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Pairing: Mirai!Trunks/Mirai!Kagome/Vegeta

Warnings: Future Lemons, future incest

Rated: T (for now)

Takes place at the end of the Frieza Saga and the beginning of the Android Saga

Two pairs of icy blue eyes stared harshly at the smirking invaders.

"Did you need something with us, Earthlings?" Frieza sneered, finding it highly amusing that these two humans would even dream of going against him and his father.

The black-haired woman looked at them, and then disregarded them altogether, as if they were not even worth her time, "We're here to kill you." The lavender-haired male stated coldly, his facial expression not moving an inch from its deep frown.

King Cold glanced up, not sure if he was hearing correctly, "What did that boy say?" He crossed his arms over his chest arrogantly, narrowing his eyes at the two Earthlings.

"Are you deaf?" The woman said sarcastically, finally speaking up as she glared fiercely at them, "No one desires your presence here. So, either leave or we'll kill you."

"They said they will kill us, Papa," Frieza blinked in surprise, and then smirked as his now mechanical tail swished around casually, "How nice it must be for you two to live in ignorance."

"You're Frieza, aren't you?" Trunks smirked, his blue eyes darkening as the two aliens seemed a bit shocked that they knew who they were.

"Don't be surprised, now. We know everything about you." Kagome twirled a lock of her black hair, making it like she was more interested in that then them.

"Well, what an honour," Frieza took a few steps forward with arrogance, "That my name is even known on a planet as pathetic as this one," Frieza closed his eyes haughtily as King Cold snickered lowly behind him, "But apparently, you two haven't heard that I'm the most powerful being in the universe!"

"We also know that you're going to die here." Trunks simply replied, not interested in hearing any of Frieza's empty threats.

"Looks like you got him angry," Kagome murmured, taking notice that Frieza was now gritting his fangs, snarling lowly as he gave them a piercing harsh glare, "He looks pretty mad."

Frieza quickly calmed himself down, not wanting to get riled up by some mere pests, "Such silly talk," Frieza sighed in mock disappointment as he turned his head to one of his men, "Take care of them." He ordered the random warrior, getting a stuttered response back with a low bow.

"They are resisting," Kagome blinked, hoping for a more peaceful outcome. She watched with alert eyes as Frieza's men quickly surrounded them, "You shouldn't do anything unnecessary, otherwise..." She trailed off, smirking as she slowly shifted into a more offensive stance.

"You will all die here as well." Trunks finished Kagome's sentence, staring at the aliens with no emotion. The warriors snickered and sneered, disbelieving these two mere humans.

"You're finished," One growled, and another green-skinned alien stepped forward, "I want the girl," He smirked, eyeing the female with a greedy hungry stare, which said female huffed with disgust, "In fact, I'll take them both."

The random warrior pressed the button to his more-than-useless scouter, grinning ominously as the reading appeared, "Their battle power is only five. Piece of trash," He pointed his hand towards them, pulsing with Ki, "This might hurt just a little, so be patient and it'll be over quickly."

With that, the alien released his Ki and it headed towards Trunks and Kagome at a rapid speed, "Tch." Kagome let out a breath of annoyance at the defiance and Trunks simply slapped the Ki away with a flick of his wrist.

The alien shook, both in rage and fair as he shot off another three Ki blasts, "Too slow." Kagome smiled cheerfully, already in front of the alien before he could even react. It took a simple low Ki-charged punch to kill him as he slammed against Frieza's spaceship. Trunks stood back, ready to interfere at any given moment.

"You bitch!" A small group cursed and charged her, powering their Ki to just burn her alive. Kagome only closed her eyes and gave a small shake of her head while sighing. She gave Trunks a small, almost unnoticeable nod.

Only Kagome was able to see the exact number of slashes that Trunks caused with his sword, appearing beside Kagome in a flash of Ki. The aliens surrounding then fell to the ground, all dead and bloody.

"Well, well – you two aren't so bad after all." Frieza smirked, rather intrigued as the duo made the same move of sweeping their bangs out of their face.

"For Earthlings, that is." King Cold finished haughtily, eyeing the two with dark interest.

"Next, it's your turn," Trunks said lowly, his harsh icy stare never once wavering, "You will die." He warned, though he merely received amused laughter in return.

"I think they're going to try and kill us," King Cold snorted, crossing his arms and glancing down at Frieza, "Are you going to do something about it?"

"I think I will teach them a lesson," Frieza shook a disappointing finger at the two, though Kagome let a noise of escape her throat at the 'threat'. Frieza glared, feeling himself shaking in rage as the two seemed to just dismiss his awesome power, "You will regret this day you both crossed my path!"

"You say that, while having the nerve coming all the way to Earth, looking like that?" Kagome taunted, smiling when she got the angry reaction from Frieza that she wanted, "That's a long way to come to die."

"You insolent brat!" Frieza snarled, "You need to be punished!" He glanced over to King Cold, as if asking permission, "May I kill them, Papa?" He asked politely.

"I would say that their actions already deserve death," King Cold relaxed, crossing his arms over his chest as he prepared himself for some bloody entertainment, "Be the executioner, my boy."

"You should be honoured that you will be killed by me," Frieza took a few steps forward, "It's certainly more than you deserve."

Trunks was not in the mood, "You two will be killed instantaneously. This I already know," His indifferent didn't change as he glared down Frieza and King Cold, "Come at us with everything you have. Don't hold back because we will not hold back as Son Goku did."

Frieza frowned at the name of that particular man, "So, are you one of the Super Saiyan's friends?" He asked, a bit curious.

