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Alice's POV

The smoke starts to appear around Alice's ankles again just like the first time. "Oh come on!" Boris stares at her wide eyed before she disappears.

She is back in the dark room, where she first was with Gray and Black Joker. A light above her a light turns on and she can clearly see that one Asian girl standing before her, but now her clothes are different. She is wearing a sleeve less blue dress that comes a little bit before her knees; it is rimmed along the edge black on the bottom and the top. She has black and white stockings and shoes similar to Alice's only hers are black. Her black hair is tied back into two ponytails beside her head with white ribbons. The only thing that she has on from last is her blue and black headphones. 'It's like she completely changes her style of clothing every time I see her."' Alice thinks as she looks at the girl. "Well, you already know my name don't you so then what is your name?" Alice asks, trying to hide the irritation in her voice. The girl smiles at her with a wide grin "Of course I know your name Alice!" She runs up to her, twirling her dress happily as she does so. "My name is Sakura!" She sticks out a hand for Alice to shake "Congratulations on being the first one to beat the game!" Alice shakes her hand reluctantly, still dazed from being told that she had won. "So…um…" Alice asks, her voice shaking "Do I uh…get to meet the gamer?" Sakura shakes her head "Nope! But you can ask me whatever you like!" Sakura twirls a few more times "I promise that I will respond!" Alice sighs 'This is not what I had expected…' Alice clears her throat one more time "Okay…" Alice decides to start with an easy question "How old are you?" Sakura giggles "I'm fourteen! Although I may not look it!" Alice looks at her questioningly 'So, she's about the twin's age…' "Um… Are you a role holder?" Sakura shrugs "Honestly, I have no clue what I am but I do know my heartbeat is really screwed up!" She presses the pocket on her dress and suddenly out of the head phones comes music. "My heart beat is not like any other, yours goes Bump, bump, while the role holders goes Tick tock, tick tock, but mine sounds like this…" She reaches out for Alice's hand and puts it just below her neck. It takes a few moments but then she can hear it. Alice jerks her hand back "What… is wrong with your heartbeat?" Sakura shrugs and turns off the music. "It sounds like…" Alice starts "Is it playing a song!" Sakura laughs "Yeah it does, it sounds like a music box doesn't it?" Alice stares at her appalled "What song is that?" Sakura stares up at the ceiling, wistfully "My song…" She looks over her shoulder back at Alice "I'll let you ask me one more question then after that I need you to help me with the rest of the game." Alice tilts her head in confusion "Um…Why do you help the gamer?" Sakura's smile vanishes "Because…Wouldn't you do anything is it meant bringing back someone you love?" Alice gives her a sympathetic look 'Someone you love…' "So what do I have to do?" Sakura's frown is replaced by a perky grin that could do Boris proud "I need you to go and find Peter white!" Alice nods, slowly "Okay so is that his challenge? To not get found by anyone?" Sakura nods back "Not just anyone, you especially!" Alice nods again "Okay, so while I'm doing that what will you be doing?" Sakura runs over to the door and opens it wide "I'm off to go give Dee and Dum their challenge!"

Dee and Dum's POV

Dum sighs, they had been sitting by gate for their third hour in a row and they were bored out of their wits. It had been an entire time period since they had chased that wolf and now they had nothing to do. That's when they heard the voice. A girl singing along, a little off-key to a song that they had never heard of, they both turn their heads to look at her. She is walking down the trail, twirling her dress, music blaring from headphones around her neck. She couldn't be much younger than they were, maybe even the same age. She looked Asian, so she had the standard black hair that comes to her mid-back and brown eyes. She is wearing a blue dress with black rimming on the top of her dress and the bottom. She has black and white stockings with black shoes similar to Alice's red ones. Her hair is tied into two pigtails beside her head tied with white ribbon. They could tell she is a role holder because she has a face.

