Wind and Water Chapter I: A White Deer and A Prayer

Disclaimer: Mabinogi belongs to Nexon and whoever else developed it... enough said.

A/N: Yes, I have changed a few things from canon... if I didn't, you would already know everything about it, ne? I will exercise my creative freedom quite often, though it will usually be within the boundaries of canon. Things that are never mentioned/explained will be my primary target, though I may or may not make a few major changes. I am not sure whether or not there will be any Milettians ('Player Characters') in this story other than the Narrator at this point. I'm probably going to adjust the time displacement centered around Milettians as well. That is, whereas in the actual game, a week is the same amount of time as a year for a Milettian, in this story, I think I'll adjust that to a month, or maybe just drop it entirely. We'll see, ne?

The narrator's name is not the same as one of the characters, though they are similar, their similarity is entirely the way, Story of A White Deer is Nao's theme and A Prayer for the Asleep is the field music for the Soul Stream.

"Speaking" "Reading Aloud"

'Thinking' 'Telepathy'

Flashback, Memory, and Similar.

"While in flashback, this is speaking."

'While in flashback, this is thinking.'

Suddenly... I am.

I know nothing, as I knew nothing.

I float in an endless white space, chilled to my very core.


My soul... My soul is numbed by the cold.


Where am I? Where was I?

Somewhere other than where I was...


Who am I?

I am...

I am no one... I just am... I remember no one,

Am I the only one who is in this... place?


Suddenly, I am warm. It is as if the cold never was. I feel a presence, somewhere, in this space...

It holds me, embraces me, and draws me to it. Eager to be warm, and reluctant to go back to the cold, I follow.

Now there is something in this place, a large platform... there is a cross-like symbol on it.

'Cross? Irrelevant...' Who are you, who also exists in this place?

'I am Nao.' I suddenly got the impression that 'Nao' was smiling.


You are Nao... who am I?

'Only you can answer that question... who are you?'

I... I am...

A name came to my mind...

'I am Aeria.'

Suddenly, I had form, two hands, legs, a body, a mind, a heart that beat. I stared at my hands, small and fragile looking, in wonder, and then, from the sky, drifted one other than myself...

This one seemed beautiful to me. Pure. This one seemed to vibrate with kindness and good will... but, in this one's eyes... there was sorrow. One so pure as this did not deserve sorrow. She...

'She...? A term defining gender... she is female... I am also female... so I must be a she as well.'

She wore a black dress, made of fine cloth and covered in intricate patterns. Her long, white hair, and pale skin made her seem ethereal in this place, and her deep blue eyes reminded me of the sea... solemn, passive... acceptant of that which has come to pass.

"Hello Aeria... I am Nao, I have been waiting for you... It is my job to guide pure souls, like you, to Erinn."

'Pure? Erinn?'

She smiled, a small smile, having anticipated my questions. "Yes, you are a pure soul... You have done nothing wrong of your own will in your life. Whatever you may have done, it was not of your will, and so you have arrived here." Nao paused, letting me take this in, before continuing, "Erinn is a world without death. You can age, to a point, and you can still be wounded, but you will never die. Essentially, it is... or, is supposed to be, paradise."

'Supposed to be?'

Nao's eyes looked downcast, but she continued to smile and responded, again, to my unspoken question, "Yes... Erinn used to be such that you would never grow ill, there were no dangers... it was peaceful. But then an evil force known as the Fomors came to Erinn, and they corrupted the natural balance... Erinn is no longer the perfect world, which is why we need the help of one such as yourself, to repair the broken Laws that used to keep evil at bay."

'Why me?'

"You already know the answer to that question... You just need to remember it, Aeria. I'm sure you will in time."

'But... I don't remember anything. I'm so small, and I know so little... How could I help?'

Nao's smile grew brighter, and it seemed that something about me warmed her. She patted my head, "You will remember, trust me. Are you ready to go to Erinn, Aeria?"

'Will I see you again?'

"Of course, I'll visit you on your birthdays until you reach adulthood... And there are several other instances where you might meet me."

'I am ready then...'

Nao's smile faced me one last time, "Here... this is a gift." She handed me a small pouch. I opened it curiously, and saw several stones, all of which were glowing faintly with blue light. "If you're ever truly in danger, make a wish upon one of these stones, and I'll come help you... The stone will disappear after you use it, so use them carefully, okay?"

She took a few steps back and rose her hands to the sky. "It's time for me to send you to Erinn. We'll meet again soon, Aeria." When a flash of light obscured Nao's gentle, smiling visage, I was gone.

And so began my journey.

Character Bios for the Chapter

Name: Nao Mariota Pryderi

Description: A tall, beautiful girl with mystifying blue eyes and long white hair that's held up in a pair of ponytails.

Other Information: Nao's job is to guide 'Pure Souls', such as Aeria, to Erinn... It is currently unknown what other tasks, responsibilities, and abilities she might have beyond summoning and sending souls, and apparently crafting said souls' bodies.

Name: Aeria

Description: As of yet, undescribed.

Other Information: Aeria is a 'Pure Soul' summoned by Nao from the vast Soul Stream to save Erinn. She has absolutely no memories prior to her awakening in the Soul Stream beyond her name, and is doubtful of her own abilities, though Nao seems to know something of her past that makes the older girl trust Aeria.