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Matthew sat on the toilet in the bathroom, tears gathering in his eyes. Matthew was staring down at the home pregnancy test in his hands. No, no,no this was all wrong! This wasn't how this wasn't supposed to happen! This was all wrong! How could he be PREGNANT! He was supposed to be in a relationship, be madly in love and then consider having a baby! The tears that had been threatening to fall for the past half hour finally made their way down Matthews cheeks leaving to wet trails. Matthew was pregnant and not because he was in love with someone but because one of his father's drinking buddies had gotten drunk and RAPPED him! He the most ignored, the most forgotten nation. WHY? Why did this have to happen to him! The memory of it was still all too clear in his mind.


"Who?" said the fluffy white bear Matthew carried in his arms as he walked towards the concierge desk to check in to the hotel they were staying in for the world meeting in Germany. Matthew sighed, "Canada, the guy who feeds you." "Oh". Matthew sighed again. If even his bear couldn't remember him who would? "excuse me" he said to the women at the desk. No response. "Hello" still nothing. He sighed he was invisible again. He rang the bell on the desk hopping that it would get her attention. It did. The girl looked up surprised to see him there.

"Yes sir how can I help you?" the girl sounded annoyed with him.

"I`d like to check in please." Matthew whispered

"Name please?"

"Matthew Williams."

The girl tapped on her computer for a few minutes, "I'm sorry sir there is no reservation under the name Matthew Williams."

"Are you sure I'm here for the conference, can you please, check again." Matthew felt like crying he knew she wouldn't find his name. He had been forgotten again.

"No sir I'm sorry, there is no reservation for a Matthew Williams."

"Do you have any rooms still vacant than." Matthew asked hoping for something cheap. He didn't need much he would be fine with just a bed. Besides since his room would be paid for using government funding Matthew couldn't think up any excuse to charge one of the more expensive rooms on his government credit card.

"The only room we have vac, sir? Excuse me sir are you listening?" the concierge questioned snapping Matthew from his thoughts.

"Oh, I'm sorry please continue."

The woman huffed, what an annoying customer first he rang the bell when she was right there next he wasn't even listening!

"As I was saying sir we only have one room still vacant and that is the pent house sweet."

And there went the new hockey gear he wanted, AND everything else that wasn't a necessity. At least it was only for 3 nights.

"How, how much is it?" The Canadian questioned dreading the answer.

"It costs $1, 055 a night sir." He wanted to take his hockey stick and shove it up Germany's ass right now, but being the peaceful nations he was he simple smiled at the women and rented the room for the next three nights.


Matthew stared into the room in awe, it was so beautiful! Matthew never stayed in anything more than a hotel room with more than one bed. He never felt he could justify it. So as he looked around the suit he couldn't help but be in awe. The room was magnificent! Matthew set his bag down and walked a little further into the room. He couldn't help but giggle. He went from room to room inspecting his room. Wasn't worth the new hockey gear he would have to put off buying but it was still nice. Suddenly he entered a large bedroom he stared at the huge bed before he suddenly ran and jumped onto the huge fluffy bed laughing. Ok so at least he was getting what he was paying for. He still wanted to stick a hockey stick up Germany's ass. After rolling around on the bed for a moment he stood up and walked into the last room, a bathroom. He took one look into the magnificent marble room before he checked his watch he had two and a half hours before the conference stated enough time to take a bath.


He ran down the hall, he should have known he would have lost track of time in that huge overrated swimming pool! Now he was late for the meeting and he would have wet hair! England was going to scold him again! He knew it!

Matthew burst into the conference room. "Sorry I'm late!" he panted.


Matthew sighed he should have known better than to think that they would realise that it was him. Slowly he walked over to his seat and sat down resisting the urge to cry.

The conference was the same as it usually was, everyone fought and nothing got done. Matthew was ignored. Whenever he tried to talk he was always interrupted by someone, usually Alfred. Screaming about hamburgers, one of his stupid plans, or boasting of how he was the hero.

