Finally Get To…

A HariPo freeverse piece

by mew-tsubaki

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When he was little

he was

the good boy

the smart boy

the handsome boy

& he had enough manners for a l l his generation


he was the one, when something bothered him, who

would come to you&&

(w)(r)(a)(p) his arms around your w.a.i.s.t.

&& as he grew up, those

*tiny* arms around your waist

g r E w & became

big lithe s-s-strong arms

Though you ~saw~ a man next to you,

he was just as easily


as before

No, no, no, dear—

It's not wrong to

|tighten| those arms ((around)) you

have him r.e.s.t. against your back

n e s t l e (nuzzle?) his face in your hair

(in your welcoming, slender n-e-c-k)

because you've a~l~w~a~y~s cared for him…

this—this isn't MoRpHiNg into something else, you s w e a r


X333333333 GAH! One of my FAVFAVFAV M&MWPs as of late. There's just something about Hermsander! I think it's because of his delicate personality and Hermione's nurturing attitude… X33333 SOOO many possibilities! *plot bunnies multiply tenfold*

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-mew-tsubaki :)