Jade was in a worse mood than normal when Tori walked to the lunch table that day. She was scowling at everyone and even Beck's face looked tired and over it. "Congratulations Vega," Jade snarled at Tori "you're now second to last on my favorite list of people that come to Hollywood Arts."

"I moved up?" Tori asked excited trying to rejuvenate the table. "Who's below me?" she asked sitting down next to Andre.

"My stupid dumb kid sister," Jade hissed throwing her burrito back down at into the container it came in.

"Your sister comes here?" Tori asked.

"She just started today," Beck explained.

"Ya and Jade hates her sister," Cat said.

"Why?" Tori asked.

"Maybe you can figure it out," Beck said pointing to a girl in a miniskirt and a pink frilly top.

"Oh I can understand the hate of pink but why all of her?"

"Because," Jade said pissed "my parents love her best just because she's all girly and whatnot."

"Tell her the major two things," Beck coaxed patting her back.

"Well first off they came in this morning and talked with the principle. Then next thing you know the locker next to Beck's is suddenly free. But not for long because now it belongs to her!"

"Why would they do that?" Tori asked.

"Because my parents don't think I'm good enough for Beck but they like him. Ever since I brought him home they've been trying to hook him up with her."

"Tell her the worst of it," Cat said.

Jade put her head in her hands. "Well everyone knows you have to do a live audition to get into Hollywood Arts. Well she totally flunked hers so my parents asked if they could bring in a writing sample for her. HA said that if it was good enough they'd consider letting her stay. So they took it in and now she's accepted. When I got home I looked in my binder of plays and one of them is missing."

"They stole your work and gave her the credit?" Tori asked outraged. Jade nodded "ok I hate your parents," Tori said.

"Join the club," Jade and Cat muttered.

"Why do you hate them?" Tori asked Cat.

"I've been Jade's friend since 2nd grade, I have all kinds of stories."

"I didn't know you two knew each other that long," Andre said.

"Ya Jade and I've gone through it all, I knew her when she was still playing to her parents. But now she's the Jade we all know and love," Cat said smiling.

"She's the spawn of the devil," Jade moaned in agitation.

"She can't be," Beck said kissing Jade's cheek. "Unless your mom cheated on your dad to have her because you are not the spawn of the devil."

She smiled at him "I don't think so," she said. "My dad wouldn't take her back if she did, only saps do that."

"What if it was just because he loved her?" Beck asked.

"He's still a sap for taking her back. If anyone ever cheats on me I'll never take them back," Jade said staring pointedly at Beck.

"Dually noted," he said kissing her again.

"Hello," an overly peppy voice said. Jade groaned in annoyance and made no attempt at sounding polite. "Mind if I sit with you big sis?"

"Yes I mind," Jade said.

"Hi, I'm Tori who are you?"

"I'm Harmony Jade's kid sister." As she spoke Harmony tried to sneak her leg in between Beck and Jade. Beck instantly saw what she was trying to do and snaked his arms around Jade's waist pulling her super close. Her head rested on his chest and she enjoyed that moment for the three seconds it lasted. "Can't I sit next to my sister?"

"Sure she has two sides," Beck said.

Harmony huffed and sat next to Jade on her other side. Jade leaned away from her and onto Beck.

"It'll be ok," Beck whispered and kissed her head.

"I hope so," Jade said back.