Over the Rainbow

He sits next to a roaring waterfall that flows into a bubbling river. The waterfall casts a veil of mist before him, and the bright summer sun creates a beautiful rainbow.

Someday, somewhere, he thinks. Someday, he will never have to go through this everyday torment ever again. Somewhere, he won't have to feel the weight of the whole kingdom resting on his shoulders. His father will never be disappointed in him and never give him that displeased expression that he had learnt to dread. He will never have to act according to how he was expected to act, he will be able to call people who deserved the title 'friends', and he will go wherever his heart tells him to.

He will travel far, far away from his worries. He will leap from a cliff and fly free from the world. Somewhere, over the rainbow, in a land he had dreamed of, he will live in paradise.

Over the rainbow, his wildest dreams will come true. He will wish upon a star, let his troubles melt away, fly with the birds. The very same bluebirds that are now flying over the rainbow, teasing him with their cheerful chirps.

Why, oh why, couldn't he follow them?

'Come on, you prat!' A voice calls through the bushes. 'Time to get back and have a good old whipping from your father!'

He sighs, and reluctantly gets up. Somewhere over the rainbow, he will be free from that idiot of a manservant.