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Set to Paramore's I Caught Myself

He would come to see her, to talk to her, but she sends him away without seeing him. She sends Warren to play messenger for her. He does it because he'd do anything for Rogue now.

Ever since she gave back the ring, Warren has been there. He's taken care of her and made her feel wanted. Loved.

Remy…he hurt her so bad. He'd betrayed her. When she tried to push him out, Warren came in. Warren cared for her.

At first, he was merely helping a friend. At first, he just tried to make her smile and forget. He succeeded well in the past months and fell in love with her in that time as well. Because the hero always falls for the damsel in distress.

He was a good man, good to her. He deserved someone to love him as fiercely as he loved. He deserved someone…who was not her. She didn't love him. She couldn't.

Because she'd tried to push Remy out of her heart, but he wouldn't budge. Maybe because she didn't really want him to. Because she still loved him and wanted him and needed him. Just him.

So why was this happening?

"Rogue, I love you."

That is what Warren said to her. She wants to tell him she loves him because he's been so good to her. It should be easy to love him. He was a wonderful person. Beautiful in every way.

His kisses were tender.

She even thinks the three words, but doesn't feel it. She almost wishes she could. Almost.

She catches herself, stops, before she says something she should have never thought of him. Though tempted to tell him what he wants to hear, she tells him the truth instead.

She was hurting him. Like Remy had done to her. She felt guilty and angry at herself for doing this to him. Angry at Remy all over again for doing this to her. It doesn't last long.

He's mad and upset, and he tells her to go. Because he knows. He had hoped, but he knows where her heart is.

And it's not fair to him at all. He's been pushing and pulling her to him, away from Remy. He's been trying. But neither would let the other go. He never had a chance. And it's not fair to him.

She tells him she's sorry and kisses his cheek before she leaves.

After everything he has done, logically she should want nothing to do with him. But after everything he has done, he still has her heart. Truthfully…she doesn't really want him to give it back.

She knocks and he opens the door. His hair is a mess, his clothes are wrinkled, and he needs a shave. He's a thief, a liar…a cheater. He doesn't deserve another chance, and she shouldn't love him. She should run and never look back. She should still be with Warren.

She wraps her arms around his neck and holds him tight. He holds her just as fiercely.

"Rogue," he near to sighs her name.

She's not going anywhere.

I kinda like this style of writing. It's so odd.

Even in passing, I couldn't make this Rogue/Bobby