Dark, damp walls radiated a feeling of bleak, unwanted feelings as the underground river swished by. The dampness set in, chilling to the bone as a cold breeze fluttered in, causing any in its path to shiver uncomfortably. The quiet river silently ran by, small droplets of water showering the sides of the old brick floor; causing the floor to darken in color and feel sodden to the touch. A ray of moonlight shined through a small opening, lighting up the bleak underground river, revealing unsettling sights. Chained to the wall, in a small corner where not even rats run to, sat a young boy. Bound and sealed was his left hand, a hand that had been meant to destroy and save the souls of akuma; bound and sealed was the Innocence of God. As the dull light vanished, the boy shifted ever so slightly as he lifted his head to blankly look over to the golden golem whom was chained to the ground in a similar way as himself. He blinked as he looked away, his pure white locks sweeping in front of his eyes, when he suddenly heard the sound of footsteps coming ever so suddenly. The footsteps stopped next to him, the echo of the clicking shoes bouncing off the damp walls long after they came to a rest. However, curiosity overcame the white-haired boy as he quickly glanced at the feet, and recognition passed over the stormy gray eyes before looking away.

"Walker, you have been requested." Such a short answer, but it was all he needed to understand. The boy shifted his legs as he attempted to stand before realizing that his hand was still bound and sealed. Link impassively waved his hand and the seals pulled away from the wall, only for them to quickly wrap around both of the young boy's arms, immobilizing them. It took a moment for the boy to get to his feet, his body swaying at the sudden shift of weight; nevertheless standing tall and a shadow of a smile on his face to placate the blond man in front of him. Link made no move to show he appreciated or acknowledge the smile on the boy's face as he motioned with a nod of his head for Allen to start walking. The smile slipped from his lips as he took a tentative step forward, wincing as his wounds from Mugen protested at the unwanted movement. However, he kept this hidden as he continued walking, his mouth a straight line as he heard Link's footsteps behind him.

The two silently made their way upstairs until they entered the main floor, the hallways empty during the night. Their footsteps echoed off the empty halls, the dreary setting not unsettling to the two. Suddenly, the two were interrupted when a lone man appeared as he turned a corner, a large stack of papers in his arms. He froze when he saw the two, and a sad look passed over his face when he saw Allen give him a reassuring smile.

The walk was uneventful and short, and sooner than later the two found themselves standing in front of a tall, lone door that conveniently stood at the end of the long hallway. As Allen stared at the door, a feeling of dread passed over him. He knew what was behind the door, and he knew what would happen to him the moment he opened the door, and he stood silently in hopes that the more seconds he stood quietly, the more time he would have before the end. However, Link did not share the same agreement as he swiftly opened the door.

Leverrier had the gull to look surprised at their entrance; his brows raised up in mock surprise with a fork of some dessert halfway to his mouth. A devious smirk played across his lips as he placed the fork back on his plate and kindly held it out. "Would you like to try some? I made this myself." He snorted when neither made any indication of hearing him so he merely placed the unrecognizable dessert on the end table next to him as he slowly stood up. He took his time as he picked each piece of lint from his jacket and straightened his shirttail before turning back to the boy in question, smirking when seeing the discomfort on his face. "Why are you standing? Come, sit down." His smirk widened when he saw the shock on Allen's face at his sudden hospitality, and enjoyed it even more as the boy awkwardly came in and sat down the best he could with Link's seals still around his arms. However, his attempts at provoking the boy didn't seem to work as the boy merely stared at the floor. Well, he would fix that. "Central has made their decision." Allen lifted his head up when he heard those words, those words that would either ensure his death or let him walk free. "The Pope has decided that you are too dangerous. You will be tried for heresy against the Order for your assistance in the betrayal of Yuu Kanda and Alma Karma."


