Authors note- 1st of all I'm tempted to write a different version of Pet where the roles of Naru and Kakashi are reversed and the ages and occupations are different and such. I have an idea of how it would go, but I'll leave it to all of you to decide.

And item 2-

I'm so sorry for what is said about zebra and lepord print clothing! I'm not a cruel person I swear! I just think such printed clothes are tacky looking...


He hadn't been joking when he'd said that simply killing and dumping her body somewhere would be too easy. But he hadn't expected her to take him so literally that she hyperventilated until she fainted.

Not that her present state bothered him too terribly much since he'd managed to pull the car over a while back and move her from the passenger seat to the back so that she would be able to recover while he tried to think of what he could do to make things up to her.

Somehow he doubted simple flowers and an apology would completely wipe the slate clean. Especially since he had been fucking with her head since leaving the state. He saw a small strip mall up ahead with a gas station at the end and quickly changed lanes so that he could stop there.

He needed to grab a map or two (since he was more or less lost) and maybe use the bathroom, buy some snacks and drinks and possibly a small gift for Uzu to occupy her until he stopped again. It only vaguely crossed his mind to try and wake her so that she could take a pee break too.


But for now he'd let her sleep because he didn't want her making a scene about being kidnapped or something.

He pulled into the parking lot and parked the car on the far side of the strip mall, close to the gas station yet not so close that anyone could see that Uzu was more or less unconscious in the back seat and before turning the vehicle off, cracked the windows so that Uzu wouldn't get overly heated then slipped out and locked the doors and walked across the way to the bathroom.

He whizzed, washed his hands then walked out of the bathroom and decided to kill ten minutes or so looking for a gift for Uzu and walked along the side walk to a small boutique with clothing displays in the window and he looked over the clothes for a second then shrugged his shoulders as a small voice in his head said, Why not. I have nothing to lose here but my head- Especially if he got her something big and breakable since he was totally sure that she'd break it over his head.

And he wasn't sure if he could stand having a headache of that magnitude. So something small or made of cloth would work nicely.

He slipped into the store, trying hard not to cringe at the melodous 'ding-dong' that came from a little something or other attached to the door and noticed automatically that the person behind the counter a few feet away was now looking at him.

He gave the man an awkward/nervous smile and quickly moved away from the door and hid himself among the clothes racks and looked at the stuff there. But it was difficult for him to take an interest in women's clothing. That and everything he decided to pull from the rack and study a little more closely made him want to cry.

How could anyone think such drab colors and patterns cute. Zebra stripes and lepord print was better off on hookers. Stuff like that simply looked bad on nice girls like Uzu. He moved away from the rack that he'd been looking at for the past three minutes or so and moved over to the long rack hanging along the wall all the way at the back of the store.

And that is where he found the perfect gift. A lovely white knee length dress with elbow length sleeves and a little bit of white lace and ribbon. Lolita style wasn't something that he took interest in often due to his age but Kakashi genuinely thought that the dress would look wonderful on Uzu. To put things simply, it looked like something that an angel would wear.

And Uzu was the very definition of all things angelic to him. So it would be this dress or nothing. He draped the dress over his arm and headed back towards the front of the store when he noticed a glass display case and decided to go look at it before heading out. He walked over and leaned over it and noticed that it was a jewelry case and quickly scanned the items inside.

Nothing caught his attention...except for a little blue moonstone and sterling silver oval ring with little white fire opal and seed pearls around the middle stone and six little diamond chips in a scroll work band. God it was pretty. Even to a straight up manly man like him.

"Oh wow-" He muttered as he tapped his finger tip against the glass over the ring after checking the price then straightened his spine and waved the guy behind the counter just inside the door over.

He bought both the ring, and the dress and got a free pair of sterling and moonstone earrings to go with the ring as a complimentary gift. All in all it cost him seventy five bucks. Not bad, but he'd have to hit the ATM and use the debit card that Minato had given to him to use if he was ever far from home and in need of cash.

He went and put Uzu's gifts in the car yet pocketed the ring, for safety reasons, he told himself but that was just a lie. He simply wanted to give it to her on his terms. He wanted to see the look on her face when he gave it to her.

He'd bet that she would be speechless.