Fipp: I've always imagined Prishe to be someone who didn't drink that much, but would drink a lot when she did.

Underage Drinking

The night sky over the city of Jeuno looked beautiful tonight, Prishe decided. She always liked the night sky and all the stars that hung over the world.

She thought back to the time she faced the Twilight God, Promathia, at the Empyreal Paradox, and how she was able to see the world beneath her feet. It was one of the most beautiful, and scenic things she had seen in her long life.

. . .

Okay, enough with the boring touchy-feely crap. She had to get back home tomorrow afternoon, and she didn't have enough time to waste thinking things.

'Screw it, I'm getting drunk.'

So Prishe then went to one of the closest bars she could find.


"Whatever you got one tap!" Prishe slammed a handful of gil on the table. That should be enough to get her a few drinks.

The bartender, a large and hairy Galka, slammed a glass in front of her.

Prishe happily downed the drink, and immediately could tell something was wrong.

"What the hell was that?" Prishe eyed the bartender.

"Apple juice."

"Apple-What? Hell no! Give me a beer!"

The Galka gave her a funny look.

"What? I got something on my face?"

"Sorry kid, can't let you drink," the Galka said, going back to cleaning mugs.

"What? Why not?"

"I don't know, maybe because you're just a kid? I'm not serving minors in here! Not in my bar!"

It took Prishe a few moments to process this. "What?"

"You are a minor, I can't-"

"I know what you said! And I can tell you I'm certainly old enough to drink! Why the hell do you think-Oh yeah."

Prishe, for a long time, was incapable of aging. For decades, she had been forced to live in the body of a teenager without any hope of growing in any sense of the word. So, despite her age, she still looked much younger than she was.

She knew that, Ulmia knew that, and everyone back home at the Tavnazia Safehold knew that. Because of this, no one would oppose her if she wanted beer, or wine, or any other sort of alcoholic drink.

But no one outside there knew that, and when she ordered a drink, all they was a skinny little Elvaan kid, and not someone who was old enough to be their mother.

"I'm way older than I look!"

"That was the most pathetic attempt at getting a drink I've ever seen in my life kid."

"But it's true!"

"Prove it then."

"Prove it? How the hell am I going to do that?"

"Hell if I know. But without any proof that you're twenty-one, the only drink you're getting is apple juice."

"What! That's not fair! I demand a drink!"

"Sorry kid, I'm not giving you a drink."

"And stop calling me 'Kid' you bastard!"

"Trying to scam a drink, and cursing at your elders. What would your parents say?"

"I don't even know them!"


"Drink! Now!"

"No. Give me an ID or something."

"No. Just give me the damn drink right now you asshole!"

"You know, if you're going to be like this, I'm just going to kick you out of the bar."

Prishe glowered at the bartender.

"Hey, isn't it past your bed time or something?"

Ten minutes later, the police were called to the bar for a domestic disturbance call.

When the got there, Prishe had already thrown the bartender through a table, as well as beaten several thugs that were playing pool and had decided to join in the fight.

Later, as Prishe sat in a jail cell (not for the first time, and she doubted it'd be the last), she decided that maybe she should have just accepted the apple juice, and not dropkicked the bartender.

She never did get her drink though.