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"Roy, I think that's enough." Edward said calmly, heart pounding in his chest and sweat pooling on his brow. After a moment of silently wiping blood off of his hands- if he didn't do it now and it dried, it would be a bitch to get off later- he dabbed his forehead. "Alright. Really, they're near nothingness now." Snap. "I swear, if you snap your goddamn fingers one more time, I'll rip them off and feed them to you."

A dark head poked out of the door immediately to his right. There was one of those sick, twisted grins on the face; who knew burning the people who'd raped Ed could bring someone- even if they were lovers- such sick pleasure? "Aw, come on, Ed. One more time?"

The blond eyes him for a moment, silently contemplating, then nodded his head reluctantly. "One more time. And if you don't come out right after, I'm coming in to get you."

Roy's triumphant smirk grew larger. "Is that a promise?"

Edward made a face, throwing the hand towel at the dark-haired man's head. "Go! Before I change my mind!"

"Give me a kiss for luck." the general purred, reaching out and catching the blond's chin. Ed gave him a warning glare. "Fine. I'm going. Damn." He went, alright, but not before giving the younger alchemist a quick smooch on the lips. Then he ducked back into the room, leaving a shocked Elric behind him.



"Yes?" Finally, the Flame Alchemist came fully out of the room, smelling of smoke. There was just a small amount of soot on his uniform- not to mention the dusting of dark ash on his pale cheeks.

"Why the hell are you gonna go and do that?" Edward frowned and picked up a clean towel, beginning to gently wipe the older man's face.

"What? Oh, you mean this?" Roy grinned and pecked the younger on the lips again. He got a shove to the shoulders for it, but the gorgeous, light blush across his lover's cheeks was well worth it.

"Stop that. Now just let me finish wiping your face off."

"Aw, but, Ed, your lips are just so," sharp intake of air, "delicious. I wonder what the rest of you would ta-"

"General Mustang, I don't think that's appropriate to talk about in a work place." Hawkeye, exasperated expression and all, stood just behind Roy, having walked up moments earlier. Just in time to hear her commanding officer purring about his boyfriend's taste, in fact.

"No worries, Hawkeye." Roy straightened up and smiled at her. "He and I were just leaving to go home." The blond alchemist started, cheeks growing just a bit pink.

"I... gotta go grab my coat!" He raced off, back down the hall to Roy's office, where he'd left his coat earlier.

"Sir... I don't mean to be too forward or anything, but... Don't push him into anything he's not ready for. You and I both know he's going to be... a lot more nervous than normal, and he'll be absolutely terrified, I'm sure." Riza said softly, watching him with a critical eye. Frowning, the dark-haired man turned to look at her.

"Do you really think I'd do that?" Did everyone really think he was that bad? That he couldn't wait until Ed was ready? Hell, that he'd even go so far as to do him like those men had done?

"Well, I-"

"Whenever he's ready. I'm not forcing him to do anything. Fuck, I haven't even touched him like that." He purposefully left out the part where Edward touched him like that. Fortunately for him, the blond chose that exact moment to run up, tugging his coat on and smiling.

"'Kay! I'm ready!" When Roy didn't move, Ed rolled his eyes, grabbed the man's hand, and dragged him off.

"Remember what I said, General Mustang." Hawkeye said, as she turned and walked off in the opposite direction they were going. Golden eyes lifted to him, silently questioning what she meant.

"I don't wanna talk about it, Ed."

"... Okay."


The book he was reading snapped closed right in front of his nose as a someone carefully- he swore he felt just a bit of hesitation in the movement- straddled his hips. As the book was taken from his hands and placed to the side, he saw Edward's face, and a small smile quirked the corners of his mouth. It faltered when the other man's flesh hand slowly ran across his chest, then closed around the ends of his collar. His other hand slid up as he leaned forward, knees digging into the mattress on either side of his lover's hips.

"Ed." Roy breathed as a nose brushed lightly against his own, warm breath ghosting across his lips. Eyes as bright as suns bore into his own, intense and demanding.

"Make love to me." Those four words nearly stopped Roy's heart and took his breath away, dark eyes widening. "Show me how it's supposed to be. Please, Roy. I can still feel them; I want to feel you. All of you. In me, on me, with me. Make them go away." Warm lips closed around his own, silencing any protest he might have come up with or even the 'Yes' that had been balancing on the tip of his tongue, threatening to slip off and tumble out of his mouth on a small breath. The blond's flesh hand slid up to the side of his throat, toying with the hairs on the nape of his neck. He felt teeth timidly nip at his bottom lip, and realized that was Edward's way of asking him into his mouth. Even though he'd been given permission, he still took it slow, being careful and gentle with the blond. That meant he didn't make the first move to take off any article of clothing.

