These are my drabbles in their original forms put in chronological story order (not by publishing date)

Spoilers: through season six "AItS" Starts with a possible Sam POV while Dean is upstairs talking during the final scene and continuing onward after regaining what was lost. This is an expansion of my series of drabbles.

Disclaimer: The supernatural characters are not mine:


SPSPSPSP (To Be Decided) word = flank

Sam was once again cuffed to the panic room cot.

They'd left him no choice, but they couldn't, wouldn't understand that.

He had managed to out flank Bobby, but Dean had stopped him from following through on Balthazar's solution to remaining soul free.

He had tried to save himself, by sacrificing Bobby.

Sam knew there was no way they'd free him not unless they figured out how to restore his soul.

Incarceration or if his soul could be returned, suffering and probably insanity.

His future was not his.

It would be decided for him based on Dean's judgment and decisions.

SPSPSPSP (Fear the Light) challenge – metaphor usage

His hand was like the sun, light so blinding you shouldn't look at it and yet Sam continued to stare at the approaching hand in fear.

Once that hand touched him there was no knowing what would happen.

Sam expected pain but beyond that what?

They'd promised the memories of the cage would be behind the wall, but how long would the wall hold?

Did it really matter?

For even without the actual Hell memories, there was still the past including his actions this last year, now to be remembered with all the guilt of having a soul and conscience.

SPSPSPSP (His Brothers' Side) word = side

The screams had finally stopped.

Dean knelt at his brother's side, tentatively touching the side of Sam's neck.

There, a pulse.

Death had disappeared before the screaming ended. Sam lay quiet now, drenched from the sweat of his fear, unconscious or asleep, Dean wasn't sure which.

His brother was alive and his soul was back, but what about his mind?

Releasing the cuffs, Dean noticed the damage done by Sam's struggles.

Taking his brother's hand, Dean wondered if all was well.

Sam was alive, but was he whole?

More importantly was he once again Dean's baby brother, his beloved Sammy.

SPSPSPSP (Awakening) word = massage

Sam lay quietly staring at the fan overhead.

He was still in the panic room but at least someone had removed the cuffs, while he slept.

He'd passed out from the physical pain of regaining his soul. That pain was fading, but other memories caused pain far worse.

Dean and the vampires

Bobby and Balthazar's spell.

Remorse, betrayal, failure, and guilt, the pain and emotions of having a soul.

Of it all, there was only one pain he might could do something about.

Sam reached slowly down to the wounds left by the cuffs, and gently began massage his wrist.

SPSPSPSP (Being Right ) word = cool

Death had been right about the wall and Sam was doing his best not to 'scratch'.

Sam sat waiting until plans were made, remembering all his bad decisions, only now with regrets and remorse once again.

He felt a cool draft as the door opened. The cuffs had been removed and the door left unlocked but Sam hadn't left the Panic Room.

He wasn't sure what to expect, would they want him hunting or something else.

The decision wouldn't be his, Dean would continue making decisions for both of them.

Sam need only follow orders.

Big Brother was always right.

SPSPSPSP (Saying Yes) challenge – a conversation

Walking into the Panic Room Dean asked "You Okay, Sammy?"


"So, you ready to get out of here."


"That's good. I found us a hunt. It's a couple days drive, that okay with you."


"I'm not sure it is our kinda thing but it sounds weird enough, especially with all the strange shit lately. So, you ready to get back to saving people?"


"We're headed south," says Dean turning and heading back up the stairs, "You coming Sam?"

"Yes," Sam mutters realizing things are returning to their usual patterns no matter how different he might feel.

SPSPSP(Carrying On) word = pull

Reaching the Impala, Sam automatically pulls open the passenger side door.

As Dean cranks up the music, Sam remembers that long ago day of "Driver picks the music and shotgun shuts his cakehole."

Back then he'd still believed he had some choice in his future. He knew better now.

Suddenly the lyrics snag his attention and he suppresses cynical laughter, peace when you are done. It'll never be done. Laying his weary head to rest sounds good and without realizing he starts to hum along never noticing the tear that rolls down his face as he drifts off to sleep.


Carry on my wayward son. There'll be peace when you are done. Lay your weary head to rest. Don't you cry no more.

Above is the chorus to the song by Kansas not that most of us don't know it by heart.