A Lily/Ben fic.


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Everyone had secrets, everyone had regrets ... everyone had lost someone. In their case, they'd both lost someone who had meant the world to them. She'd loved her fiancé, and he'd loved his wife ... but they were both gone. Now, all they had was one another. That, and the jungle.

They didn't care what people thought, they just wanted to be happy. Whether that meant locking eyes over a coconut-IV, or racing through the jungle together. Sometimes it was cliff-diving together, or sleeping under the stars in one another's embrace. It didn't matter what the activity was, they just relished in the opportunity to be together.

Lily never thought in a million years that she could be this happy again. She'd certainly never thought she'd find love and happiness in a third-world country. But, now that she had it, she wasn't letting go.

Ben felt the same, though he didn't always show it. He was always the more hesitant one, the one who pulled away first. He always came back, but the hesitancy still hurt.

Lily could wait, though. She could wait for him. Not just because she was some desperate, young girl who wanted to be loved. Not because she was afraid of being alone. No ... she would wait because Ben was that one-in-a-million guy who would climb a tree to cut down coconuts for a dying patient, let you cry on his shoulder, or give you a good crack in the fact if you needed it. He was the guy for her.


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