"We've never met him," Kagome spoke up, looking almost wistful, "We've only heard of him."

"You've miscalculated," Trunks interrupted, "You said that you would kill all Earthlings before Son Goku arrived back here?" He waited for confirmation before speaking again, "Did you really think that Son Goku was the one and only Super Saiyan?" Trunks smirked at Frieza's look of shock.

Both Trunks and Kagome narrowed their eyes as Frieza snapped out of his shock and burst into laughter, "Do you really think I will believe your bluff?"

"Let's just get this over." Kagome rolled her eyes, seeing Trunks nod out of her peripheral vision. Both raised their Ki to outstanding levels, shaking the ground and shattering rocks within the vicinity as Frieza gapsed in awe and fear.

Electrified energy ran over their bodies as their Ki spiked to an even higher level. Trunks' lavender hair turned a shining gold, standing up on end and spiked. Kagome's hair also turned a glowing gold, hair not quite standing straight up, though the tips were spiked. Both their eyes turned an aqua-green colour, a bit different from their original blue.

Frieza took a cowardly step back, having a flashback of his fight with Goku, "This is a Super Saiyan?" King Cold murmured, taking notice of his son's shaking.

"Are you afraid?" Kagome asked in a low tone, smiling as Frieza snarled loudly at her, snapping a powerful ball of Ki their way. Both simply stood there, not moving as the Ki sped towards them.

Frieza grinned, laughing darkly though he gasped as he noticed the two seemed completely unharmed, "Is that it? I thought Trunks told you not to hold anything back." Kagome smirked, flicking a piece of blond bang out of her face.

"Why you...!" Frieza growled, shooting yet another blast of Ki, this time only much more powerful. Trunks put out his hands, blocking the evil energy as he dispersed it harmlessly, sliding back a bit in the process.

Kagome didn't even bother to see if Trunks was all right because she already knew he was, "It looks like your arrogance will be your defeat." She sighed, as if disappointed by the lack of fight.

"We'll finish this, then!" Frieza snapped, flying up high while charging his planet-destroying fiery ball of Ki, the very one he had used to destroy Namek, "Take this!" He threw it down, flying back to the spaceship.

Both aliens prepared to leave, only to stop in awe as the fiery ball was slowly being lifted up by Trunks, who was using only one hand, "You take all the fun out of everything." Kagome pouted, standing back as she watched in slight interest. Trunks simply gave her an attractive smirk back, causing her pout to deepen.

"Impossible!" Frieza gasped, seeing the boy pick up the fiery ball of Ki like it weighed nothing more than a light fluffy cloud, "You...!" He grit his fangs, shooting another smaller blast of Ki to cause the bigger one to explode while Trunks was still holding it up.

A loud shaking explosion occurred, causing a large crater to appear as Frieza and King Cold flew up in the air to avoid the blast, "That was a nice little warm-up before Son Goku." Frieza said, eyeing the devastation with delight and seeing no signs of the two Super Saiyans.

"Does he actually think he killed us?" Kagome mumbled, floating beside Trunks behind the two aliens without them even noticing, "You want Frieza? I'll take the other..." Kagome smiled cheerfully at Trunks, who simply nodded in return.

Trunks shot off a blast of Ki, merely to get Frieza's attention. The alien did tense for a moment, but dodged it at the last moment, "You think you can kill me with such a weak attack?" He snarled, though froze as Trunks was already upon him; his sword all ready to strike.

Kagome took her action as Trunks easily cut Frieza in half, the expression on his ugly face rather amusing to her. She heard Trunks cut the remaining halves into bloody pieces, destroying them with an ending blast of Ki.

"Your defence is a bit off," Kagome purred into King Cold's ear, causing him to jump in shock as the female Super Saiyan quickly flicked her wrist, snapping his neck to one side. He shrieked in pain, holding his neck as he flipped around, "Worry about yourself, not Frieza!" She grinned, hearing a vague 'Spare my life!' come from him as she blasted Ki right through his heart; killing him instantly.

Another blast exploded as Trunks destroyed the spaceship and allowing himself to revert back to normal form as the golden sheen disappeared from his hair. Kagome landed beside him, her hair falling back down to her slender waist in black waves, "If you haven't noticed, we're not alone." Kagome smiled, tugging on Trunks' arm insistingly as he looked down at her with exasperation.

"I know!" He glanced back, seeing a group of semi-familiar warriors as they stared at them in shock and awe. Kagome didn't bother to let go of his arm, and instead, pulled it closer to her chest as she stared back in excitement, 'Maybe I should warn them about Kagome's affectionate nature?' Trunks thought with amusement, though decided against it.

He smirked at them, hiding his excitement much better than Kagome, "We're going to greet Son Goku now!" He called out to them, not surprised as they audibly gasped at his statement, "Won't you come with us?" He pointed in a direction with the arm that Kagome was not hanging off of, "This way! Son Goku will arrive shortly in this area!"

"Do you think they will follow us?" Kagome asked as they quickly flew off in the direction that Trunks referred to earlier. She glanced back, seeing them following at a wary and hesitant pace, "Ooohhh! I'm so excited! We finally get to meet the legendary Son Goku!" She looked rather flustered and animated and Trunks nodded in agreement.

Kagome glanced back once more, her blue eyes zeroing in on one person in particular. She forcibly ripped her eyes away, seeing Trunks look at her in slight concern.

He gave her a knowing look as she spoke up quietly, "I don't really suppose we can tell Vegeta about us yet, Big Brother?"

"Not if we want to be born in three years..."

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