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Chapter 7

Milly Spears was a good nurse and a competent witch but walking into the long term secured wing and finding the hospitals most important patient gone would be enough to startle anyone. She froze, staring at the empty bed and then moved to the attached bathroom only to find it as empty as the room which should be impossible. Even if he had woken he shouldn't have been able to make it to the bathroom alone let alone out of the room. She shook her head and took a deep breath before hitting the alarm. They had to find him before he hurt himself further trying to move around. Soon the hospital was flooded with Aurors, all searching for the missing hero. Losing him would not do St Mungo's reputation any good.

Harry collapsed in the front hallway of Grimmauld Place, unable to go any further. Every muscle was screaming in protest from moving at all and his head was spinning. Maybe sneaking out wasn't the brightest of ideas but he preferred the school infirmary to the hospital and he would rather heal on his own over both options. It took several more hours to drag himself upstairs to bed, wishing Dobby was still around, he'd even put up with Kreacher at the moment. Harry curled up under the musty covers and fell asleep, magic working hard to finish healing him.

Asher froze in shock as he felt something from the Marks for the first time in almost a year. He closed his eyes and focused but once again there was nothing and pale hands clenched into fists. What had happened to Harry? Why wouldn't he respond? There was nothing in the wizard papers he managed to get and he didn't dare ask his Sire or the Council. He didn't want anyone to know about Harry being his servant or the power he had gained from the teen until Harry was safe at his side. Teen….Harry wasn't really a teenager anymore was he? Asher shook those thoughts off and blanked his expression to deal with the others.

When Harry woke at least he no longer hurt. He blinked up at the ornate ceiling and sighed, forcing himself to push back the covers and sit up. He stretched slowly and then smiled when nothing hurt before standing up and moving to the ensuite to shower for the first time in who knew how long. He stayed under the hot water for ages before finally getting out and getting dressed. He headed downstairs and dug around in the kitchen for something edible before sitting down with the massive pile of Daily Prophet's to see how long it had been and what he had missed. Ten months? How was that possible? Asher must be going crazy with worry!

The more he read the angrier he got. At least now he knew where Ron was, the cowardly bastard was soaking up the wizarding worlds praise for helping vanquish Voldemort when he hadn't been anywhere near the battle. Thankfully there was still Hermione's threat to Skeeter, he would contact her and give her the real story, not for his own sake but for Hermione and all the others who had given their lives for freedom. At least it seemed like the ministry was trying to make things better, removing the most blatantly bigoted laws that people like Umbrige had passed. Kingsley was definitely a far better Minister than any Harry had dealt with before. But he felt reluctant to contact the man since he didn't plan on sticking around. He was Asher's Human Servant and he knew it weakened the vampire to not have him around.

Asher watched Jean-Claude and Anita from the tree line, missing Harry all the more as he watched them just being together in the kitchen. The more he observed them together the more he understood what his old friend saw in the Executioner. He had learnt nothing more about why the Council was in St Louis and he was very worried for the other vampire. When the time came could he afford to stand with him? Old friendship and love demanded he should and yet….he now had his own servant to think of. Although he had the feeling Harry would survive his death with everything else the young wizard had survived in his short life. Asher took one more look and then took to the air, making his way back to the Circus quickly.

Harry walked the streets curiously; he would head towards where he could sense Asher closer to sunset, for now he was happy to explore the foreign city. Hearing a soft noise he hesitated and then ducked into an alley, moving utterly silently in the shadows as he approached a group of men. He saw them standing over something…..or someone and felt his blood begin to boil as he realised what was happening. Magic crackled under his skin as he strode towards them, just managing to keep from drawing his wand or sword. "Leave him alone." Harry commanded and the group turned before relaxing and chuckling as they took him in. He knew he didn't look all that dangerous, slender and barely five foot ten in height, pale from the months in hospital but looks could be very misleading. Harry moved, grabbing the nearest man and twisting his arm around, hearing the bone snap even as he pushed the man away. The others stared in shock before moving and Harry shook his head, moving with the ease of a Seeker and the extra power granted to him by the Marks. Soon the group was down and groaning and he moved towards their victim, at first glance he assumed it was a girl but on second glance he realised it was a male despite the long auburn hair. Harry knelt down and gently rolled him over.

Nathaniel bit back a cry of pain, barely able to remain conscious due to his injuries. He tensed in anticipation of more pain only to find gentle hands smoothing his hair back. He blinked and struggled to focus, looking up into concerned green eyes.

"It's okay, you're safe now little kitten." His rescuer whispered and Nathaniel's eyes slid shut in exhausted sleep.

Harry studied the badly injured young man, able to sense the beast within him, some sort of cat. How could a shifter let humans do so much damage to him? Kneeling beside him Harry directed his magic into the wounds to speed there healing before he lost too much more blood. Harry gently lifted the wounded teen into his arms and then vanished, reappearing in his hotel room where he placed the slightly younger male on the bed. He grabbed his potions kit from his bags and went to work, grateful to Hermione for her forethought in teaching him more about healing potions while they had been on the run. He felt a little bad for using all the white linens to tend to him but he could always transfigure something into replacements later. By the time the sun began to set Harry was sure his patient would survive. He slipped him some Dreamless Sleep potion and then went into the bathroom to shower and change into something more appropriate for seeing his 'Master' again. He tied back his lengthening hair and slipped on his Head of House Rings before slipping into Dragon hide pants and a deep green silk shirt with a dragon hide coat over it all. He looked at his reflection and smirked; the coat may not be as long as a robe but it did a fair impression of the way Snape's robes once billowed. His wand went in its holster on his right arm and his sword at his hip, hidden from muggle sight. Checking his patient one last time he left the hotel and headed towards where he knew Asher was, making sure to let no hint of his presence slip through the Marks. He smiled softly at the thought of how surprised Asher would be when he appeared.