Color Your Soul

A HariPo freeverse piece

by mew-tsubaki

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People see me

as an ArSe

but I see

everyo n e

the slithering badgers…

the cunning eagles…

the lions with the w a n i n g

b – r – a – v – e – r – y

…& a handful of reptiles with

a sizeable amount of


&& she's one it seems no one's ever

heard · of

h e r




Hazel eyes, hazel hair

She's so washed-out (to others)

that she's just

l o s t

in a sea of


so she c·a·u·g·h·t

my eye when she

stuck. out. her. chin.


She was r/e/l/u/c/t/a/n/t

to speak with me

*at first*

But my Housemates underestimate me

I have a -knack-

for getting people to


& talk, she did…



I s e e

. . .

but I didn't e*x*p*e*c*t

her to seek !solace!

(can't someone else…comfort you?)

But she doesn't get it&&

I'm beginning to…h-o-p-e she never


It's nice to talk&&be heard

And to listen&&be cherished

And to not meet any eyes

(or feel them on my b a c k)

but feel like I'll always have an A·L·L·Y in the world

(because she's so much more CoLoRfuL than she gives herself credit for)


Yay! Watch Michael Corner turn from jerk to nice guy right before your eyes! XD But this is cute… Set during DH, of course. And inspired by the song of the same name by Korean band Clazziquai, whom I adore. Seriously! Go check them out on Youtube! :D

Thanks for reading and please review!

-mew-tsubaki :)