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Summary: AU. The world never really was the heart-warming trusting and loving place that the fairy-tales created. Nobody knows that better than Sakura Haruno. She leads a fucked up life, learning to deal with the cards she's been dealt. With no real goals in life, she's only in it for the ride. She'd never noticed the quiet Sasuke Uchiha in the opposite side of the classroom before, but he has always noticed her.



Dead inside, my heart and soul flatline. Dead Inside - Skillet.



The world never really was the heart-warming, trusting and loving place that the fairy-tales created.


That's all it really was, wasn't it ?

She walked in the darkness, a path she took on her own free will.

Where was that sweet, happy go lucky little pink haired girl?


Dead and gone, replaced by a mask of fake emotions.

This was how she lived. The tale of the small pink-haired girl who lost it all.

The life of Sakura Haruno.




Chapter One.




The rain pelted down harshly, abusing the barely stable roof covering her small, pathetic excuse of an apartment.

All in all, she guessed it was okay. It covered her, sure it didn't retain warmth well, there was no insulation in the walls nor the roof. But it was better than the streets. Anything was better than sleeping on the cold concrete in the rain.

Stirring from her light sleep, she pulled her blankets higher above her head and curled into herself.

"Fuck," She hissed aloud remembering she still had school.

I know what you're thinking, why would she even bother with school, right? She couldn't even afford a nice apartment, an insulated one at that. But, the school was warm, the school sheltered her from the rain.

Mother Nature is one sick mother fucker, huh?

Slowly, the small girl slid out of her bed stretching in a cat-like way before rising to her full height. Which wasn't saying much. She only reached 5 feet. And even then, only just.

I wonder if there's any hot water.. She grumbled in her mind, rubbing sleep out of her eyes with her tiny fists.

Walking down the wide hallway she turned into the bathroom, fumbling her hand over the wall in search of a light switch. Finally victorious, she moved toward the shower, and tested the waters temperature.

"Fuck my life." She sighed as the water stayed at it's icy level.

Just another day in this fucked up world where she suffered.

She stripped, forcing herself under the hail of water, goosebumps overcoming her pale skin. Reaching a shaky hand toward her strawberry scented shampoo, she idly noted she needed to steal some more.

It's not like she could afford it, any money she actually got, went to keeping this shit hole she lived in.

After the shower, she sorted through her large selection of clothes. Her height and size was one good thing really, she was currently 17 years old, she hadn't grown since she was 14. She never really needed to buy more clothes, or throw any out.

Sure, her breasts were a reasonable size, but she had no ass, her waist was the size of a 7 year old's, she was tiny.

Finally deciding on a pair of black skinny jeans with rips in the thighs, a tight grey tank top and a red and black plaid hoodie over top only zipped up a little. She pulled on dark purple socks and threw her black converse over top.

Retreating to the bathroom, she stood in front of the small mirror armed with a black eyeliner, mascara, silver eyeshadow and foundation.

Twenty minutes later and she was exiting the bathroom looking like a miniature model, her make-up perfectly applied over her clear skin (She guessed the cold showers were at least good for something), her pink hair, which just touched the bottom of her shoulder blades, was straight and lightly tousled.

Her appearence clearly giving the vibe If-you-look-at-me-I-will-fucking-bite-your-goddamn-throat-out.

Lightly fingering the silver necklace around her neck, she touched the heart at the end of it before exiting her home.




She had no way of transport to the school other than her own two feet. Surprise, huh?

As she walked up the steps of the school, the whispers started.

"I wonder who she fucked last night. Dirty little slut."

"Well, she does have to keep a roof over her head, I suppose."

"Why? She probably just fucks random guys on the street for money. She should be rich by now."

Once upon a time, Sakura might have shed a few tears, kept her head down and walked on.. or maybe run away. Anything to get away from those voices.

But she had come to accept that these were the cards she was dealt. And she wasn't going to let any mother fucker think they were any better than her.

Keeping her head high, she glared death at the girls whispering about her. They visibly paled, their mouths snapping shut.

"Keep your fucking mouths closed." She hissed dangerously, walking past them ignoring the way their heads nearly flew off of their shoulders from the break-neck speed of them nodding.

Why do I even bother with this fucking place? She thought icily. As if answering her inner thoughts, lightening cracked in the sky as rain fell loudly against the roof. Right, that's why.

