The book of love is long and boring

And written very long ago

It's full of flowers and heart-shaped boxes

And things we're all too young to know

It had been an order. They all had to get checked out. That was apparently the rule after you'd been held captive, tied up, nearly drowned, inches from taking a bullet to the kneecap. And it wasn't just him. All four of them had been directed to the two waiting ambulances and told to let the paramedics do their job.

That was a hard pill to swallow. None of them could willingly say that they liked being poked and prodded.

But, knowing that it was for their own good, Castle and Becket, Ryan and Esposito, all went over and got cleaned up.

From where he sat on the hood of his car, Kevin Ryan could see what was going on. The Captain had called everyone's significant other – including Lanie – and waited, while giving reports, for everyone to be taken home.

He watched as Martha and Alexis came to pick up Castle, who then gave Beckett a ride home. He watched as Lanie, with a nervous look on her face, came for Esposito. As the two walked off, hand in hand, he wondered whether he'd get the official word from his partner anytime soon.

Bundled up in a blanket, he waited for his own family. His fiancé. His Jenny. And soon enough, he heard the distinctive, fast paced shuffle of her feet against the pavement. He winced at the sound, knowing that she moved at double-time when she was scared or nervous.

"Oh god, Kevin!" Before he knew what hit him she was wrapping her arms around him, kissing every inch of his still cold and moist face. "Thank goodness you're alright."

"I'm okay Jen," he whispered, "I'm gonna be okay."

He could feel his own eyes sting as she sniffed back tears. "Don't you ever scare me like that again Kevin Ryan."

Kevin brought up his hands to take hers, not missing the fact that they were just as cold as his. He looked deep into her eyes; saw all the fear, all the love. Carefully, he pressed a kiss to her knuckles. "I'll try my best."

"You better," she faked a smile, "because if you get yourself killed I'm going to have to bring you back to life so I can kill you myself."

She dove for him then. Meeting him in the middle for a blood-boiling kiss. In those moments, all the fear drained out, leaving only the raw heart between the two.

"Come on," he hopped off the car, feeling the ache already in his knees and shoulders, "as hot as that was just now, I'm still soaking wet."

Jenny couldn't help it. A few tears escaped her eyes, rolling down her cheeks when she wrapped her arm around his soggy middle. Wordlessly, Kevin brushed them away with his thumbs.

The second they got in the door Jenny backed Kevin against the wall, claiming him for her own, and they shared the comfort of the steaming hot shower. They held each other in a tender embrace under the spray, not sure of who needed the contact more.

It wasn't until the wee hours of the morning that the two were finally settled in bed. The television was playing something stupid in the background. All that could really be heard was the faint laughter of the studio audience from some sitcom.

Jenny was breathing slowly, resting her head against Kevin's chest, just listening to his heart beat. She didn't think she had ever heard such a beautiful sound. Her arm was draped over him, while he traced gentle patterns on her back.

"The second I heard the Captain's voice I knew something was wrong."

He sucked in a breath beneath her, the air still only poking at his lungs.

"It was in his tone. I really…" she paused, "really thought he was going to tell me you weren't coming home tonight. I've never been more terrified in my entire life. Not even when I was seven and I saw my little sister fall out of the old maple tree in our backyard." She shifted, tightened her grip on his chest.

"Then he told me where you were, and what happened, and I felt relieved. Until that hit me. That you were a hostage. That some bastard almost drowned you right in front of Javier."

"Jenny. Listen to me. I'm alright now. I'm right here, and I'm not going anywhere."

"Kevin just, just let me finish. This is something I need to say."

A ball of ice formed in Kevin's gut. He was completely terrified of what she was going to say. Was she going to leave him? He had heard of it happening before. Situations where cops' spouses get spooked and run.

Again Jenny moved, this time so that she was on top of him, one hand on either side of his face. Desperately Kevin searched her gaze for a tell, petrified again, when he couldn't find one.

"Kevin Ryan, you are the absolute best thing that has ever happened to me. And tonight made me realize how much that scares me." One of his hands took a grip on her wrist. "I don't know what I would have done if something more had happened to you."

"You would've been okay." He pressed a soft kiss to her palm. "It would hurt for a while, but you'd be okay. There are people here for you no matter what." He struggled to continue when tears started to roll down her cheeks again.

"But listen to me, Jenny," now he was the one to move, bringing them so that she was essentially sitting in his lap, "really listen to me. As long as I possibly can, I'm going to fight. So that every night, I can come home to you." There was more force to his tone, and a determination behind his words. His right hand took her left, gently separating her fingers, singling out the one that held the ring he had given her only weeks before. "You're my other half," he cupped her cheek with his free hand, "And you and me? We're perfect together. I am going to do everything in my power to keep things just as perfect for the rest of our lives. And whether we have five years, or fifty years, I promise you, with everything that I have, that I'm going to give you everything."

Both of their faces were streaked with salty tears when he pulled her in. Tentatively, he feathered her brow, her cheeks, her eyes, with kisses. When their lips met, it was slow and burning. A rolling fire that enveloped them both and made them forget their tears.

But I, I love it when you give me things

And you, you ought to give me wedding rings

Soon enough, they had calmed, and lay entwined together. Kevin, still awake, could feel Jenny's even breaths, silently cursing himself for the couple times he felt her cringe against his side.

He craned his neck to look at the clock. The neon green stood out against the blackness of the room.


His mind was still racing. He needed to find a way to relax. Something, anything, to get his mind off of what they had all been put through.

As carefully and quietly as he could he extracted himself from Jenny's arms. Again, he kicked himself, guilty when she softly called for him.

"Hey," he lovingly stroked her gold waves, "I'm right here. I'll be right back." For a second he let himself bury his face in her hair, loving the warm smell of her vanilla shampoo.

The wood floors felt cold beneath his socked feet as he walked over to the bookcase in their living room. They had left a lamp on, so the light was dim, yet bright enough for him to read the titles in the dark.

He squinted, letting his eyes adjust as he scanned the shelf. There were the classics he, and Jenny, had picked up. Her romance stories, and novels of the more geeky variety, which he just couldn't bare to part with, even at his age. His finger skimmed past some of Castle's books – Heat Wave and Naked Heat, of course, and some that he had bought on his own, some, copies that Beckett had had doubles of. Though, no one was supposed to know that either of them owned so many.

But that wasn't what he was looking for. What he wanted, he could probably find if he were blindfolded. With a quiet moan, he squatted down to the bottom shelf, feeling the growing pain in his legs. He knew he'd be sore when he eventually woke up.

And there it was, in it's rightful place, farthest to the right, closest to the wall. It was almost invisible if you didn't know what you were looking for. The blue-grey spine was worn from so many readings, the pages flipped up at the edges. A sign of love in Kevin's eyes.

He fingered the book out from its slot, and ran a thumb over the pages, making that buzz that he loved to hear. He knew he'd feel it when he tried to go back to bed, but he decided to sit on the couch, in the faint glow of the lamp, to read for a while.

Just to lose himself again, in a world he'd always loved.

Propped up in the corner of the plush cushions, he ran his hand over the silver embossed lettering on the cover and carefully opened it.

Kevin's eyes fell upon the note inside.

I'm free this weekend. Give me a call. Please?

212. 418. 5555.


And with a smile and a sigh, he began reading from the book that had changed his life.

You ought to give me wedding rings

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