Dee and Dum stand up their axes ready. Finally something to do! She stops, about ten feet away from them. She flashes them a wicked grin "Hiyah!" She says, gleefully her arms behind her back. "Hi!" Dum says back, giving her an equally wicked smile. "What song is that?" Dee asks. "This song? Oh! It's Love is war by Hatsune Miku!" Dum shrugs "Never heard of her." The girl shrugs "I expected that but there is nothing you can do about that right?" Dee smiles "I guess you're right. So what brings you to the hatter's mansion today?" Dum adds on "What is your name? Our names are-"The girl cuts him off "You guys are Tweedle Dee and Dum, you work for the mad hatter Blood Dupre. You have a co-associate Elliot March, although you don't really get along." The twins give her a look of surprise "Oh yeah! Um… My name is Sakura!" She reaches into her pocket and turns off her music. "Well…You are still trespassing on the hatter's territory so we are going to have to kill you." Dee says. "Don't worry it won't hurt, we're professionals we can kill you quickly so that it doesn't hurt!" Sakura frowns "Sorry, but I don't plan to die just yet because I still have something is this world to do!" Dum gives her a look that is filled with a million different questions "Well anyway, for now would you like to play a game with me?" Both of the twin's faces brighten up a little "What kind of game?" They ask in unison. Sakura takes a few steps forward and takes both of their hands, for Dum it is his left and for Dee it is his right. She puts the two hands together before pulling her hand away, and then she takes a step back and grins. "The game is this!" She snaps her fingers and almost immediately a small purple smoke surrounds them but just as quickly as it came it is gone and when they open their eyes, they are standing opposite from where they were a few seconds ago. "The game is to get someone to figure out that they two of t you have been reversed. The rules are that you cannot tell anyone about this little switch and that you cannot ask anyone about it either." She slips away, skipping back down the trail she had come from. Then stops but only briefly before looking back at them over her shoulder "Let the games begin!"

Gray's POV

Elliot comes into the room looks at him with an odd expression. "Blood? What's wrong?" Gray clears his throat "Um…I'm fine Elliot." Gray googles his mind for a possible excuse to get Elliot out of the room. "Could you please go and check up on the twins? I…uh…heard quite a fuss out there earlier and it is disturbing my work." Elliot nods "Sure Blood…Anything else?" Gray starts to shake his head no but then stops himself 'What would Blood do?' Gray shoos him away with a wave of his hand and like lightning Elliot is gone in a flash. Gray lets out a sigh of relief the second the door shuts behind Elliot. "Ugh, I can't survive in this body!" He spins around a few more times in the chair. "I can't just hide out in Blood's office for two days so then what the h*** am I suppose to do?" He stands up abruptly and begins to pace the room. "What would Blood be doing right now? How would he act in this situation? How does his speech pattern differ from mine?" Gray hits the bookshelf as hard as he can sending several books, toppling over. Another knock on the door makes him jump. Was Elliot back already? The voice on the other side of the door however is not Elliot's. Nor either of the bloody twins. It belonged to Peter White.

Peter's POV

He had ran as much as he could but that is not very far when you are a two foot rabbit. The only place Peter could think of that Alice would not go to find him was of course the hatter's mansion. It was easy getting past the bloody twins because they had been standing at the front gate arguing with each other. All he had to do was slip past, same with Elliot who had stormed to the front gate not even caring to look down at him. He had ran down the many hallways, and stopped in front of the one door that had people shouting and thud sounds coming from behind it. Raising a small fuzzy, little paw he knocks on the door. "May I come in?" He asks his voice uneven. The shouting stops. Then a small voice drifts from behind it "Come in…" This voice sounded oddly familiar but Peter's mind was too jumbled to remember who it belonged to. Jumping Peter tries to grab the doorknob but his arm is a little too short. He jumps and jumps and is able to do nothing more than hit it a few times. After a few minutes of trying he finally manages to hit the doorknob and the door swings open. Inside is Blood Dupre, sitting in his chair behind his desk, the room is askew books, papers and anything else you might find on a desk were scattered on the floor.