By the end of the meeting Matthew whished that he was home and not stuck in this hell hole


The meeting was finally over. Matthew stood up and stretched. He was so tiered and SO bored. He decided to head up stairs. Since he was paying for the monstrosity of a room he might as well enjoy it. He'd go upstairs order pancakes and watch some movies or play some games.

As he left he took note of Spain and France both too busy with their lovers to go drink with Purssia, well Spain was busy with his lover France was just too busy harassing Seychelles.

Matthew took that as a good sign since it meant he wouldn't have to take care of either a drunk Gilbert or a drunk Francis or heaven forbid both.

He had had to do it several times before. It wasn't something he enjoyed. Dam horny drunks. At least when they were drunk they were easy to beat and tie up.

What Matthew didn't notice while he was leaving, that unable to get the bad touch trio together for drinks he went to his second option, the bad friends trio, Gilbert Arthur and Matthias.


It was around 3 in the morning when Matthew was woken from his dreams of Maple syrup and polar bears.

"Nggh, h-hello?" he mumbled into the phone

"HEY MATTIE!" Alfred hollered into the phone.

"Al? It's," he leaned over to look at the glowing numbers by the bed. "2 in the morning, what do you want?"

"I need your help. Arthur, Purssia and Denmark went out and got drunk I need your help taking care of them."

Matthew sighed "fine. What room?"

"Iggy's room 1529."

"All right I'll be right down."


Matthew flipped his phone shut sighing again he stood up and looked around for his red hoody.


Matthew stood in front of the hotel room fist raised his hand to knock on the door when it swung open to reveal a dishevelled Germany scolding a drunk Gilbert, who was slung over his shoulder.

Matthew quickly hoped out of the larger blond's way knowing from experience that he wouldn't see him.

As Germany marched past him Gilbert looked up and saw him.

"YO! BIRDIE! YA LOOKIN FOXEY!" the inebriated male yelled at the stunned Canadian.

"Stop talking to yourself bruder!" Germany snapped at the shit faced Purssian.

Ludwig continued scolding the drunken ex-nation in rapid German all the way down till he was out of sight.

"Alfred?" Matthew called confused as to why his brother would call him if Gilbert was taken care of and Alfred would be taking care of Arthur so what was he supposed to do?

"Alfred?" He repeated as he walked into the room. "What did you need me for? Gilberts obviously been taken care of."

Alfred didn't even look up at his brother he just continued to fuss over a drunken Arthur wasn't wearing anything besides his sulty waiter costume.

Matthew sighed and looked around for Norway. He didn't see him, all he saw was a drunk Denmark who was currently passed out on the bed.

Where was Norway? He should be here! Matthew looked around again. Alfred wouldn't-

"BRO!" Alfred yelled. "Thank god your here! So you'll take Denny and I'll take Iggy! I'llbeinmyroomifyouneedme!" Alfred grabbed Arthur and ran out slamming the door behind him before Matthew could even say anything.

Matthew stared at the closed door. Suddenly a pair of large muscular arms wrapped around him.

"Oh my, seems good ol Gilly left me his little birdie to take care of my needs."

Matthew froze, what was he talking about?

He understood when Denmark abruptly ground against him.

Matthew could handle a horney drunk Gilbert.

Matthew could handle a horney drunk Francis

Hell Matthew could handle the two drunken horney nations at the same time.

What he could not handle and did not know how to handle was a drunk, horney Denmark.

Matthew struggled trying to get away from the man but Denmark was taller and stronger than him.

"You're a feisty little birdie aren't ya?" The Dane laughed as he picked up the struggling Canadian and chucked him on the bed.

As soon as Matthew landed on the bed he tried to scoot away. Just as Matthew was about to climbed off the bed a large Danish axe swung down right in front of his nose.

"Where ya going birdie?" The Danish man asked his eyes not entirely sane. Matthew was frozen stiff scarred. He had seen Denmark fight once. Before Francis had found him when he had stayed with the Nordics fir awhile, he had been playing in the woods when he had run across a male grizzly bear. The bear had attacked him chased him back to the Nordics camp where Mathias proceeded to disembowel the beast. The look in his eyes then was similar to the one he had now.

