"You boys are savages." Minato Namikaze commented one day around the first of summer, as he sat at the kitchen table watching his five adoptive teenage sons fight over the pop tarts that had come up out of the toaster.

The five didn't seem to hear him. They were too busy punching and cursing each other as they all tried desperately to pry the strawberry frost covered tarts from the hands of their older and younger brothers.

Minato ducked his head a little bit as a small glass coffee mug came sailing his way, smacking into the oak cabinets behind him and shattering. Everyone went still for a second. All five pairs of eyes riveted on him for a second, gauging his reaction before someone growled. "Oh you unbelievable bastard. That was my favorite cup!" And once again the fight over the pop tarts was on. Minato's eye twitched a little bit as the five jerked each other every which way across the table before Minato stood up and pretty as you please snatched the pop tarts out of the five set of hands and he broke the tarts into pieces and handed every one a piece then glared at them all for a second then said.

"You boys are savages. So I'm going to bring a girl home with me and let her take each of you in line and beat some manners into you."

The five teens all stared at their adoptive father wide eyed. Had they just heard him right? He was going to bring a girl home? Seriously? Minato started out of the dining room and nearly smiled when his one of his younger sons growled. "No girls allowed."

This was their jungle and they ruled it and girls (weak, simpering, fragile at heart females) weren't allowed. Ever. It was just better for everyone if there was no women around. They were a house full of testosterone, and bad tempers. They liked things the way that they were. And besides if they had a girl in the house then they couldn't spend their Sundays lounging around the house in their underwear like they usually did.

Minato smiled just for a second before he wiped the expression off of his face and turned his head and gave them a cold look. "I'm sorry son, did you just try to dictate to me? Did you forget for a second who was the parent and who the unruly children? Or are your balls too big for your brain?" The boy who had spoken paled and took a quick step back into one of his other brothers and stared at his father with uncertain almost panicked eyes. "I believe I just told you I'm bringing a girl home today. She will live here. And all of you will be on your absolute best behavior or I will skin you alive."

"But Dad-"

"No buts. I've thought about this for a long time now and have decided that we need a woman's touch around here. And since I can't go out and meet a nice woman to bring home because of the mischief you all get into every time I leave the house, then adopting a little sister for you seems the best way to go."

The boys all groaned except for Kakashi who was eerily silent as he quietly ate his piece of the pop tart that he had been handed and stared at Minato as if he'd like to take him out back and bury him in a shallow grave or something. And knowing Kakashi like he did, he probably would if he thought even for a second that Minato wouldn't dig himself out and beat his ass.

It wasn't the kids fault that he had a little bit of a twisted personality. Nor was it his fault that he was territorial.

He'd had a rough time of it growing up.

But Kakashi was nothing but logical, and knew that fighting with him on this subject would get he and his brothers no where fast. Minato watched his finish off the last bite of his pop tart and lick the frosting from his fingers before he asked curiously. "What age is our..." Kakashi paused for a second and leaned his shoulder against the door frame. "Dear sister going to be?"

Because if she was under the age of thirteen, he and the others were likely to eat her alive.

"Probably fifteen, maybe sixteen. I thought that that might be for the best considering how..." Minato looked each of his sons over and shook his head and sighed before saying. "Wild, each of you are. Not only that but the small age gap will ensure that you all have more in common. It will also ensure that she isn't completely helpless against you all since you out number her five to one."

Kakashi nodded and crossed his arms over his chest and made a humming sound as he thought. "She better be cute." Kakashi said more to himself than to anyone else as something crossed his mind.

They were a house full of men, and had zero maternal instinct what so ever. If the girl wasn't cute, and she annoyed them, they'd pick her apart without a second thought. But if she was cute and annoyed them, well a little roughing up wouldn't kill her.

It might bruise and even frighten her. But it wouldn't kill her.

Minato blinked at Kakashi. He was being awfully accepting of this decision. "Your not planning to do anything stupid are you Kashi?" Minato asked suspiciously. Kakashi's siblings all looked at him curiously and Kakashi slowly shook his head.

Like Minato had pointed out before, this was his home, he was the parent, and if he wanted a daughter then there was nothing that they could do but let him bring one home. They might not like it, hell they might even resent it a little bit, but who were they to complain?

Minato gave Kakashi and his other son's a cold smile and said cheerfully. "Good. Because all of you will be responsible for her well being and happiness. Now clean up this place and take a bath and get cleaned up. I want you to make a good impression on her before you drive her crazy."