Life Goes On

Author's Note: Thank you all for reading I hope you enjoyed it as much as I have. The Epilogue will be short but it's basically filling you in on what happened to everyone.

Disclaimer: I do not own Twilight if I did then Carlisle Cullen would be my baby daddy Ha Ha!


Ashley's POV

After the battle and the death of our loved ones things became peaceful again. The Volturi reign was over causing the vampire world to become peaceful again. Though we still lived by the Volturi rules we did not fear repercussion for our actions as vampires and wolves. We no longer lived in fear that we would be persecuted for living among the Children of the Night. As the years went by our group went their own separate ways and lived their own lives but we always remained close.

After high school Jesse and I moved to New Hampshire with Masen to attend Dartmouth. Jesse made one hell of a doctor after med school and I was the top defense attorney in the northeaster United States, I even had a few celebrities that acquired my services. We had two more children named Jasmine and Aidan and we live a happy life up here in New Hampshire.

Noah didn't like being that far away from me so he and Maria moved to Rhode Island where he became a general surgeon like Dad and Maria got her doctorate in Marine Biology. He and Maria travel the world for Maria's research and Noah works at the most prestigious hospital in Rhode Island. They adopted twins who they named Jacob Paul and Jared Samuel after our fallen friends.

Nathan and Cheyenne's sister Summer ended up getting it together shortly after graduation and even though there was a 10 year age gap between them they became the strongest married couple I know. They ended up have 3 children together and Nathan joined the Navy shortly after the third was born. He went to Annapolis Officer's training school and is now an Admiral. Summer works as a psychologist on the base.

Levy and Ariyanna moved to North Carolina and attended Duke University. Ariyanna is now the top OB/GYN in the Tri-County area in North Carolina and Levy went on to be the top lawyer in North Carolina and then one of the best judges in the North Carolina Supreme Court. They had no children but they spoiled everyone else's every chance they had.

Ariyanna and Alex, now that was an crazy couple if I had ever seen one. They moved to Florida where Ariyanna is a night club owner to multiple night clubs in the Miami area and Alex works for the DEA in the Miami area. They never had any children, nor did they want any either but that didn't mean they didn't like them.

After Jacob's death Nessie never dated anyone else and she and Layla now life together in Seattle where Layla is an actress and Nessie is Public Relations Representative. Layla is dating a fellow actor and they are currently engaged to be married.

Now we move on to Chloe and Manuel. Chloe and Manuel settle down in Puerto Rico where they both made a hefty living helping underprivileged children find homes. They adopted 4 of the less fortunate children and they are living a very happy life.

Yolanda and Anna moved to San Francisco in California and were married soon after moving there due to the fact that California is the only state that does not ban gay marriage. They adopted a little girl and a little boy who they named Kimberly and Kyle. Anna works as a plastic surgeon to the stars and Yolanda worked as a model and actress and occasionally as a Octagon Girl for the UFC.

Mom and Dad stayed in Forks for a while before moving to the Denali Compound with the remaining Denali clan. Bella and Edward moved to Isle Esme and they remained their in seclusion for the remainder of their days with the exception of Thanksgiving, Christmas and the anniversary of the deaths of our families. Rosalie and Emmett traveled the world endlessly staying in every country in the world for at least a year before moving on. Alice and Jazzy moved to Paris and Alice is now the top fashion designer in Paris, while Jasper is the top psychologist.

Embry and Cheyenne moved back to La Push and helped patrol the area there again and they keep a close eye on Rachel, Kim, and Emily. Leah and Daltri ended up moving to Brazil where Daltri continued in his music and Leah tagged along as his manager. Quil and Claire were married shortly after her college graduation and they had twins shortly after that.

Everyone remembers what happened the day that our family died and it still hurts and pisses some of us off but we do not dwell on it, we have learned to move and live again because after all…Life goes on doesn't it?