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"No! Don't touch me!" There was a loud clang that sounded much like a hospital bed hitting a wall. "Please, no more! J-Just stop!" The following scream- much like the one from the day when the human transmutation failed- tightened Roy's chest. He wasn't in the room, and he could only imagine what Edward looked like: Probably still covered in mud and blood, sobbing, maybe thrashing weakly to get away every now and then. It made him wish even more that Ed hadn't woken up again soon after they'd arrived. "Please, no more." The repeated phrase was quieter now, if just by a little bit. And then the three soldiers in the waiting room didn't hear anything from the young alchemist.

Roy clenched his teeth and stood up, pacing the length of the tiny room; Jean looked up from chewing on his cigarette to watch, and Riza shifted her position in one of the uncomfortable chairs.

"Sir, pacing like that won't do any good." Hawkeye pointed out. Though her voice sounded even enough, both Roy and Havoc could detect a note of fear hidden in it- fear for Edward. Not to mention boiling anger. The general shook his head, gloved fingers tightening on his chin as he continued pacing.

"Does me good." he mumbled, not really replying to her so much as stating the fact. Riza's eyes narrowed dangerously at him, but she didn't say anything more. As if it would help; she knew better than to even think that it might. Roy really did worry about his subordinates; too much, some people thought. And he knew he did, but this- what had happened to Ed- it was not something that you worried about for a few minutes and then forgot about.

"Brigadier General Mustang?" A nurse with a brown bob and bright blue eyes was standing in the door, clipboard clutched in front of her waist. She smiled weakly as if in an attempt of fake reassurance. Roy's heart beat like a drum against his ribs, convincing him quick enough that it was trying to escape the confines of his chest. "The doctor wants to see all three of you."

"Ah, alright. Hawkeye, Havoc." The two blonds stood up and followed their superior to the room the nurse had turned them towards. Roy was fidgeting nervously, fingers on his right hand poised to snap. It had become a bit of a habit over the years. No surprise there, though he had been told many times- mostly by Hawkeye- that he relied on his alchemy too much. And maybe he did, but who could blame him? War had made the man cautious- most times, at least.

For a moment, he stared at the door like it would bite him if he tried to touch. An exasperated sigh came from his right, and Hawkeye rapped her knuckles on the wood smartly. Roy returned her glare with a weak, sheepish grin.

"Come on in!" The voice behind the door was sweet and strong. When Hawkeye pushed open the door (Roy was still convinced that it would bite half of his arm off if even reached in its direction) A woman with black hair that reached to her lower back and hazel eyes. She smiled and it seemed to light up the whole room. It always amazed Roy how, even in the worst situations, a doctor could still manage to smile like everything was okay. Other times, it really made him want to burn them to a crisp. Right now was one of those times. The ignition cloth rubbed together lightly, and Hawkeye discreetly slapped his hand.

"You wanted to see us?" she asked politely when Roy's fingers splayed against his thigh to tell her he wasn't actually going to do anything. Even if he had been planning on it.

"Yes. Please, sit." The woman waved a hand- a pen still caught between her slender fingers- in the direction of the chairs set in front of her desk. It looked as if another had been pulled up not long before; it was of a different, darker design and looked out of place in the fairly bright room. Roy took that one; it was sort of symbolic of his mood, he supposed, and that was the reason. Riza and Havoc sat on either side of him, both ramrod straight. He himself was slumped forward, elbows on his knees and chin resting in his palms. In his mind, he just couldn't sit up straight right now. It would take too much effort, and all of this was exhausting him.

"What did you need to tell us, Miss Anderson?" Havoc asked, pulling the cigarette out of his mouth.

"Well, to start with, I wanted to tell you that Edward is sedated at the moment. We couldn't get him to calm down enough to do what we had to do, so we didn't have any other choice." Roy gulped when she paused. "Now, you've already told us that you suspected he was raped. And, I'm sorry to say, that suspicion is correct. We've found evidence that it wasn't a… normal rape, though. It appears that there was more than one man who attacked him. We've taken samples, of course, but what really tipped us off was, upon further examination, one of the nurses pointed out to me that he was stretched far too much and there was too much tearing for just one man to have entered him."

"You mean- More than one- At a time?" Riza choked out beside him, sounding much like something was stuck in her throat. The doctor nodded, frowning grimly.

