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Edward: You just like torturing me, don't you?

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Roy: Run, Edward. Just run. She's evil. I'll distract her!

Me: You two are so over-dramatic!

Edward and Roy: But it's not unfounded!

Me: Shut up!

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Warnings: Rape, foul language, RoyEd in later chapters, though I haven't decided if it'll be yaoi or shounen-ai... That's it for now.


They'd come out of nowhere, he thought. Caught by surprise, he'd allowed two of them- there were five, he remembered- to grab his arms.

For the most part, the men had taken turns with him. Sometimes, though, he was forced to take two at the same time because somebody got impatient. And, no matter how many times he begged them to stop, sobbed and screamed in pain, they kept thrusting into him, one and two at the time. Blood, semen, and mud matted his long, golden hair together. His arms had given out a long time- even longer to him, it seemed- ago, and now his cheek was pushing against the ground. Tears were streaming down his face, but he couldn't make any more noises.

"Such a tight, virgin ass." one growled in his ear, thrusting roughly. The edges of his vision had been fraying for a while. What he could see dotted, and he dropped, thankfully, into unconsciousness.


For some reason, he couldn't feel anything. Dull golden eyes were open in the dark. A deep breath was taken, and he pushed into a kneeling position, paused, then to his feet. He was still numb.

Most of the clothes were rags now. His bright red coat would do, since there were only a couple of small tears in it. He held it tight around himself as he ran, not bothering to put his arms in the sleeves. The cold air whipped against his face, but he couldn't feel it. It looked like the sun had set not long ago. There was only one place he could go, and he could only pray to a god he didn't believe in that the man he needed was still there.

Soldiers stared at him as he ran, but he didn't notice. Havoc and Hawkeye- the only two in Mustang's unit still in- looked up. Hawkeye gasped; Havoc dropped his cigarette.



"I-is he s-still h-ere?" Edward croaked, voice breaking and pitching.

"Y-yes, bu-"

It didn't matter what Hawkeye said; the blond was already stumbling to Roy Mustang's door. It was when that door swung closed, dark-haired man behind the desk looking up at him, that all the feeling came back.

"Fullmetal? I didn't ex-"

And Ed's knees hit the floor, sob ripping out of his raw throat. Everything hurt. One hand splayed on the floor as he leaned forward, coughing and gagging, contents of his stomach spattering on the floor in front of his knees. His shoulders were shaking, making the coat fall from them. Roy was suddenly beside him. A hand touched his bare shoulder, and he was taken back to a time when all those men were taking turns using his body. His stomach heaved again, but nothing came out this time.

"Don't touch m-me!" he choked out, sobbing again as he slid away. Blood smeared on the floor, following him. Roy saw more on both the automail and flesh leg. More in his hair, along with mud and- and something white. But it couldn't be!

Roy jerked the coat open regardless, gasping and dropping back. Dark bruises- some in the shape of fingers- colored Ed's skin, trails of red connecting them. The insides of the alchemist's thighs were coated with blood, going all the way up to his torn entrance. The sobbing got louder as he wrapped his arms around his middle.

"H-help m-me. P-please, Roy." Ed choked out between sobs.

Roy carefully wrapped the jacket around Ed's shoulders again, nodding. "Hawkeye! Get the car!" The door opened and Riza poked her head in.


"Go get the car. Ed needs to go to the hospital. Now!" Riza was immediately gone. They heard Havoc scream "What?" and then a lot of clambering. "I'm going to pick you up, okay, Edward? I'm not gonna hurt you. Just trust me."

"N-n-no! P-p-p-please! I can w-walk." The blond threw one hand out, tear-filled eyes widening. Roy sighed, but he didn't have much of a choice. He nodded and stood. Ed attempted the same. The brigadier general- he'd been promoted- barely caught him before he landed face first on the floor. Grunting, he hefted him up into his arms and carried him out. The car was waiting for them. Gently, he laid Edward in the backseat, making sure the coat kept him covered, then climbed in after him.

"Before we go anywhere, General, I demand to know just what happened." Hawkeye and Havoc were both staring at him from the front seat. Roy took a deep breath and let it out slowly, looking from them to the passed-out alchemist beside him. His eyes stayed locked on that blond when he spoke.

"Edward was… raped. A lot, from the looks of it." Roy had to grab Edward to keep the blond from slamming into the seat in front of them when Riza stomped on the gas. The woman drove like a maniac all the way to the hospital.

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