Since the end of the battle with Alma Karma, the disappearance of Kanda and Allen's imprisonment, a melancholic feeling had fallen over the Order. The loud, boisterous crowd that usually occupied the cafeteria was eerily silent, the occupants instead eating silently. When missions were given, they were no longer accepted with enthusiasm, but mere acceptance. Friends of Kanda or Allen had fallen into a sort of depression, each finding it hard to look forward optimistically and hope that Allen would come out free or Kanda would return. Around the Order, with each new addition of a Crow member or Vatican member, the hard reality of what was happening hit each person hard, and with each new addition, the inhabitants felt they understood less and less what the war was about. And this didn't sit well with them.

Lenalee sat silently at the cafeteria table with her plate of food, feeling entirely alone. She glanced at the seat next to her, where Allen used to sit each day with his large amount of food. Her eyes softened as she looked away, to the seat where Kanda had sat with her. Kanda…Kanda had been at the Order since she arrived, and was one of the most important people to her. At seeing both empty seats, it ripped a hole in her heart to know that two of the people in her precious world were gone, and possibly dead. Her nightmares of seeing everyone she cared for dying around her had returned, bringing along her fear that she would be the only one left among them; and it scared her. She couldn't bear to see everyone gone.

"Hey Lenalee!" She looked over hopefully as a body sat itself in Allen's seat and half expected to see Allen smiling at her. But in his place sat Lavi; a wide smile on his face. He put his food down on the table. "What are you doing, sitting here by yourself?" He attempted to be cheerful, and she knew it, but she couldn't stop the feeling of loneliness, not even to placate Lavi.

"Do you think Allen is alright?" Her voice shook as she tapped the side of her plate with her fork, her appetite gone. She could feel Lavi staring at her seriously before he quickly gave her a reassuring pat on the shoulder.

"Of course he'll be fine! That bean sprout is strong!" At seeing his encouraging smile, Lenalee felt a small smile grow on her lips. She knew it wouldn't help Allen with thinking such depressing thoughts, and that she could at least be useful to him by staying optimistic. The two shared a small laugh before beginning to finally eat their dinner when they were soon interrupted again.

"Lenalee! Lavi!" Both looked up to see Johnny running towards them, his face flustered as he ran as fast as he could. When he reached their table, he slammed his hands on the table, panting as he desperately tried to tell them what he wanted to say. After a few seconds, Lenalee reached out towards him to put a hand on his shoulder.


"Komui needs you right now!" He shouted as he leaned closer, and it was then that the two could see tears in his eyes. They tensed. "It has something to do with Allen!"

Their eyes widened when what he said registered in their minds and the two immediately jumped to their feet, their food forgotten. "Thank you Johnny," Lenalee whispered gratefully as the two quickly ran off to Komui's office, only the hope for good news on their minds. Never before had the run to Komui's office seem so long, with each step the door felt as if it was still a ways away. The never-ending hope the two had that their friend would be alright had kept them going after the weeks that passed by, and the very idea that Allen would be fine filled them with hope. When they finally did reach his office, Lavi swung the door back with such force it shook the room.

They froze upon seeing who was in the room. Sitting in Komui's seat sat Leverrier, his elbows resting on the armrests as he fiddled with a pen, his amused filled eyes never leaving the two exorcists. Standing behind him stood Link, standing straight and silent, and to his right stood Komui, a solemn look on his face. On either side of the room stood four Crow members, their hoods pulled up as their stealthy eyes scanned the area continuously. The tension settling in, Lenalee desperately turned to her brother. "Brother…where is Allen?"

Komui opened his mouth to answer, however Leverrier beat him to it. "Allen Walker has been deemed a traitor by not only Central but by the Pope as well. His trial will be held later today, and you two will be attending."

"What?" Lavi snapped, his fists clenched tightly as he took a step forward. "Allen's not a traitor! He's-"

"-the Fourteenth," Leverrier finished; his amused look vanishing as he narrowed his eyes. "Make sure to be here in exactly two hours," he added as he stood up, Link obediently moving to the side to allow Leverrier to walk around the desk towards the two exorcists. "Don't be late." And with those words, the inspector quickly left the room, the Crow members following.