"Peter White?" Blood asks his voice surprised. Peter takes a few steps forward into the room. "Blood Dupre" Peter says, slightly irritated "I really do hate to ask but may I hide here if it isn't too great a task?" Blood nods, much to Peter's surprise and so he shuts the door behind him and takes a seat in front of the desk. "You look different" Peter says looking at Blood suspiciously. "I can't figure it out but you do look different." Peter stares at Blood. There was something different about him but it was something that Peter would never have noticed if it wasn't for his odd behaviour. "You're eyes!" Peter whispers as soon as he gets it. "They aren't the same colour. They actually look like…Gray's eyes." At that the door to the office swings open and Sakura steps into the room. "Oh no Gray it looks like someone has figured you out!" She snaps her fingers again and Blood is surrounded by the smoke. Slowly his face changes from Blood to Gray. "Thank you! Bring on the next challenge anything to get me out of this body!" Gray shouts triumphantly as he disappears along with the smoke. As soon as he is gone Peter turns abruptly towards where Sakura was standing, but she is gone. Well at least he learned one thing. He is not alone in this ridiculous game.

Black Joker's POV

It had been a few hours since he had shaken off the bloody twins. Now he was just sauntering around in only god knows where. The only thing that he knew was that he was surrounded by a ridiculous amount of roses and they annoyed him. Snagging his fur and pricking his skin it annoyed to the point of wanting to kill. 'Only a few more minutes…' Black thinks as he pads forward 'Then I can turn back and kill that stupid little girl Sakura…' Shouting catches his attention from just beyond the little trail he is on. It sounded like Elliot and the twins so that meant that he was at the hatter's mansion. One of the twins turns the corner on the trail to where he is, then the other. "Hey look! It's that wolf from earlier!" The blue twin shouts pointing right at him. Black tenses all over. Every instinct in his body screaming to run, so he does back from where he was coming but like before the twins stay got on his trail. That's when it starts, the smoke appears around him as he is running 'Finally!' he shouts as his paws, become hands and feet. His muzzle becomes a face and the wolf tail and ears disappear. Just as quickly as he had become a person he disappears, dissolving with the smoke.

He is back in the room where it all started, even though the room is light now he can still recognize it. The girl, Sakura is standing there her arms folded across her chest "Good job, you're the second person to have beaten the game. Although you must still participate…" Black raises and eyebrow "Participate how?" Sakura grins "I need you to go undercover at the heart castle and go find Blood." Black snickers "Dupre! What challenge did you give him after the one with him being a girl?" Sakura takes a few steps forward, circling around him "Let's just say that I turned a certain someone into a faceless maid…" Black laughs out loud "That is f****** epic!" He has to hold his stomach to keep it from hurting. "So all I have to do is find this b****** and I'm done?" Sakura nods "More or less…" She grabs his right hand, using both of hers "So are you in or out?" Black flashes her, a wicked grin "In."

Blood's POV

This was just perfect. First he is a girl and not even five minutes later he is a faceless maid cleaning Vivaldi's bedroom. He sighs and starts to pick up a few of the stray clothes on the floor around the bed."Stupid little girl" Blood mumbles as he gathers a few more clothes into his arms. "Having fun?" Blood snaps his head up to see Sakura sitting on the bed, her legs too short to reach the floor. "Yeah, an immense amount of fun." He says sarcastically. "I think that this is fun, I get to bug all you role holders…." She giggles "I really do like it a lot!" Blood fakes a smile "So why do you do it? Why do you help the gamer?" He asks his voice growing serious. Now it is Sakura's turns to grow serious "I would do anything to save him…" She mumbles "anything…"

They sit in silence for a few minutes, neither one of them bothering to speak. It is Blood who finally breaks the silence "Who is 'Him'?" Blood asks his voice oddly soft. "Someone, who is more important to me than anyone else in the world," Sakura says wistfully, staring off into nothing. Blood tries to sort through all the little messages that are hidden in what Sakura just said. "Is he your lover or something?" Blood asks as he starts making a pile for laundry, Vivaldi's room is unexpectedly messy. Sakura shakes her head "He is more than that, he is my entire world." Blood nods, absorbing all the information 'What the heck is up with this girl?' Blood thinks, not bothering to look up at her. 'She seems to have quite the past, and I am going to find out all of it…' He thinks, determination coursing through his veins. A knock on the door startles them both. "Come in!" Sakura calls, her voice growing happier and more mischievous. The door slams open and Peter White gallops in "Hey there b****, starting now I am going to be doing everything that I can to make sure that you get caught!" Blood stares at the white rabbit for a few seconds, confused. Then turns back to Sakura to ask her what is going on but she is gone, leaving him alone with Peter White.

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