Spoilers: "The Ex-Files" and "I do over"

So last week Netflix suggested to me to watch Eurkea... obviously you know what happened since I'm writing fanfiction. I got addicted to the show, but no more addicted than to Allison and Nathan. I know a large majority is pro Allison and Jake because I know they are destined to be with each other, but for some reason I loved Nathan. I especially loved how Nathan changed along the way to show how much Allison mattered to him to try to make it work a second time around.

Anyway I was so excited to see Nathan back this season in "The Ex-Files", but very upset to just learn that Nathan was a hallucination. Immediately I thought of Allison and her reaction to not seeing Nathan.

Disclaimer: I do not own anything that is related to Eureka or the Syfy channel.

Allison Blake had put the logic diamond away a long time ago. She worked now. She kept busy. She had Kevin and she had Jenna. However, no matter how hard she worked or how she smiled or how she laughed, in the back of her mind she knew she didn't have him.

Sometimes she lay awake thinking that maybe in some sense he could come back, right? After all, it was Eureka. That's why it seemed so believable when Jack said that Nathan had come back from the dead. She forgot about Tess. She forgot about Global Dynamics. She even forgot about the kiss. All she could think about was he's back! and a true smile spread across her face as she drove to Café Diem.

As she drove, she smiled to herself thinking how the world would be so much better with Nathan Stark back in Eureka. She could see it all, Nathan could throw Jenna up in the air and hear her sweet giggle. Nathan and Kevin could discuss science theories at the dinner table. Nathan would smile at her and rub his hands through her hair. His beard would tickle her as he went to kiss her. Just these thoughts made Allison so happy and whole.

She sat down at one of the tables and waited with Tess nagging at her, but she ignored everything her best friend said to her. She wasn't worrying why Tess was here. She could care less about the kiss between her and Jack because yes even though it did feel nice, but it didn't make her whole again like when Nathan kissed her.

Jack walked in and gaped, Ally turned, but still couldn't see him. He wasn't walking in behind Jack so where was he? Jack pointed saying he's sitting right next to you, but she still couldn't see him. She heard Jack talk. She heard Tess talk. She couldn't focus, couldn't listen… because she couldn't see him.

She wouldn't see his smile. She wouldn't see his blue eyes twinkle. She wouldn't hear his laugh and the way he called her, Ally.

Her thoughts eventually drifted back to Jack and nodded at something he said. He must have said let's meet back at Global Dynamics or something. She nodded because that's all she could do.

She left Café Diem with Jack. She let Jack drive off first. She put her key in the ignition, ready to follow him, but stopped from turning it. Instead she sat in her car and stared mindlessly out as people walked by on the street.

She didn't feel like going back to Global Dynamics just yet. She just continued to watch the people. She didn't cry because she stopped that when she put the logic diamond away. Instead she just watched Eureka go on with it's day and quietly to herself locked all those hopes and dreams away with the logic diamond.

After a couple seconds, she took a deep breath and started her car.