Still Believe

A HariPo freeverse piece

by mew-tsubaki

Note: The Harry Potter characters belong to J.K. Rowling, not to me. This pairing is a Mew and Mor's Weird Pairing, which you may find in the M&MWP forum (see my profile for details). Check out and join the forum FUN! Read, review, and enjoy!


You've got the life

You've got the w_i_f_e

&& something told you not to


for a·n·y·t·h·i·n·g else

But you're human and a man

(not a little .::boy::.)

So when you look for


in a life that's cRaZy beyond control

(you're sure at some point Lune c-R-a-C-k-E-d)

your cheeks will burn a red ten shades lighter than

your crimson locks

at a P_R_A_N_K

You're glad your sons have such loyal, fun (h~a~n~d~s~o~m~e)

mates, but Lorcan went fartoo far

"Freddie, you must French the first person out in the hallway"

&& then there was you, the victim

Short but long;; soft but sweet

a beast purred (rrr, rrr) in your chest

He might've left to collect his prize

but there were sure to be more truths&&D-A-R-E-S

because that look in his eyes t-t-t-ooold you

that he enjoyed it, t o o

So all those years when Freddie came to visit?

He wasn't looking for Lorcan&&Lysander…


I like the abruptness of this… B3 The beast part was funny to me… As for the title—it's just Rolf still believing in the simplicity of love and attraction.

Thanks for reading, and please review!

-mew-tsubaki ;3

2017 note: *lol* XD So random, but v much a good prank. ;]