The man reached forward and stroked Matthew's cheek.

"Ya know" Denmark whispered leaning forward, "You don't seem like a birdie to me. You seem more like a bunny." He quickly leaned forward and dragged Matthew into a harsh kiss. Matthew squeezed his eyes shut hoping that it would end soon, that the Dane would pass out or anything! Matthew gasped when suddenly he flet cold hands under his shirt.

Denmark used this to his advantage and quickly shoved his tongue into Matthew's sweet mouth to explore the previously uncharted territory.

Denmark pushed his hands further up the young nation's chest exploring all the bumps and dips till he came to two perked little buds. The Dane smirked into the kiss and began to pinch and pull gently on the buds. After a few minutes he ended the bruising kiss and pushed Matthew so he was lying on his back against the pillows.

Denmark pushed Matthew's hoody up and tied it around his hands.

"Now my sweet little bunny shall we get to it?"

Those words snapped Matthew out of his daze and he began to renew his struggles. Matthew kicked at the large Dane and hammered him with his tied up fists. He didn't bother to scream no one would hear him anyway. Plus since this was Arthur's room everyone would just ignore it, the man was a screamer.

Matthew's knee connected with Denmark's stomached. The man grunted and dropped onto Canada.

"You little bitch." He gasped out, "I'll make you pay!"

Denmark's hand shot out slapping the poor boy knocking off his glasses before pining Matthew's hands above his head with one of his own. Denmark then proceeded to pull of the struggling boys pants.

"NO! Please stop! Please!" Matthew cried as Denmark finally rid him of his pants. "Please." He begged quietly one last time as he pulled his bare legs up to his chest trying to hide his nudity.

"Oh but bunny I'm having so much fun!" The Dane purred.

With his other hand Denmark grabbed his hips and pulled them up so that his legs were over his heads. Denmark gave Canada's ass one appreciative look before he moved to his knees and shoved his dry hard on into Matthew's unprepared hole.

Matthew was a virgin, in every sense of the word and he had only ever been kissed by papa France and Arthur when he was little, so he was completely unprepared for the searing pain when Dane when he shoved his rather large member into Canada's ass. Matthew screamed in pain as he was unmercifully penetrated by the Dane.

Without giving Canada any time to adjust Denmark withdrew his shaft and shoved it back in eliciting another pain filled cry from the poor boy.

Matthew looked up through his tears at the blurry figure pounding into him. Suddenly he noticed red covering Denmark's dick, and realised that he was bleeding. The tears finally began to pour out of his eyes as he sobbed and begged the large Nordic to stop.

Abruptly he felt it as the Dane released his seed into the poor boy.

"No!" he screamed trying to wiggle away. He didn't want this it hurt so much!

"Stop squirming!" Denmark snarled at the boy raising his hand again. Matthew flinched away from it. The Dane smirked at Canada's reaction.

Denmark withdrew his penis from Matthew's hole and let the sobbing boy's legs fall back on to the bed. He looked at the boy with lust filled eyes. quickly he reached out and flipped Canada onto his back.

"We're not done yet bunny." He whispered into Canada's ear before starting the whole process all over again.


Canada passed out somewhere between round 3 and 4 and didn't wake up till about 5:30 in the morning to find himself encircled in the Dane's arms. His body hurt and he didn't have the strength to move but he couldn't stand the thought of sleeping in Denmark's arms so he got as far away from the large man as he could before curling up into a little ball pulling a thin sheet, that wasn't nearly warm enough over him, and falling back asleep.

When Matthew woke up again later around noon he had been alone. When he confirmed that Denmark wasn't in the washroom he had quickly as possible, which wasn't very fast considering his sore hips and aching back, found his glasses, got dressed and headed back to his room. Where he cried for two hours then packed his belongings checked out early and caught the quickest flight back to his homw.


Now all most 2 weeks later he was sitting in his bathroom at home crying, because it wasn't enough that he had been rapped but now he was pregnant too.

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