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"What the hell is this!" Alice shouts but is not replied. Black Joker and Gray stand on either side of her wondering the exact same thing. They are in an incredibly dark room with no door, windows or any furniture. "Hello there!" They all look up to the source of the voice but it is nothing more than a premature girl, with brown eyes and black hair. "Um… hello there" Alice says a forced smile planted on her lips, "Hiyah!" She chirps happily. "Where the h*** are we?" Black Joker asks angrily his arm folded tightly across his chest. The girl ignores his comment and looks back up at Alice "I want to play a game!" She smiles innocently "Will you play with me?" Alice takes a small step back, glancing over at Grey for help. "What kind of game would you like to play child?" Grey asks, like Alice he has a fake smile plastered on his face. "Well it's not actually me who wants to play this game with you, I'm just the judge!" The girl says his voice still full of excitement. "So who is this person and what kind of retarded a** game does he want to play?" The girl frowns at him her brown eyes starting to cloud with anger. "Well it's not just you three who are going to play this game but all of you role holders are going to be joining in, it's just that you three will be starting the game!" She runs up and gestures for Alice to lower her head, so she does and immediately the girl taps her on the head. She does similarly to Grey and Black Joker. She runs ahead of them and taps twice against the wall. An odd rectangular, white outline slowly forms and the girl opens it as though it were a door. "All you have to do is last one day, without the other role holders finding out that it is you and you win the game but if someone finds out…" She grins widely. "You get to play another game and another and another until you win!" She ushers the three of them out of the door and closes it behind them abruptly after. Even in the dark you could be able to see her wicked, white grin "Let the games begin!"

The second the three of them are out the door a brilliant golden light surrounds them. Alice screams out loud and falls back, she stretches her arms out behind her in an attempt to break her fall but instead what hits the ground are not hands but paws. "What the-"Alice tries to get the final word out but instead of the word that she was intending a shrill meow comes out. 'What?' She looks over and tries to find Grey, even Black Joker but neither of them are there but instead there are two animals: a lizard and a wolf. Alice's eyes go wide and she wants so desperately to scream but only a few tiny meows escape her lips. Grey looks over at her and like her his eyes are filled with wonder and surprise. Alice could almost hear Black Joker swearing but of course she couldn't actually hear him, she could only imagine him doing so. 'Oh. I get it!' Alice thinks as she gets up off her belly 'All I have to do is not let any of the other role holders find out who I am then I can return to normal!' A low growl comes out of her mouth and when I meet the person who did this to me in the first place…I'll beat them s*******!' Alice looks over at Black joker and she can already tell just by the look in his eyes that he and Grey had figured out the exact same thing. They nod their heads at each other to confirm that they all understand and with that they run off in opposite directions.


Ugh…It is such a pain to move around in a cat's body and this is the very last thing that she has wanted to of happen. In front of her stands the one person she had wanted to meet last in this form: Peter White. He looks at her with for the first time disgust in his eyes. "Who let this little mangy thing onto heart land territory?" He eyes her with such a look of disgust in his eyes then begins to walk towards her, gun in hand. 'Oh crap, oh crap, oh crap!' Alice begins to talk a step back but her feet feel as heavy as lead. Alice looks up at him with wide eyes 'Oooohhhhh crap!'


Of course his first thought was to return to the tower but now he was thinking it was not such a good idea. Julius was sitting at his desk working like usual and he had not noticed him yet but he was a little afraid to find out what would happen if he did find him. Grey skitters past Julius's feet and towards the door that lead to his room but it seems so much farther away when he is this tiny. 'Wait!' Grey stops where he is and gets a very evil idea. He runs back over to Julius's leg and scampers up his pant leg. Julius scratches only slightly at first but then gets more desperate and stands up, shaking his leg as hard as he can. "What is this!" He shouts and Grey can't help but to laugh a little. Julius's cries get much louder and much more desperate but Grey just stays in place a little below his knee. Nightmare bursts into the room after about five minutes of Julius's screaming "Could you shut up I am trying to work!" Grey snorts or at least he gets as close as he can 'Work? Yeah right I bet you were sleeping.' Nightmare stomps over to Julius and slams a fist down on the desk "What the heck are you doing?" Julius ignores him and keeps scratching at his "There… Is…Something in my PANTS!" Grey shuffles his feet a little more to induce more squirming from Julius. Grey eventually scampers back down having grown bored of this little 'game' and runs off quickly before either Julius or Nightmare can find him. He squeezes under the door to his room, if only he could laugh like he desperately wanted to.

Black Joker

'This is the stupidest s*** ever.' Black joker thinks as he scampers back to the circus. Black growls as he walks but of course he has to walk in the trees because there is no way that he is doing this stupid s*** again. He perks up though as soon as he sees the circus and is tempted to run at it but there is no way he is going to let himself get recognized by White. 'F***. Now what am I supposed to do?' Black wonders as he trots around the perimeter of the circus. 'I could camp out here but that is like something f****** Ace the space case would do. 'I am so f****** screwed if I don't find a place to stay.'

BTW: What each character has to do is made completely random I literally just thought of some funny things then pulled the names out of a hat! To find out what animal Alice, Gray and Black would be I just went to an online personality test. :P

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