"I'm afraid that's correct. I'm sorry to have to be the one to tell you." Roy was taking it even harder in his seat, face covered by his hands. "We're not sure exactly how many. The samples we took has been sent in. I'm sure you'll have your own men investigating, and they have my permission to see the results as soon as we get them back."

"C-Can I see him?" Roy asked, sitting up a bit straighter. He had barely heard anything after 'I'm afraid that's correct.' At least Hawkeye and Havoc had heard it.

"Yes, but he probably won't wake up for a while. You can sit with him for as long as you like, though, Brigadier General Mustang. He's in room 408. There will be nurses coming in at regular intervals." Doctor Anderson replied, gesturing towards the door now.

"Thanks." he mumbled, standing up and walking briskly out of the room. All the way up to the room, he didn't look over his shoulder to see if the others were following him. His eyes roved over the numbers on the doors, and he stopped in front of the one with the gold numbers 408 on is. There was a clipboard under them. He was tempted to take a look at it, but, after a short pause so he could contemplate the idea, he went right in.

The young blond alchemist was covered up to the waist on the bed, head tossed to the side, hair a long stream on the pillow. The nurses had done a good job of cleaning him up, though he couldn't have gotten a shower. Even his hair was mostly clean now. There was just a bit of blood left clinging to the golden strands. A hospital gown had been loosely tied around his neck, his arms through the sleeves. If he sat up, it was a very real possibility that it would fall off. Roy noticed now that the teen's lip was split, and that there were scraps all along the sides of his face.

What all did they do to you, Edward? Though, as he stared at Edward, he actually considered the thought. Even if it would help the investigation, or find the men who had raped him, Roy decided that he might not want to know everything they'd done to him. Hawkeye and Havoc had come in behind him. Riza took a seat on the windowsill, and Jean leaned against the wall beside her. Both of them avoided looking at Edward, but Roy pulled the only chair in the room up right beside the hospital bed and sat down in it, slumping back and keeping his eyes on the sleeping face of the teen. He must not be dreaming because of the sedative. He actually looks like he's sleeping peacefully.


While waiting for Edward to wake up, Roy had fallen asleep in the chair. The nurses talking to the other alchemist roused him from his own sleep. Right now, the teen was calm; much calmer than he'd been when they first brought him in, at least.

"We'll get you something for the pain, okay? Just sit tight!" A male nurse assured Edward, smiling as he left the room. Another nurse followed him out after saying good morning to Roy. Edward's golden eyes- dull golden eyes- lifted up to the dark-haired man.

"You helped."

"You asked me to."

"I'm sorry."

"Don't say that. There's absolutely no reason for you to be sorry, Edward. What happened couldn't be helped. And- I'm glad you came to me." Roy replied quietly, stretching out his stiff neck. Hawkeye and Havoc weren't in the room. They'd probably gone down to the cafeteria for coffee. He hoped they'd called Alphonse. In his panic, he'd completely forgotten to do it himself and, apparently, so had they.

Al's body had been returned to him only eight months earlier. He had stayed with his brother here in Central for a week, then gone to Resembool to stay with Winry and Pinako so he could get his strength back. Roy knew that Edward missed his brother more than anything, and that he stopped and visited with him as much as he possibly could.

"Thank you."

"You're welcome."

It was silent for a few minutes.

"What's going to happen to me?" Edward finally asked, averting his gaze.

"Well, we're not going to kick you out of the military or anything, if that's what you think. Of course, we'll investigate into what happened. When you can, anything you tell us will be a great help." Roy replied. Ed nodded thoughtfully.

"Here you go, Mr. Elric!" The nurse came back in, smiling. He quickly gave Edward some medicine. "Now, it might make you a bit sleepy, so it's alright if you fall asleep. You need to rest anyways. If anybody needs anything else, just call for us, okay?" he informed Ed cheerfully, before bidding them both goodbye and leaving again. Not long after, Edward was asleep again, and Havoc and Hawkeye had returned with their own coffee and a cup for Roy.

"Thanks." he mumbled, taking the cup from them and sipping it.

"We've told Alphonse what happened, though we left out most of the details. Said we'd tell him all the details when he got out here. He said he'd be taking the first train out… After he panicked for a bit." Havoc told him, taking up his place leaning against the wall beside the windowsill. Hawkeye quietly sat down on the sill, looking troubled and staring at the coffee held between her knees, one hand keeping it from slipping and falling to the floor.

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