A few moments after they'd broken apart for air for the first time, Ed began slowly undoing the buttons on Roy's shirt- the ones he hadn't already unbuttoned when he'd flopped down on his bed to read- and feeling of his soft skin. Then his hand slipped down to the erection that was straining uncomfortably against his suddenly-too-tight pants.

"Can I?" the dark-haired man asked breathlessly, hands resting lightly on the smaller man's hips. The blond stared at him blankly for a moment, then something seemed to click and he nodded. Easily, Roy flipped them over so that Ed was on his back underneath him. His shirt slid off. He ran his hand up Ed's thigh to the crotch of his pants, cupping the bulge in the front of his pants. Even at the small contact, his breath hissed harshly out from between his teeth. The older man's free hand pushed his lover's shirt up, pulling it off as carefully as possible.

All the evidence from the rape had healed; there was no trace of it on Edward's skin. Even if there had been, he wouldn't have hesitated to do just what he was doing right now: drag his lips slowly and carefully down from the blond's neck to his right nipple. His teeth and tongue worked lightly at it until it was hardened, palm of his hand rubbing against the bulge, and the other was whining beneath him, wriggling and panting, cheeks flushed and eyes cloudy.

"Get them off. They're too tight, dammit." Ed panted, fingers fumbling with the button on his leather pants. "Come on, Roy." he whined, eyes squeezing closed when he couldn't get the button to come open. The older man finally slid his fingers in place of the other man's, getting the button open and the zipper down with ease.

"Lift your hips." Roy mumbled. When the blond's hips rose off of the bed slightly, he pulled the leather pants off and tossed them over the side of the bed, then drug his boxers off as well. The older Elric's cheeks flushed even darker. The general smiled and leaned close to his ear. "You're gorgeous." he whispered, eliciting a small sound from his partner.

"You, too. I want you now. Show me now!" Edward demanded. He began to work at the older man's pants, too, but gave up and start jerking on them instead. His partner sighed, rolling his dark eyes at lover's impatience, and took off his own pants and boxers. The younger grabbed his hand, taking two fingers into his mouth and twisting his tongue around them, coating them thoroughly with his own saliva. After a moment, he pulled them out with a loud pop! "You're taking things too slow. Hurry it up." Roy blinked, slightly surprised; he'd known Ed was impatient, but he'd assumed this would be something he'd want to take slow. But, knowing he'd lose any argument he tried to have, he moved his hand down and pressed a finger to the younger man's entrance. Those intense golden eyes narrowed slightly at him, and he quickly pushed one finger in. He felt the other tense. To relax him, he kissed him hard on the lips, fingers on his free hand wrapping around the other's cock and thrusting the finger in and out.

Ed broke away, gasping loudly, as another finger was added. His eyes squeezed shut, fingers on his flesh hand digging roughly into the other's pale shoulder. The fingers scissored. He bit his bottom lip hard. Another finger was added. Tears sprang to his eyes, fear beginning to rise in his chest. "R-Roy." His voice trembled with the fear, something that didn't escape the general's attention.

"Ed, it's okay. We can stop if you're not ready."

"No! I'm... I'm ready. I'm just... really nervous is all." Hesitantly, he lifted one leg onto his partner's shoulder, taking a deep breath. "I want you now." Roy nodded, wordlessly slipping his fingers out so he could hold himself steady, lining up with Edward's entrance. The tip of his cock pressed against it, warning, then he thrust in quickly. Ed's teeth dug into his lip, making a small, muffled sound. Tears leaked out of his eyes, and he could feel him trembling. He didn't move, ignoring how goddamn tight his partner was and how damn good it felt. It seemed like forever before Ed finally opened his eyes, nodding that it was okay for him to move. He pulled nearly all the way out, then thrust back in. He set a slow, easy rhythm, one that drove both of them insane.

Edward suddenly screeched, tensing and digging his nails in the back of his partner's neck. Roy smirked, knowing he'd found his lover's sweet spot. Each thrust after that, he aimed for that spot, breathing harsh in the side of the other's neck. The younger man panted obscenities in his ear, along with his name and "Oh, god." and "Oh, yes."

"Oh, R-Roy!" The blond tensed, legs tightening around the older's waist and heels digging into his back. Back arching forward, he came, spurting sticky white semen all over both of their stomachs.

"Nngh, Ed." Roy hissed as he came, too, buried to the hilt in his lover. He pulled out, flopping over onto his back beside the other man, breathing heavy. They lay like that for a while, staring into space, fingers tangled between them.

"I-I'll never be the same, you know."

"Doesn't matter. I still love you, no matter what happened in your past." the general replied, rolling over and burying his nose in the blond's neck.

"I love you, too."

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