didn't see him but he saw me. He told my uncle." Harry shrugged as if it was nothing.

"I am sorry." Asher told him and Harry smiled.

"Not your fault." Harry said and Asher stared at him.

"You may stay here if you wish." Asher offered and Harry shook his head.

"And bring the Ministry to your doorstep? You don't need or deserve that."

"Thank but I am quite able to deal with that as a Council envoy. You should stay somewhere safe, at least until you heal." Asher told him and Harry sighed but eventually nodded.

"You should sleep, the bed is yours."

"What about you?" Harry asked and Asher indicated the coffin.

"I will be fine."

"Thank you." Harry said and Asher gave him a shirt to sleep in, knowing it would easily be long enough since the teen was fairly short.

"RĂªves doux." Asher whispered as Harry slipped under the covers.

According to the translation site reves doux means sweet dreams.