Once the door shut behind them, Lenalee fell to her knees as fresh tears sprung to her eyes. Lavi knelt down next to her and helped her to her feet as Komui quietly walked over to them. "Lenalee, I'm sorry you have to see this," Komui said softly, his voice surprisingly quiet. "I had meant to send all the exorcists out on missions so they wouldn't have to be here, but Leverrier decided to have the trial before I could send you and Lavi away." Lenalee feverently wiped her tears away with the back of her hand as she tried to smile.

"Allen will be alright…right?" she asked, and neither of them gave her an answer.


At exactly two hours after their first meeting, both Lenalee and Lavi stood in front of the door, trepidation being the only thing stopping them from opening the door. Both knew that the moment they opened the door, it could possibly be the last time they ever saw Allen. Taking a shaky breath, Lenalee opened the door.

She gasped as her hands flew to her mouth, the sight before her appalling. Sitting only a few feet away from her sat Allen; however the boy that sat in front of her was not the same boy that had been her dearest friend. His white hair was gray from grease and his skin taking a sickly color. He looked as if he hadn't eaten in a long while. Seals were wrapped around his Innocence as well as around both of wrists and ankles to keep him immobile. He was panting as he kept his head bent to avoid looking at her or Lavi, and it broke her heart.

"Ah, seems you made it in time." They both pulled their eyes away to see Leverrier standing above Allen, his hands placed behind his back as he stared calmly back at them. The numerous Crow members placed around the room and the heads of the Black Order branches made the trial seem like a public event –when it was everything but. "We were just starting." Leverrier stepped over the seals around Allen's ankles, walking as if touching Allen would burn him, before standing in front of the white-haired exorcist. "Are you Allen Walker or the Fourteenth?"

Allen was silent before finally hissing, "I'm Allen."

"Very well Allen Walker," Leverrier held out his name, a maniacal grin on his face. "You are being held here for the offense of helping Yuu Kanda and Alma Karma escape after being given orders to keep them here. Do you disagree?" When Allen didn't answer, Leverrier's eyes narrowed as he took a step closer. "Well?"

"No," Allen finally spat out.

Leverrier's face calmed as he began to stride back and forth. "You are also being charged for heresy against the order for your involvement with the Fourteenth Noah. That-"

"That isn't Allen's fault!" All eyes turned to Lavi as the red-haired exorcist took an angry step forward. "It's not his fault that the Fourteenth put his memories-" He was abruptly silenced when he felt him mouth forcefully close itself. His one angry eye glanced around to see the many Crow members turned to face him, and it was then that he noticed the numerous seals wrapped around his body.

"I would be quiet if I were you," Leverrier grinned. "If you speak anymore, you could be labeled a traitor too." Lavi merely glared back until Leverrier turned his attention to Allen. "And as I said, such an act as consorting with a Noah is punishable by death."

Lenalee gasped as Lavi desperately tried to break free from the binding seals, neither wanting to see their friend killed before their eyes. As two Crow members stepped forward to pull Allen to his feet, the two exorcists felt extra seals being wrapped around them, keeping them from running to help. The two could only watch as one pulled Allen's head up and another held a knife to his exposed throat. Seconds passed by as the knife pressed harder and harder, and the moment the knife finally broke skin, time stopped. It had happened so fast; the two Crow were suddenly on the ground, the knife that had been pressed to Allen's throat now in his hand. Lenalee blinked as she registered what she was seeing. The seals that had previously held Allen captive lay uselessly on the floor. She felt tears cloud her eyes as she took in the sight of his gray skin and golden eyes.

Neah frowned as he tentatively touched the place where the knife had cut him. "You actually made me bleed," he hissed as he turned his golden eyes to Leverrier, who had stumbled back until he fell to the floor. "You're one lucky bastard since I'll be needing you later on. If it wasn't for that, I would have killed your ass right here for even trying to touch Allen." He lazily tossed the knife to the floor as he turned away from the staring eyes of Allen's friends before opening a door to the Ark, making sure to give the Order one last smirk before stepping in and destroying it behind him.

From now on, he was working on his own.

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