Turning the corner, she caught sight of her only two friends in this entire fucking world.

The first one, nobody particularly cared about. He was an outcast, never really noticed. Stoned 9 times out of 10 that anyone saw him. His thick dark brown hair pulled up into a spiky ponytail with a thick black band. Dark brown eyes bloodshot, proving the last sentence correct. His lazy expression settled on his face and his hands thrusted in his black jean pockets. The dark sleeves of his hoodie partially stuffed in with his hands too. A small smile on his face as he caught sight of her.

"Hey Sakura." He nodded in her direction, one arm sliding out of his pocket around her shoulders in a one-armed hug before retreating again.

"Shikamaru." She returned the gesture, nodding up to his tall 6 foot height.

Her other best friend? Someone that nobody would have guessed.

His long coffee colored locks falling half-way down his back, contrasting against his pale skin. He was once a prodigy, looked up to by so many, of a wealthy family. His light lavender pupil-less eyes giving away he belonged to the Hyuuga clan. He was quickly disowned by the Hyuuga's though, as soon as they learned of him hanging around the 'filth'. The lower class people, supposedly not worth his time. It was okay though, in some retrospect. He disowned them right back.

His once preppy, expensive clothes slowly began to be replaced by the likes of what he was wearing now. A black t-shirt visible at the front only as a heavy dark grey hooded jacket also covered his torse, black loose jeans held up by a bullet belt, and feet stuffed into an old pair of chucks.

He copied the first males actions, embracing the much smaller girl against him, a brief emotion like contentment crossing his face before quickly regaining his cold expression.



She smiled a small smile toward the two.

"So, Shika, you sharing that smoke in your pocket?" She asked in a teasing voice.

Shikamaru promptly stopped fiddling with the now known substance in his pocket. A smirk crossing his features before her replied, "You know me so well."

A year ago, Neji would have never even considered 'tainting his body with such impure toxins that shorten your life-span' , but that was a year ago. When he had not known Sakura, nor Shikamaru. When he was still stuck in his pig-headed I-am-a-Hyuuga-I-am-above-thee period.

Now, he followed quietly as the went to the empty classroom. Normally they would go to the roof, but the roof held no shelter from the environments harsh conditions the day was 'blessed' with.

What a fucking load of shit.

Two freshman were making out against the wall when Sakura threw the door open.

"Ahh! What are you doing?" The girl screamed, before looking into amused green eyes. "U-uhh, Sakura-san, I'm, I'm s-s-sorry."

"Just get the fuck out." Neji interrupted the stuttering girl, who promptly left. The boy looked at Sakura, took a step forward, before Shikamaru flicked open his lighter in a threatening way. The boy quickly exited the room.

"We're going to be late for class." Neji informed his two best friends.

Sakura merely shrugged while Shikamaru mumbled something like 'Troublesome.'

Sakura held her hand out for the cigarette before reaching over for the lighter, placing the cigarette between her lips and lighting it.

She breathed in a sigh of relief, passing it over to Shikamaru, who copied her actions before passing it on to Neji.

Once the cigerette was gone, Sakura stubbed it out on the desk she was sitting on before exiting the room.

"Class?" The Hyuuga male asked.

"Do I have to?" Sakura whined. No answers were spared, Neji had already picked her up and sling her over his shoulder. With a sigh, she looked into Shikamaru's eyes, a grin dancing across his lips.

"You just fucking love this, don't you?" She hissed, raising her middle finger at him.

With a simple nod, "Yes."

Neji shifted Sakura into his arms after her constant complaining of his shoulder abusing her stomach.

"Maybe if you actually put on a little weight.." He trailed off. The only girl of the trio merely shrugged.




"Sakura, take notes." Kurenai-sensei said in a tense voice.

"I'd rather not." Was her only response. It was met with a sigh.

"Haruno, you come into my class thrity-two minutes late from god-knows-where with no excuse, and then refuse to take notes?"


"Ugh.." Kurenai sighed. She had better change the subject. "Anyway class, tomorrow we shall have a new student. Treat him with respect."

The bell rang, signalling the end of the school day.

"Haruno, a word." Kurenai demanded before the pink-haired girl exited the class.

Said girl in question looked thoughtful for a moment. "Bye."




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