Confounded Once Before

A HariPo freeverse piece

by mew-tsubaki

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"Know this: though love is weak and hate is strong,

Yet hat is short, and love is very long."

Kenneth Boudling


He was g l o r i o u s

He was magnificent

He was


He was

C ~ h ~ a ~ r ~ l ~ i ~ e

& nothing would put a

markscratchs m e a r

on that


Charlie himself


So what?

Cormac was young,

he could fly,

he was the best choice for a Chaser back then

but Charlie !y e l l e d!

at him for even thinking of

trying · out

So what, Charlie?

Cormac just

wasn'tgoodenough, Golden Boy?

Cormac wished he'd HexHexH e x e d him into oblivion


The hate in him

only fEsTeReD for a l~i~t~t~l~e while

because—in actuality—

Cormac's c r a p at holding


He came to understand Charlie,

& he learned from Charlie

(even though he'd known him just that one year)

&…admiration became


for Charlie

So just because he pretended not to

see Cormac during Cor's fifth year

(Triwizard Tournament&&dragons)

doesn't mean there's no

H * O * P * E

Cormac later tried to like Hermione very much

—& hey, she's pretty—

but there just isn't room for

anyone else in that beating, r e d organ

inside Cormac's chest

Oh, Charlie…you've got to face him

((some time))

Because when you

~flew~ away with your dragons,

you ~f l e w~ away with Cormac's heart, too


Awwr. I think the title says it all. Poor Cormie! Charlie! You need to return to him! Dx This is definitely a cute slash pairing… Cormlie! XD

Btw, the quote was taken from my Valentine's Happens Year-Round topic in the HPFC. There's a link on my profile, so please visit! :3

Thanks for reading and please review!

-mew-tsubaki :)